Der Infanterie-Nahkampf 1917


The subheads describing the content of the film.

First part. Storm suit, hand grenade, Drahtscheere.
1 subtitles: The assault suit.
2. subheads: Throw from the State.
3. subtitles: Launcher position. Get ready. Tear-off. 21. 22. Way!
4. subheads: Throw in high arch so that the hand grenade heruntergekommt steeply from above!
5. subheads: Carefully consider removal.
6 subheads: Meet!
7 subtitles: Throw from lying.
8 subtitles: Throw from lying with popping up.
9 subtitles: Throw from device to device.
10 subtitles: Meet with the own hand grenades! We can cover themselves against the enemy hand grenades!
11 subtitles: Angel hand grenades hook located on the guard and would, if sharp, destroy the protective grille.
12 intertitles: hand grenade battle in the hopper box.
13 subtitles: Throw the hand grenade always so that you dead Right away at the meeting at the destination! Not to throw it back, not to save the opponent's more possible.
14. Subtitles: The fragmentation.
15 intertitles: Tear-off with karabiner loop.
16 subtitles: Ripping off the breast plate.
17 subtitles: Ripping off to the Knieband.Knopf.
18 subtitles: Behelfsmäßges ripping off (on the page rifle scabbard).
19 subtitles: Cutting of a lane through the enemy wire obstacle.
20 subheads: The main wires tightly cut off at the stake, the supporting wires close to the Friedensbrücke. The vacated wire end to the page turn and provide.
21 subtitles: Silent!
22 subtitles: Crossing of an undamaged wire obstacle. Top it! Down through! As soon as possible!
23 subtitles: All movements in the close combat exercises in fresh, lively pace and brisk attitude!

Second part. The shock troops.
1 subtitles: Safer with 2 grenades launchers, guide, gun, 2 hand grenades carrier, safer with carabiner 8 man = 2.
2. subtitles: The strike team rolls up a trench occupied by the enemy.
3. Subtitles: hand grenades before!
4. subheads: Two cooperating stoßtrupp comprehensively attacking a funnel that is occupied by the enemy.
5. subtitles: The conquered funnel is held against the counterattack of the Geners.

Third part. The auxiliary device.
1 subtitles: The Maschinenegewehr 08 in assault gun carriage.
2 subtitles: The light machine gun 08/15 3 subtitles: the so-called small priest grenade launcher.
4. subtitles: The small mine throwing.
5. subheads: Single shots.
6 subheads: rapid fire.
7 subtitles: position change.
8 subtitles: Wearing of the disassembled mine Launcher.
9 subtitles: The smoke bomb.
10 subtitles: The small flamethrower.

Fourth part. The interaction.
1 subtitles: Under the protection of the accompanying machine gun, the assault squad crosses a funnel field in regard to enemy fire.
2. subheads: Flame-throwing and shock troops rolling together a trench occupied by the enemy.
3. Subtitles: The automatic counter attack.
4. subtitles: On the battle noise in the front line all forward to counter-attack under carriage of light machine guns rushes without having to wait for command from the second line 08/15 5 subtitles: the squad blows up the strike team a lane through the enemy wire obstacle.
6 subtitles: The 32 m-long gas pipe filled with explosives is inserted under the wire obstacle.
7 subtitles: The tip of the use.
8 subtitles: After the gas is pushed in, all cover goes, the fuse will be set on fire.
9 wide subtitles: 4 m completely free Lane, before the shock troops for trench fighting stormed through the.


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Military (military; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; National People's Army/NVA; Bundeswehr) ; First world war


Educational Film/Informational Film (G)


Military Film (S)

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Der Infanterie-Nahkampf

Ein Lehrfilm (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1917 - 1918

Censorship date: 13.02.1918


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