Weltkrieg 1914-18 (Frontflieger u.a.) 1914


Picture: seaplane over a water surface launches in flight;
Submarine "U-10" with officers and sailors on the deck, in a Bay; Team goes below deck, Tauchmanöver of the submarine.
1 subtitles: An enemy plane is spotted and duly received. Sascha-film image: View on the foredeck of a heavy Austrian cruiser with guns and an anti-aircraft Cannon; Flak cannon is set up to the fire; Gunner to fire on aircraft; Sailors come on deck and To give fire to the aircraft from the carabiner.
2. subheads: After meeting an important message will alert the pilot station. Sascha-film image: An aircraft hangar doors are swung out, biplanes are pulled out by ground staff and made ready;
Biplane aircraft in the air;
Soldiers on a tank vehicle;
a lightweight battery fire from Earth bunkers (stealth position)
Double-Decker planes in the air.
heavy rail gun with operation;
German soldiers with a steel helmet on a wire mess, cut the wires, others throw hand grenades, soldiers, proceed through the obstacle;
Soldiers leave Earth position and proceed.
Artillery firing positions, close to a forest road;
Column of German officers on horseback, in between personnel carriers;
small station, German soldiers dissipate a group of French prisoners;
German officers in a captured ammunition, browse the resources;
Visit a hospital by Marshal Gottlieb Graf von Haeseler, Gottlieb von Haeseler arriving with staff, talking with wounded and surrounded by wafting Officer group;
Departure in the car.
3. subtitles: EXC.. Freiherr von Falkenhausen, the Governor of Belgium image: The new Governor of Belgium, Colonel-General Ludwig Freiherr von Falkenhausen, with officers of his staff; in the yard of his office building in Brussels.
4. subheads: Admiral by Schroeder and Admiral Behnke.
Image: Admiral Ludwig von Schroeder and Vice Admiral Paul Behncke a tour;
Senior officer with a larger staff, on a stairway, is putting the camera.

Persons in the Film

Falkenhausen von, Ludwig ; Schroedter von, Ludwig ; Behnke, Paul ; Haeseler von, Gottlieb


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war


Newsreel (G)


Newsreel (segment/subject/clip); Non-fictional and Event Document (S)

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Weltkrieg 1914-18 (Frontflieger u.a.)

Weltkrieg 1914/18 (Frontflieger u.a.) (Distribution title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1914 - 1918


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