Welt im Bild 4/1952 22.07.1952


01 Bad Pyrmont: international dance competition dance couples on the floor of Viennese Waltz. The German couple Mr and Mrs Teipel, Wiesbaden, dance a Foxtrot. The English winning couple Mr. And Mrs. Cullip dancing Samba. Flowers for Mr. and Mrs. Cullip after the victory.
(43 m 2) Frankfurt: award of the Goethe plaque for John McCloy, Mayor Kolb presents McCloy in the Goethe House the Goethe plaque of Arts and Sciences. Certificate and medal, great. McCloy says goodbye by Germany. McCloy and wife, great.
(15 m) 03 Frankfurt: opening of the kids Zoo Mayor Kolb in the children's Zoo at the inauguration. Children play with small goats. Children ride in cars through the Zoo. Children play with Guinea pigs and piglets. Small chimpanzee.
(19 m) 04. Munich: beer drinkers competition men and women drink from large beer Stein race. The winner receives sash and kissed by the Münchner Kindl.
(15 m) 05. Dortmund: heavyweight boxing: Heinz Neuhaus defeated Hein ten Hoff by knockout blow change of the Boxer in the ring. Neuhaus is attacking tempted him to fend off ten Hoff. After 50 seconds lands Neuhaus hit on the Chin. Ten Hoff must the time under the magnifying glass images to the ground, and will be counted. Ten Hoff tried to stand up and rises laboriously with fibula fracture. Neuhaus jumps with joy through the ring. Neuhaus with wreath. Ten Hoff in his corner in a bathrobe.
(26 m) 6th motorcycle racing on the Solitüden "Grand Prix of Germany" 500 cc Sidecar: start. Riders in the race. The No. 5 Oliver, world champion from England, must quit later due to tyre damage. Passenger's hang out far in the curves. It win Smith/Clemens / England on Norton. Smith and Clemens with wreath at the award ceremony. Advertisement Bosch on the side wall. 500 cc solo machine: Start. Race. As viewers Hans Albers, is great. It win 3 riders on Norton. Winner Armstrong / Ireland with wreath.
(39 m) 07. Helsinki 1952 - XV. Olympic Games - 1st report opening ceremony: invasion of the teams in pouring rain. The teams of the United States, the Russian team. Audience clapping. The German team, the Finnish team. The President of the Finnish Olympic Committee, Erich von Frenckel holds the opening speech. President Paasikivi speaks the official greetings. With the Olympic torch runs Paavo Nurmi in the stadium and lit the Olympic flame. German student who wants to preach a message of peace, is discharged. The Finnish Turner Heikki Savolainen speaks the Olympic Oath. High jump men: Walt Davis / United States, skips over 2.04 m and won gold medal. Discus throw women: Marianne Werner's throw. There are 3 Russians win. Award ceremony with 3 Russians. Nina Romaschkova wins gold medal with 51.42 m 10000 m run: start and run. The stadium with spectators total. Emil Zatopek Czechoslovakia runs, lapped up opponents and WINS in a new Olympic record time of 29 minutes 17 seconds. 800 m flow: 2nd runs Cleve / Germany, the German champions of 1951 Cleve is second behind the Norwegian banks.
(100 m) 08 Helsinki 1952 - XV. Olympic Games - 2nd report discus throw men: Iness / United States wins the Gold Medal with 55,03 m. ceremony. Pole vault: 4.55 m wins the "flying priest" Bob Richards / United States and jumps for joy after successful jump. 100 m men: start and run. 4 runners run with the same time by the target. Winner Remigino / United States in 10.4 seconds. 100 m women: In the final Maria Sander Danixh / Germany. Majorie Jackson / Australia runs by a large margin by 4 m by the goal and WINS in 11.5 seconds. Award ceremony. Majorie Jackson receives flowers. 800 m run: In the final the German Ulzheimer and stone. In the final sprint to the top is composed of Americans Witfield and WINS. Bronze Medal for Ulzheimer / Germany, which falls behind the finish line. Award ceremony. Triple jump: Brazilian WINS with 16,22 m. 200 m men: American WINS in 20.7 seconds.

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Armstrong, Neal ; Boysen ; Albers, Hans ; Cullip ; Frenckell von, Erik ; Kolb ; McCloy, John ; Paasikiwi ; Pleyer, Barbara ; Teipel ; Gottwald, Clemens ; Cleve ; Davis, Walt ; Iness ; Jackson, Majorie ; Neuhaus, Heinz ; Nurmi, Paavo ; Hassenkamp, Oliver ; Remigino ; Richards, Bob ; Romaschkova, Nina ; Sander-Domagalla, Maria ; Savolainen, Heikki ; Smith, Jill ; Steines, Bert ; Hoff ten, Hein ; Ulzheimer, Heinz ; Werner, Marianne ; Witfield ; Zatopek, Emil


Frankfurt ; Munich ; Bad Pyrmont ; Dortmund ; Helsinki ; Solitüden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Honors ; Children ; motor sports ; Olympic Games 1952 ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; sporting events ; Dance ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Competitions ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Gastronomy ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 4/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand dance contest in Bad Pyrmont camera: Luppa, eat man world cross-cutting ceremony d. Goethe plaque a. MC cloy. camera: strong children's Zoo in Frankfurt camera: strong beer drinkers competition camera: Hafner boxes: ten Hoff-Neuhaus camera: Luppa, Essmann solitude race camera: Starke, cooking Olympics report Helsinki No. 1 origin: Olympia film final brand special service: Olympics No. 2

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