Welt im Bild 6/1952 05.08.1952


01 Nurburgring: car racing sports cars: and formula II sports car: start. On the side of the track, spectators sitting on lawn. Open tents. In the Exchange, (No. 21) and Karl Kling (No. 24) on Mercedes lead Hermann lang. Cornering. Car knocking around, can catch up but still. Just before the goal overhauled Hermann lang and drives as the winner before Karl Kling by the target. Hermann lang is embraced. Formula II race car: Grand Prix of Germany. Start. Race car on the track. Spectators are on the side of the track. Ascari No. 101 runs before Dr. Farina. Ride through sharp curve. A spectator with a cardboard Sun. Close-up shots of the cars. Ascari Ferrari driving as the winner by the target before Dr. Farina. Ascari in addition to Federal Minister Seebohm.
(46 m) 02. King Faruk of Egypt in exile on the island of Capri in shots of the island of Capri. The Villa and yacht of the King. Faruk fool Iman and daughters in front of the House, Faruk sitting next to fool Iman on swing with son Fuad on the lap. Daughters are Faruk.
(17 m) 03. Finland: homecoming by Miss Universe Kuusela on the airfield will be Miss Universe Kuusela hugs from their parents and receives flowers. Photographers.
(10 m) 04. Berlin: dog show - election of the most beautiful Mongrel dogs are paraded and go on the outskirts of circus arena. Small Scottish terrier with folding ears. Funny little dog. Small dog wears newspaper. Poodle mix, half curly, half smooth. Small white poodle hybrid with wreath.
(12 m) 5th Italy: cigarette lighter hand, big, tried to ignite lighter. Man is fan, cigarette in area is rubbing. Cigarette ignites automatically. Young girl smokes great. Smoking mouth, great.
(14 m) 06. Copenhagen: car veteran man turns crank by Auto veteran. 2 young men and women in old-fashioned clothing drive on an old car through the city. (11 m) 07 Bad Homburg: rickshaw-car young woman comes out and sits in a vehicle that looks like a rickshaw. Behind her is sitting and runs through the city.
(14 m) 8th Texas: catapult-auto car descends steep rail against resistance, flip over several times and Lands on a soft surface. Driver gets out.
(13 m) 09 Florida: powerboat race start flag is waved. Motor boats in the race. Drive under the bridge. Official waving banner.
(14 m) 10 Helsinki 1952 - XV. Olympic Games - 5th report football to the bronze medal Germany - Sweden 0:2: scoring for Sweden 1:0 spectators stands with arms raised. German counterattack. Goalkeeper keeps. Young man claps with rolled up programme in the mouth. Parade of the German goalkeeper Schönbek. Goalkeeper keeps. 2 Russian soldiers as a spectator. Schönbek fends off. The German storm fails in the Swedish defense. Six minutes before the end, which shoots a 2:0 Sweden. The Swedish winning team. Horse riding - hunting jumping: (30 m) on the Parcours d ' Oriola / France on Bambi, the gold-medal winning ride in a playoff with 0 errors. Christ/Chile win the silver medal. Fritz Tiedemann wins the bronze medal on Meteor. Award ceremony. Diving men: (13 m) jump of winner Lee / United States, the time under the magnifying glass gold medal. Capille / Mexico, wins the silver medal, the time under a magnifying glass. Günter Haase / Germany, time under the microscope, wins the bronze medal. Award ceremony. 200 m Dolphin (14 m): Herbert Klein floats to the top. Shortly before the end, Herbert Klein being overtaken by Davies, United States / Australia / Stassforth and wins the bronze medal. Viewers filling picture. Award ceremony. Closing ceremony (30 m): The flags of the Nations be taken into the stadium. Standing President Paasikivi. Erik speaks the final word of Frenkell. The Olympic flag is carried into the stadium Once again. The Olympic flame goes out. The Olympic flag is taken up and carried by Marines from the stadium.
(27 m)

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Ascari, Alberto ; Faruk von Ägypten ; Frenckell von, Erik ; Fuad von Ägypten ; Kuusela ; Narriman ; Paasikiwi ; Seebohm ; Capille ; Christi ; Davies, Dennis Russel ; Farina ; Klein, Herbert ; Kling, Karl ; Lang, Hermann ; Lee, Sammy ; Oriola d', Jonqueres ; Schönbeck ; Stassforth ; Thiedemann, Fritz


Texas ; Helsinki ; Capri ; Copenhagen ; Bad Homburg ; Italy ; Finland ; Nürburgring ; Florida


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Football ; motor boat race ; motor sports ; Mouth ; Olympic Games 1952 ; Photographers ; Smoking ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Swimming ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; diving ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Foreign policy events ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Architecture ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 6/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Nürburgring race of big prize by Germany camera: Luppa, p, strong, eat man world cross-section Faruk on Capri origin: SEDI Miss Universe again in Finland origin: Filmveli homemade dog camera: Obeng lighter Italy origin: SEDI oldest car origin: Copenhagen rickshaw-car camera: strong catapult car origin: Metro motorboat racing origin: Metro sports Helsinki report 5 origin: Olympia film football diving hunting jumping 200 m breaststroke closing ceremony closing brand

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