Welt im Bild 8/1952 19.08.1952


01 hurtgen forest: Heuss inaugurates cemetery a burnt-out trees of the Hürtgenwald, between Monschau, Aachen and Düren. Mines. Cross with a steel helmet. Heuss to the lectern at inauguration of the soldier cemetery. Heuss lays down wreath. Policemen salute. Tombs of the cemetery. High Cross.
(42 m) 02 South England: flood sweeping water. Collapsed houses of the village. Residents dig out cars. Clean-up work. Debris and rubbish lie in the road.
(16 m) 03 New York: award of honorary citizenship for the heir to the throne of Iraq Mohamed (17 years old) Mars at the ceremony of the honorary, great.
(6 m) 04. Greenland: visit by King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark King Frederik and Queen Ingrid go ashore. Queen Ingrid wearing high rubber boots and cloth clothing. Feast under the open sky. Cloth at dinner, great. Homecoming: The Princess Margarethe, Benedikte and Annemarie expect their parents. Gun salutes. People wave to ship. King Frederik leaves the ship and welcomes his children.
(20 m) 5th German tractors for Spain on train drive tractors to Spain. German tractors drive in the streets of Madrid.
(12 m) 06. Hamburg: Shell oil pipeline laying oil pipeline between shell refineries at two soothingly. Slide brings the pipes to the bottom of the river Elbe.
(19 m) 07 London: wedding Anthony Eden with Clarissa Churchill, Eden and Clarissa Churchill before the registry office in Westminster. Crowd and photographers. Police shut off and face pressing people. Car driving. In addition to her niece, Clarissa Churchill and Eden are Winston Churchill and wife.
(15 m) 8th Tokyo: fixed of the "thousand Star" with fireworks during the Kawa Biraki River Festival is burned with Fireworks.
(13 m) 09 Hamm: German allround and relay Championships 4 x 100 m relay men: Starter is launching pad. The German Champion Werner Zandt brings the team of Stuttgarter kickers in the lead. Last change. It lead the teams of Stuttgarter kickers and Eintracht Frankfurt. Munich 1860 forges ahead. The Stuttgarter kickers win by a narrow margin. Decathlon: whether heritage corner, Braunschweig, in the discus throw, Sepp Hipp won in the discus throw. Pole vault: whether heritage corner skips 3.50 m. Sepp Hipp is German Champion in decathlon. 4 x 400 m relay of men: results in red-white Koblenz. Change. Spectators and spectator sitting under the umbrella. Krefeld overtaken Koblenz and WINS. 4 x 100 m women: Marga Petersen runs out great advantage for be Bremen. Change. Be Bremen WINS by a large margin. Congratulations for the winners.
(40 m) 10 Berlin: boxing Middleweight: Hans Stretz defeated Royer-CRECY / France points boxing match in the Sports Hall at the radio tower. Shock Exchange. Both boxers are attacking fiercely. Right left hits by Santana. Viewers wipe face with the handkerchief, great. Santana WINS on points. Both boxers in bathrobes after the fight in the ring, half-close.
(30 m) 11. Nuremberg: Norisring motorcycle race on the former party rally grounds sidecar 500 cc: start. The riders slide their machines. Eric Oliver Norton leads. (No. 27). Advertisement transparent Dunlop. Passenger set in the corners far from the vehicles. Sidecar 750 cc: riders in the race. Race ads are the drivers. Barth/Hillebrandt (No. 10) on BMW before Müller/Mohr (No. 18) on BMW lead shortly before the finish. Müller/Mohr rush in and win with 1 second lead. Winner in the overall standings and German champions are Barth/Hillebrandt with wreath.
(39 m) 12 death of Kurt Schumacher breakdown of new German newsreel 134/1: Kurt Schumacher is sitting at desk and dictated Annemarie Renger, great. Annemarie Renger stenographiert on Steno pad, large. Erich Ollenhauer stands next to the desk. Close-up of Erich Ollenhauer. Kurt Schumacher speaks interview (missing) on European policy.
(30 m)

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Barth ; Annemarie von Dänemark ; Benedikte von Dänemark ; Churchill, Clarissa ; Churchill, Winston ; Eden, Anthony ; Feisal von Irak ; Frederik von Dänemark ; Heuss, Theodor ; Ingrid von Dänemark ; Margarete von Dänemark ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Renger, Annemarie ; Crecy, Royer ; Hillebrandt ; Hipp, Sepp ; Mohr ; Müller, H. P. ; Oberbeck, Heinz ; Hassenkamp, Oliver ; Petersen, Marga ; Stretz, Hans ; Zandt, Werner


New York ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Tokyo ; London ; South of England ; Hurtgen forest ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Greenland ; Nuremberg ; Berlin ; Hamm ; Copenhagen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Honors ; Railways ; Higher education ; Domestic events ; Disasters ; Export ; Fireworks ; motor sports ; Oil ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; sports facilities ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; wreath stoppages ; War Memorial ; war graves ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; festivals ; Water ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 8/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Hürtgenfriedhof camera: basic cross-section flooding in England origin: Pathe news Mars by the Iraq origin: Metro Frederik v. Denmark origin: Copenhagen tractors for Spain origin: No.-do shell oil line origin: Shell wedding Eden origin: Pathe news fireworks in Japan origin: Japan sports Athletics in Augsburg camera: Hafner, cooking boxes Santana Crécy camera: Obeng Norisring race camera: cooking end brand

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