Welt im Bild 14/1952 02.10.1952


01 Caux: the moral rearmament World Conference in Caux station train. People wave at the train. Frank Buchmann welcomes Conference attendees from the far East. Indian girls, Indians and Asians on arrival at the station. International flags in the street. Conference participants from all over the world pass through the city. Participants of the Conference from all over the world in the Park of the Mountain House above Lake Geneva in the conversation. Participants enter the room. The widow of Friedrich Ebert and Karl Ebert. Choir sings. Event with participants from all over the world. Guide of the movement: absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and absolute love. Speaker and listener, great. Frank Buchmann in conversation with guests.
(38 m) 02. Frankfurt: peace prize of the German book trade for the philosopher Romano Guardini in St. Paul's Church presented the philosopher Romano Guardini Ernst Reuter the peace prize at a ceremony. Guardini enters lectern and keeps big acceptance speech. As listeners Mayor Kolb, is great.
(13 m) 03. Dortmund: SPD party day picture Kurt Schumacher at the front of the Hall. Choice of the new 1 Chairman of the party. Ernst Reuter, Karl Meitmann and Carlo Schmid in voting. Mayor Fritz Heußler from Dortmund Announces Abstimmmungsergebnis, o-ton: 1 Chairman is chosen by 357 votes Erich Ollenhauer." People stand up and clap. Party colleagues congratulate Erich Ollenhauer. Erich Ollenhauer alongside his Deputy of Wilhelm Magogo.
(17 m) 04 United States: space rocket white mice in special containers 2 white mice in rocket to bring. Missile launch. Mouse hover in special containers. Parachute landing. Mice healthy take out containers.
(15 m) 5th Japan: volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean cloud of smoke above the sea. Eruptions. Cameramen filming of vessels. New island formed by lava and limestone.
(10 m) 6 England: return of Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin with his wife Oona and children leaving ship. Chaplin speaks on his arrival before the microphone. Charlie Chaplin and family train trip to London. Arriving crowd at the train station, train station. Charlie Chaplin and wife leave, surrounded by people, the station.
(18 m) 7th Immenstadt: beard competition of bearded men with slung numbers. Close-ups of bearded Männergesichtern. Young woman measuring length of beard and combing it. Winner kissed by young woman. Bartloses face, great. Dance.
(22 m) 8 Berlin: singer of the Negro Opera "Porgy and Bess" sing Negro, who perform at the Festival in refugee camps, sing in front of refugees. Negro drumming.

09 Paris: Professional appearance of RIA and Paul Falk in holyday on ice RIA and Paul Falk in her dressing room at the make-up. Paul Falk takes skate boots. RIA and Paul Falk to run their Olympic free skate in the Revue costume.
(29 m) 10 Hamburg: international competition of the race Walker Germany - Sweden start in home break. Walkers on the track. Studies of movement, great. Swede WINS. As the first German Rudi Lüttge 4 (21 m) 11 Berlin is: cities box competition Berlin - London competition at the Sports Palace. Rudi Sawitzki, Berlin, against Collin Aukett fight in the middleweight division. Heavy shock Exchange. Crew officers than spectators, great. The Englishman promptly attacking and neglected the cover. Sabz ends up hit. Aukett must to the ground. Referee counts. Rudi Sawitzki is high point winner.
(21 m) 12th Berlin: international car race on the Avus car on the race track. British occupation soldier among the spectators. Formula II: Cars in curves. Fritz Fischer, Switzerland (No. 119) lapped driver. Official lowers flag. Advertisement: Win football (toto is not visible). Fritz Fischer gets out of car. Fritz Fischer with wreath at award ceremony.
(21 m)

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Aukett, Collin ; Buchmann, Frank ; Chaplin, Charlie ; Ebert, Friedrich ; Guardini, Romano ; Kolb ; Meitmann, Karl ; Mellies, Wilhelm ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Reuter, Ernst ; Schmid, Carlo ; Falk, Ria ; Fischer, Fritz ; Lüttge, Rudi ; Sawitzki, Rudi


Frankfurt ; Caux ; England ; Berlin ; United States ; Dortmund ; Japan ; Immenstadt ; Hamburg ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Honors ; Railways ; Domestic events ; filmmaking ; Refugees ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Rockets ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; sports facilities ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Military events ; Volcano, volcanoes ; Competitions ; Foreign policy events ; Listener ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 14/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand World Conference in Caux camera: Stoll cross-section title: peace prize to Guardini camera: strong SPD party day camera: reason, Stoll rockets mice origin: Metro Vulcan in the sea origin: Asahi news Chaplin in England origin: Pathe news beard competition camera: Kang sports title: figure skating Baran-Falk origin: Gaumont walkers international competition Dtschld.-Sweden camera: Luppa boxes: Berlin-London camera: Obeng Avus race camera: Obeng final brand

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