Welt im Bild 15/1952 07.10.1952


01 Greenland: Rescue English pilot balloon of the plane wreck on the ice of Greenland. Airdrop of food and cans of American aircraft. Landing a U.S. Amphibienflugzeuges on the ice. Icebergs. Arrival of the rescued crew on airfield in England. Greeting of relatives.
(31 m) 2 Munich: Prince Adalbert of Bavaria is Ambassador in Madrid in apartment are books and clothes in suitcases packed. Prinz Adalbert and his wife Princess Augusta, large desk standing.
(12 m) 03 Japan: election choice speakers. With mouthpieces, speaker facing prison. Children to cover the ears themselves. After his re-election, Prime Minister Joshida speaks at lectern.
(20 m) 04. Frankfurt: 75th anniversary of the chemical industry ceremony in St. Paul's Church. At the lectern of the President of the Association of chemical industry Mah and BundeskanDie under the Lupeer Adenauer. He is Werner Heisenberg and calls for the early resumption of the German nuclear research for peaceful purposes and the creation of a German nuclear research Institute (no interview). As a listener, great: teaching Interior Minister, Professor Hahn, State Secretary Hallstein, Ministerialrat Blankenhorn.
(18 m) 5th casting: vitamin research vitamin researcher Professor Wagner in his laboratory. Wagner fills liquid in test tubes and speaks to students interview about vitaminization of margarine. Images from the production of margarine. Automated packaging. Professor Wagner interview: "it is to be welcomed, the largest margarine works starting Right away to put vitamins A and B with their margarine in the interest of the health of all strata of the population. This measure is a success of German Science at the same time."
(28 m) 6th United States: 1 Atom gun on wheeled gun carriage carried large gun. Soldiers use the gun. Look at the gun tube. Download. Launch.
(17 m) 07. Paris: Motor Show Exhibition Hall, total. Italian car turns on stand. Simca made of Plexiglas. Car accessories. Wiper, tyres. Small Citroën (duck) Mercedes 300, cooler from the front. Total with company signs Daimler, DKW.
(20 m) 08 Cologne: monorail monorail runs on test track, electrically powered via rail.
(18 m) 9-Munich: trotting "Prize of the best" start Bell is rung. Traber run on track rewriting on. Thick viewers face, great. Studies at the race, 2 horse heads side by side. The driver's feet. Home stretch: Stretch, Hans Frömming overhauled Favorites Ejadon with friend Werner and WINS. Dogged viewers with rimless glasses, large. Hans Frömming laughing next to friend Werner with wreath.
(28 m) 10 Paris: football France - Germany 3-1 invasion of the teams. Cinematographer on camera. Fritz Walther Exchange pennants with the captain of the French team. Advertisement Cinzano Bolzano. Kick-off. Viewers get up. Attack of the German team. Fritz Walther plays to Otmar Walther, but goalie keeps ball. Audience contact. France storm, dubbed defense, flank, scoring 1:0 spectators clapping with arms raised. French player is created. Viewers with beret and cigarette in his mouth, great. Otmar Walther shoots the compensation 1:1 excited spectators and spectator half close. Game in the German penalty area. Turek curled the ball over the goal. Viewers with a cigarette in your mouth and beret. 2nd half: Santana playing for the injured Otmar Walther and makes overhead kick Turek holds ball. Viewers with a cigar in his mouth on the side. German attack. Fritz Walther plays to Rahn. Nadine storms outside gives the edge to the middle. Flying ball. Fritz Herberger, big. French soldier with KEPI claps. Attack France and shot at the misses. Lama gives ball to Santana A lot too slow running and loses the ball. Game in the German penalty area. Excited spectators. Shot on goal 2:1 for France. Audience claps. Rahn shoots on goal. Goalkeeper keeps. French player outplay the German defense but keeps Turek. Soldier with KEPI, tall. Shortly before the end of the game, France the 3: shoots 1 cheering spectators in total.
(68 m)

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Adalbert von Bayern ; Blankenhorn ; Hahn, Otto ; Hallstein, Walter ; Heisenberg, Werner ; Joshida ; Lehr ; Maier, Reinhold ; Menne ; Wagner, Richard ; Frömming, Hans ; Herberger, Sepp ; Liebrich ; Rahn, Helmut ; Stollenwerk ; Turek, Toni ; Walter, Fritz ; Walter, Otmar


United States ; Frankfurt ; Paris ; Cologne ; Greenland ; Casting ; Tokyo ; Japan ; Munich ; France ; Schwäbisch Gmünd


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Industry ; Industrial events ; Domestic events ; Disasters ; Children ; Inventions ; Research ; Football ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; harness racing ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Weapons ; Elections ; Science ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Atom ; Exhibitions ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 15/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Greenland rescue origin: Pathe news cross-section title: Prinz Adalbert camera: Cook Japanese elections origin: Asahi news chemistry Conference vitaminization of margarine camera: Luppa new nuclear artillery origin: Metro Auto Salon Paris origin: Pathé journal, Pathé journal monorail camera: strong sports title: offers the best / trotting camera: Kang football Dtschld.-France camera: reason, Essmann origin: Pathé journal end brand

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