Welt im Bild 16/1952 14.10.1952


01 England: railway accident at Harrow botched train on the Rails. 2 trains had collided with local train. Aid teams at the scene to rescue the injured and dead (115 dead and over 200 wounded.)
(28 m) 02 Berlin: Federal Congress of the DGB big DGB letters at the front of the Hall. At the lectern Christian fats, total. Listeners, including Carlo Schmid. (Election of the new Board and program of DGB for the next few years.)
(10 m) 03 Berlin: Vopo uniforms with a telephoto lens will be filmed the new policeman uniforms at border crossing. Policeman pushes bicycle. Russian soldier in addition to Vopos.
(9 m) 04. France: water scooter Scooter on swimming skids is left to water. Man rides scooter across the English channel from Dover to Calais. Man on motor scooter on the waves.
(19 m) 5th Versailles: fashion show aerial view of the castle of Versailles. Large stairs go down 40 mannequins from leading French fashion houses in evening dresses. (15 m) 06 Düsseldorf: arrival of Louis Armstrong font Düsseldorf airport building. Sabena aircraft rolls out. In aircraft door Louis Armstrong with a small boy who blows the trumpet. Louis Armstrong leaves airplane with flowers in her arms and blows the trumpet. Sounds bad. Louis Armstrong takes plugs of trumpet.
(18 m) 7th Brussels: cards artist Tomanek Tomanek enters the Café and introduces Kartenkunststücke. He conjures up blank cards and let them disappear. Cards such as leaves fall from both hands.
(21 m) 08 Amsterdam: driving instructor Ulk driving instructor is congratulated 25th anniversary with flowers. Learner drivers get to test drive in car. Trick ride dangerously back and forth turning lose on road, direction. Driving instructor wipes the sweat from his brow themselves after disembarking.
(22 m) 09 Donaustauf: celebration of the 100th anniversary of the death of gymnastics father Jahn on the Walhalla Mayor Kolb speaks as Chairman of the Deutscher Turner Bund. Bust of gymnastics father Jahn, great. Students in uniform. Fanfare train of Turner. Wreath before the bust of Jahn gymnastics.
(17 m) 10 Munich: German team championships in fencing foil ladies: Margret Honnef fights against Gerlinde Spiess. Hannelore Taubert fights against Hedwig Hass. Sabre men: Siegfried Rossner fights against the 16 year old German Youth Champion Walter Köstner. The team from Bayreuth WINS.
(28 m) 11 Cologne: final Derby test for biennial "Award of the winter favourites" racing display. Man reading racing program. Little girl with a round hat. Young spectator with cloak and veil hat. Start tape goes up. Start. Audience thick with cigar. Horses in the race. Young woman looks through binoculars. Horses in curve. 2 young viewers in fur coats. Final: Favourite Yorck under Hein Bollow overtaken O'Sullivan and WINS. Congratulations for the Jockey Hein Bollow. The owner of the horse receives silver pitcher.
(23 m) 12. Kulmbach: Cycle-ball World Cup Germany Switzerland 1:3 each team consists of 2 drivers, that To try to get the ball into the opponent's goal. Tor 0 1:0 and 2:0 for the Switzerland. Fight with the wheels to get the ball. Driver with wheel in the gate keeps ball. Shot on goal for Germany 2:1 ball clamped between two wheels, big.
(45 m)

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Bollow, Hein ; Armstrong, Louis ; Fette, Christian ; Jahn, Gerhard ; Kolb ; Schmid, Carlo ; Haß, Hedwig ; Honnef, Margret ; Köstner, Walter ; Rossner, Siegfried ; Spieß, Gerlinde ; Taubert, Hannelore


Brussels ; Versailles ; Berlin ; England ; Düsseldorf ; Donaustauf ; Amsterdam ; United States ; France ; Cologne ; Kulmbach ; Munich ; Donaufstauf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Railways ; Domestic events ; Disasters ; Fencing ; Musical events ; cycling ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Joke ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Aviation ; Military ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Architecture ; Buildings in Europe ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Trade unions ; Aviation ; Military ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 16/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand rail crash in Harrow origin: Pathe news section title: DGB policeman uniform camera: Obeng water scooter fashion in Versailles origin: Pathé journal Luis Armstrong / arrival airfield camera: Essmann, Kartenkunststück origin: Belgavox driving licence Ulk origin: Polygoon Walhalla commemoration f. gymnastics father Jahn camera: Cook fencing camera: Hafner Gallopers camera: reason, Essmann ball camera: cooking end brand

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Commemorating Heinrich 'Hein' Bollow’s 100th Birthday (* December 05, 1920)

Hein Bollow is a horseracing legend. He is the first German and the second athlete worldwide to win more than 1,000 races—first as a champion jockey and later as a trainer.

Bollow was born in 1920 in Nienstedten near Hamburg. His father is the owner of a transportation company and Bollow grows up with horses. He starts riding polo horses, show horses and jumpers at the age of 10 at a nearby equestrian centre in Klein Flottbek. Five years later he begins an apprenticeship as a jockey in Berlin-Hoppegarten. His height of 1.55 m is perfect for the sport. A few months later Hein Bollow competes in his first race. 

He can barely complete his apprenticeship before getting drafted into the cavalry in 1940. Soon he is sent to the eastern and western front. After getting wounded he is captured by the French and taken prisoner of war. Upon his release in 1947 he goes to Cologne, where he would he would launch his international career.

He scores 1,033 victories as a jockey, wins the German derby 4 times—1953 with Allasch, 1954 with Kaliber, 1956 with his favourite horse Kilometer and 1962 with Herero, and is awarded jockey of the year 13 times.  

In 1963 he becomes a trainer and adds 1,661 more victories to his name. This includes the 1974 German Derby with Marduk and one jockey of the year award. In 1975 he receives the Federal Republic of Germany’s first class Order of Merit for his services. The prominent athlete with the big laugh is a frequent guest on television shows. He retires in 1988 but continues to feel at home on the racetrack. Even at an advanced age the man with the horn-rimmed glasses and the round midsection would visit the stables in Cologne-Weidenpesch every day. Hein Bollow dies on April 20, 2020, after suffering a stroke. He was just a few months shy of turning 100.

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