Welt im Bild 21/1952 17.11.1952


01 Bad Neuenahr: Federal press ball 1952 guests upon arrival. Based on Heli Finkenzeller, half-close. Felix by Eckard on arrival with Mrs. Justice Minister Dehler welcomes Lady with a kiss on the hand. Immediately upon arrival: VizekanDie under the Lupeer Blücher, Prime Minister Arnold. Hermann Ehlers, Erich Ollenhauer alone, Erich Mende between two women. Gitta Lind (the most beautiful woman in the most beautiful dress). Guests on the dance floor. Erich Mende dance, half-close. The raffle with television receivers and car. State Secretary Hallstein dances, half-close.
(36 m 2) Stockholm: 70th birthday of King Gustav VI.
In an open horse-drawn carriage King Gustav VI. travels through the city. Illuminated Castle. People in front of the Castle. King Gustav on the balcony.
(16 m) 03 Tokyo: Prince Akihito as the successor of the Tenno explains coach goes to the Imperial Palace. People go to the Palace. Half close Prince Akihito. Emperor Hirohito and Empress and Crown Prince Akihito on the terrace of the Palace.
(21 m) 04. Zagreb: Congress of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia Tito's arrival for the meeting. Delegates clap. Tito on the lectern. Delegate to vote for the election of the General Secretary of the party. Tito dive-bombing half close after his re-election.
(17 m) 5th London: election of Miss World 1952 Vera Marcks, Miss Germany, starting in a bathing suit. She will be 3 Miss France in the swimsuit and evening gown. In the swimsuit, Miss United States, Miss Sweden (1) Miss United Kingdom, Miss Finland, Miss Switzerland (2.). Winner Miss Sweden climbs podium with flowers and trophy.
(24 m) 06. Munich: O la la Revue at the Deutsches Theater: tap dance with rollovers of partner dance siblings Gonda siblings Gonda, Paris,.
(13 m) 7th Manchester: Rugby England - Australia 21:5 Rugby fight on muddy ground. Australian breakthrough attempts is recorded. Players will fall. Spectators close to half. English player crashes over field marker posts. Australian runs over the half field, is then braked. Players fall into the puddles.
(31 m) 08 Cologne: football 1 FC Köln - Schalke 04 4-2 the teams before the game with the referees stand side by side. Young viewers with cardboard screen over the eyes. Schalke stormed and shoots that 1.0 spectators cheering with arms raised. Cologne just misses on the target. Excited spectators. Cologne storms. Goalkeeper catches the weak shot ball. Viewers with Hat and cigarette, half-close. Post shot by Schalke, margin goes out. Woman speaks with annoying. Shot on goal. Player strikes the ball out of the gate. Game in the Schalke penalty area. Player presses ball with the chest into the NET 1:1 for Cologne. Audience jump up and clap. A minute later shot on goal 2:1 for Cologne. Spectator holding a hand in front of the face. Shot on goal 3:1 for Cologne after half-time. Spectators clap and jump high. Old man with a dark face. Cologne before the Schalke goal, Röhrig is to Shepherd, edge has a shot blocked. Müller, Köln, shoots alone 4:1. Müller stormed Once again, but goalkeeper throws herself against and holds the ball. Spectator with cardboard screen over the eyes. Shot on goal for Schalke by Berni Kloth 4: gossip 2 viewers.
(51 m) 09 Frankfurt: international dance competition dance couples on the dance floor Dancing Tango. Audience clapping. The German couple Tackie dancing a polka. Director of photography, great. World Champion pair of Mr. And Mrs. Cullip, England, dance a Foxtrot. Dancing feet, tall. Mr. And at the award ceremony, Mrs. Cullip receive gifts (shell and wall clock).
(49 m)

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Akihito ; Arnold, Karl ; Blücher, Franz ; Cullip ; Dehler, Thomas ; Eckardt von, Felix ; Ehlers, Hermann ; Finkenzeller, Heli ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Hallstein, Walter ; Hirohito von Japan ; Lind, Gitta ; Marks, Vera ; Mende, Erich ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Teipel ; Tito, Josip ; Klodt, Berni ; Müller, Friedrich ; Röhrig ; Schäfer, Albert


Stockholm ; Bad Neuenahr ; Frankfurt ; Munich ; London ; Tokyo ; Zagreb ; Cologne ; Manchester


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; gambling ; cameramen, cameramen ; Football ; Photographers ; Rugby ; beauty pageants ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Social events ; Foreign policy events ; Revues ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 21/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Federal press ball in Bad Neuenahr camera: Essmann, basic world cross-cutting birthday of Finland. King's origin: Japanese film industry Crown Prince Akihito origin: Asahi news General Assembly d. Jugslav. KP (Tito) origin: Yugoslavia most beautiful woman in the world origin: Pathe news tap of the Gonda siblings camera: Koch sports rugby: England Australia origin: Pathe news football: 1. FC Köln-Schalke 04 camera: Essmann, basic int. Dance tournament d. master dancer in Frankfurt camera: strong end brand

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