Welt im Bild 36/1953 01.03.1953


01 Stalin + title page of the Hamburg night blade "The whole world looks to the Kremlin", evening newspaper "Stalin stroke - the Red Tsar is dying", the world "Josef W. Stalin is dead -" morning post "Josef Stalin is dead". Last week show shots: Stalin decreases parade on the red square. Greeting Stalin, big.

02 blow industrial fair in Hannover international flags of 31 Nations. Visitors in the exhibition golden slipper at the booth of Morocco. Japanese silk. German porcelain with a Chinese painting. 2 porcelain figures designed by Bele Bachem. Vase with head of Cocteau. Ironing wrinkles with the Bügelpilt. Electric Bügelfaltenbügler. Waterproof silk stocking.

03. Rome: Conference of Ministers of underlies soldier greets, large. Cameramen. De Gasperi in addition to Adenauer, great. Georges Bidault, great. (Sought a compromise solution to the question of the EDC Treaty.)

04. Indochina: Training of soldiers for jungle combat soldiers with bayonets about the struggle of man against man. Training for the guerrilla war in the jungle. Jumping into water. Climbing over a high wall. River will wade through. Gun under foliage. Go over bridge.

05. Tokyo: Exit of the dead ship Nippon Maru, the Japanese Minister of Social Affairs adopted the Nippon Maru at the exit to the Pacific Islands, to bring home the bones of fallen Japanese soldiers from there. Women waving to the ship.

06. Düsseldorf: Appearance of Les IKARUS acrobatics show in the Palladium 2 artists. The dice pyramid: Untermann is located on tables. Dice are piled on his feet. Artist makes Handstand on the dice. He pushes away dice and is collected on the feet of the Untermanns. Reverse copying. Artists are bowing.

07th Biebrich: smokers Club men of the smokers Club stuck up on cigars. Men sit at long tables and smoking. Smoking, that's great. Smoking mouth, great. Young man looks over the edge of the table and secretly smokes on dropped cigar. Smoke things out of window. The slowest smoker is awarded as the winner. Winner with the great cigar.

08 Hamburg: jazz concert Jazz for Hamburg. It sings Ella Fitzgerald "on the sunny side". On the drums of Gene Krupa with "How high the moon". Oscar Peterson plays the piano. On the trumpet of Charly shavers. People clap enthusiastically.

09th bad Mitterndorf / Austria: International ski flying week various ski jumper. Jump from Sherwood / United States. With 113 meters he 3. Toni Brutscher / Germany, is large with 109 meters 4. Toni Brutscher with skis strapped down beside him. Jump from Andreas Däscher / Switzerland. He is 2nd Andreas Däscher after the jump, great. Starter waving banner. Start and jump of winner Sepp Bradl / Austria. Sepp Bradl, big 10 Chile: table tennis table tennis from every position plays the Chilean table tennis master. He throws himself to the floor, turns and plays against 2 opponents. Plays sitting down and drinking it out of glass. Reads newspaper, smoking a cigarette and plays table tennis. Striking the ball with chair back.

11 California: Santa Anita horse races start from Star Boxing. Galloping horses. Total viewers. From the 3rd position, pulls Calumet forward and attacking the leader. In the HomeStretch, 3 horses head to head fight for the victory. Calumet WINS by a small margin.

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Bradl, Sepp; Brutscher, Toni; Adenauer, Konrad; Bidault, George; Fitzgerald, Ella; Gaspery de, Alcide; Krupa, Gene; Peterson, Oscar; Shavers, Charly; Stalin, Josef; Däscher, Andreas; Sherwood


Düsseldorf; Hanover; Rome; Indo-China; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY; Biebrich; Tokyo; Moskau; Hamburg; California; Bad Mitterndorf; Chile


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Indochina, Indochina war; cameramen, cameramen; Musical events; News, communications; Photographers; Press, press conferences; Smoking; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness); Shipping; Ski, skiing, ski jumping; sports audience, sports spectator; table tennis; Deaths, funerals; Military; Contracts; Foreign policy events; Architecture; Exhibitions; Military; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 36/1953

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Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Rome origin: iNcom School of guerrilla war origin: Gaumont "Nippon Mahru" death ship origin: Asahi news "Les Ikarus" dice pyramid camera: Basic, eating men smoking Club camera: strong jazz at the Philharmonic camera: Luppa, Katzke sports Skiflagwoche in Kulm: Sepp Bradl origin: Gaumont tennis champion in Chile origin: Gaumont Santa Anita race origin: Pathe news final brand

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100th Anniversary of Ella Fitzgerald (* April 25, 1917)

Pianist Jimmy Rowles supposedly once said about Ella Fitzgerald, “She exudes music. When she walks down the street she doesn’t leave behind footprints but notes.” She is the undisputed “Queen of Jazz.” Her once in a lifetime voice (OR: out of this world) had a range of more than three octaves. Fitzgerald used her voice like an instrument and produced sheer wonders in terms of diction, phrasing and intonation and most of all in her famous scat-improvisation.

Born into extreme poverty Fitzgerald became an orphan at the age of 15.  She became aware of her talent at an amateur contest in 1934. Originally she had planned on performing a dance, but she was so nervous her knees where shaking, and so she decided to sing instead—winning the first prize. A year later Chick Webb hired her for his orchestra. Their rendition of “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”landed them on number one of the charts. When Webb died the following year Fitzgerald took over the band. Beginning in the early 1940s she started to focus on her solo career. After the jazz impresario Norman Grant recorded the singer for his legendary concert series “Jazz at the Philharmonic” she regularly shared the stage—and the studio--with jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. Between the mid-1950s and 1960s she recorded the legendary “songbooks” by the big American composers such as Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and George and Ira Gershwin.  She set the standard for the interpretation of these works—to this day.  The series became an international success, and in 1958 Ella won the first of 13 Grammies. And when “Lady Ella” wasn’t recording one of her more than 200 albums, she was almost always on the road touring. She often came to Germany as well, where she recorded three of her live albums. Stricken with diabetes Ella Fitzgerald performed her last concert in June of 1991 at Carnegie Hall in New York. She died five years later at the age of 79 in Beverly Hills.

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