Welt im Bild 61/1953 25.08.1953


1st how do I choose ballot CDU, SPD, FDP, no party affiliation. Table stands and explains the election process and delivery of the voices in the left column for the candidates in the right column for the party.

02. unrest in Tehran street battles. People will run across the street. Government buildings are being stormed after Prime Minister Mossadeque tried the autocracy to tear and went the Shah Reza Pahlevi out of the country. Mossadeque sitting on his bed, great. Shah Reza Pahlevi in Rome receives the news of the victory of his supporters. In addition to Soraya, the Shah goes to airfield for aircraft in order to return to Persia. Shah Reza Pahlevi waves from aircraft. Aircraft rolls.

03. London: Churchill takes holiday duties again before Downingstreet 10 Churchill stands with thick cigar and walks to car. People at the roadside wave at Churchill.

04. New York: UN General Assembly - no agreement on Korea at the UN General Assembly is not reached agreement for the Peace Conference on Korea. The Soviet representative Andrey Wischinsky, great.

05. Korea: 5th anniversary of independence at the lectern President Shyngman Rhee, great. Kids bouquet hand Shyngman Rhee. People clapping, standing next to his Viennese wife Shyngman Rhee decreases military parade. Soldiers parading. Passing vehicles.

06. war in Indochina gunfire. Union troops fighting on the coast and conquer lands in the counterattack. UN troops in the advance.

07. Berlin: General Craig becomes new US city Commandant of Berlin James Conant, large, welcomed General Craig. American soldiers parading before genera Craig. Soldiers to horse, artillery vehicles, tanks. Handshake Conant / Craig.

08. Wolfsburg: Finance Minister Schäffer visited VW factory - cut the coffee tax in the final Assembly Hall of the VW plant speaks of VW, great finance Schäffer to the workers and assured that the work on the date be continued so (no interview). Audience image filling. Faces of workers, large. Professor Nordhoff Schäffer's hand after the speech. Schäffer sipping coffee, great.

09th Allensbach: Institute for Demoscopy organized election Survey interviewers asked gas station attendant. 2 elderly people sit in eat-in kitchen with stove and chimney at table and fill out the questionnaire. Mail bags are dumped in the Institute and questionnaires evaluated. Punch cards are punched and counted in Hollerithmaschine.

10 Bremen: Arrival of members of the low German Association of America at the Bremen Airport are many people wave at arriving, aircraft rolls out. 70 veterans of the low German Association get off plane and go down stairs. Members to embrace their relatives, great.

11 how to contact with cigarette young people sitting at table. Lady takes cigarette and asks partner to fire. This search in vain in his pockets. Other men abide contact cigarette cigarette, so that she become inflamed. Young woman smokes. Man lights also on contact cigarette cigarette up and smokes.

12 Hamburg: jet fighter model triangular model of aircraft, which will fly at a speed of more than 2000 km/h. Designer explains model. Takeoff, flight and landing of the model.

13 elephant ballerina Daisy makes woman next to elephant Handstand. Elephant turns on its hind legs and goes next to wife. Walking on the front legs and balancing on one leg.

14 United States: People on the wall glue fairground rotor in America in rotating rotor. Cameraman filming tied in the middle.

15 Detmold: German artistic roller skating Championships ladies: Kürlauf of the winner of Lotte Cadenbach / Dortmund. Men: Kürlauf of winner world champion Freimut Stein / Nuremberg. Pair skating: Kürlauf of the winner Sigrid Knake / Günther Koch, Hannover. Audience clapping.

16 Berlin: outboard motor boat racing in the urban Harbour start basket lowers. External motor boat Board in the race. Spectators on the shore. People look up balcony which run to. Boats at the turn. Target flag is waved. Winner boat sails with tight start finish line. Winner beckons.

17 Mecki speaks to the election ballot. Mecki looks in empty ballot box. Man reading newspaper with headline today, election day and falls asleep. Man casts ballot in Recycle Bin. Woman uses ballot papers to the bread wrapping. Man hanging ballot on toilet tissue hooks. Mecki: "I see that you have no desire to become I can understand love people, go. Why do you care about politics? Politics is a dirty business. It is To find himself one, which thoroughly get this business. Give time him only 4 years." Mecki with mustache and Hitler Locke. Man looks up horrified by newspaper. Bread will be carried out. Ballot comes back from trash and toilet paper hook. Mecki looks at the ballot box. Hands ballots into the ballot box. Mecki: "must you paint only the devil on the wall you? Remember, your fate is in your own hands."

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Churchill, Winston ; Conant, James B. ; Craig, Mary ; Mecki ; Mossadeq, Mohammed ; Nordhoff, Heinz ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Soraya von Persien ; Rhee, Syngman ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Wischinski ; Cadenbach, Lotte ; Knake, Sigrid ; Koch, Günther ; Stein, Freimuth


Zugspitze ; Berlin ; Bremen ; Rome ; Hamburg ; United States ; France ; Korea ; Wolfsburg ; Indo-China ; New York ; Iran ; London ; Allensbach ; Detmold ; Tehran


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Customs ; Hands ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; motor boat race ; Parades ; Photographers ; Smoking ; Skating ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Costumes ; UN ; Unrest ; Korea war ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Furniture ; Holiday ; Elections ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Architecture ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 61/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand focal points of world politics restlessness in the Iran origin: Metro Churchill after his holiday origin: Pathe news United Nations Assembly (for Korea) origin: Metro Korea: celebration of independence origin: Metro First Indochina war origin: Gaumont cross-section General ch. F. Craig for Berlin US parade camera: Obeng Finanzmin. Schäffer drinking cheap coffee camera: strong, p Institute for Demoscopy opinion test camera: Kang Plattdeutscher-folk festival Association camera: Luppa contact cigarette camera: Cook jet fighter model camera: Luppa Daisy, the elephant girls origin: Metro "Rotor" in America origin: Metro sports German skating champion in Detmold camera: Essmann outdoor Board race in Berlin, camera: Obeng interview with Mekki origin: Bonn

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