Welt im Bild 64/1953 16.09.1953


1st air show of Farnborough in the grounds of the air show. New Victor bomber. Large transport aircraft to transport hunters. Flying double helicopter flying railway for passenger traffic. Triangle-Jet volcano. Flying Bristol Brittania, 4 propellers, one of the largest passenger aircraft. Latest bomb pilot Victor in flight. Vulkan Jäger flying in formation. Blackburn universal transport aircraft.

02. Morocco: Assassination of Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Arafa Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Arafa rides under a Sun umbrella at the hour of prayer to the mosque. Assassin in car breaks through isolation and brings down the horse of the Sultan. Gunshots. Overwhelmed by the bodyguards, the Assassin is dying on the ground. The horse of the Sultan is lying on the ground and must be shot. Sultan Arafa is being supported to State car, where continues the trip to the mosque accompanied by bodyguards.

03. Berlin: Visit by Prince Abdullah Faisal of Saudi Arabia 4-engine total aircraft of Air France rolls out. Photographers and cameramen. Prince Abdullah Faisal of Saudi Arabia, at the same time Interior Minister of his country is welcomed before the aircraft. It came to economic negotiations in Germany.

04. Indochina: autumn offensive tropical landscape with Palm trees in lens. French troops in the advance through swampy terrain. Fording River. Machine gun fire. Vietminh are found in rice field and taken prisoner. Amphibious vehicles drive. Hole in the Earth rises Vietminh and arises.

05. Korea: Dismissal by General Dean from North Korean captivity in Jeep driving General William F. Dean comes from North Korean captivity. Close-up. Greeting the General Dean in the liberty village Panmunjon. President Shyngman Rhee stands out with the highest South Korean Valor General Dean.

06. Darmstadt: dance tournament couples on the dance floor dancing the Waltz. European champion couple cancer dance a Rumba. Elegant spectator with décolleté and power gloves. Dance a Foxtrot, couple Dolezel and Stuttgart tournament winner.

07. Munich: Dangerous scaffolding at the towers of the Church of our Lady swing over the rooftops of Munich. The Golden balls are placed on the towers of the Church of our Lady. Roped, construction technicians dismantle scaffolding at the tower. Look down in houses Gorge. Men carry in lofty heights scaffold boards and balance on Struts.

08th Nördlingen: Horse rider on the course. Horse loses during the ride front brace. Rural audience, great. On the course of Fritz Thiedemann on Meteor with a flawless ride. People clap. Award ceremony with Fritz Thiedemann on Meteor, receiving wreath.

09 dinner: Boxing: Karel Sys wins against Günther Nuremberg Bell is struck by k o at the beginning of the fight. Shock Exchange. Referee separates. Nuremberg is attacking, but Karel Sys will hit land. Nuremberg boxes posted further and reluctantly turns to fight results. Sys is attacking fiercely. Nuremberg is hit and falls backwards against the ring rope. Heinz Neuhaus as audience, great. Nuremberg boxes knocked out and insecure, leans on the ring ropes and taking more hits. Towel is thrown. Several viewers heads, great. Nuremberg is hunched over and supports with his hand on the ground. Karel Sys with a towel over his head as the winner in the ring.

10 50 years circus Krone leash Balletteuse handed over 50 years circus as shield. Audience clapping. Clowns, great. Equestrian artist standing on the back of a horse. Salto mortale on horseback. Sea lion back. Sea Lion training with balls. Juggler. The trapeze artist Rose Gold drops on rope from the circus dome.

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Ben Arafa, Mohammed ; Dean, William F. ; Dolezel ; Faisal von Saudi Arabien, Abdullah ; Gold, Rose ; Krebs, Margit ; Rhee, Syngman ; Neuhaus, Heinz ; Nürnberg, Günter ; Sys, Karel ; Thiedemann, Fritz


Zugspitze ; Morocco ; Munich ; Korea ; Farnborough ; Berlin ; Indo-China ; Darmstadt ; Florida ; Food ; Nördlingen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Honors ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; aircraft ; Photographers ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Korea war ; Circus ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Architecture ; Assassinations ; construction ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 64/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Farnborough origin: Pathe news cross-section assassination Sultan v. Morocco origin: Pathé journal Abdullah, visiting Berlin camera: Riske Indochina, autumn offensive origin: Gaumont General DEAM back origin: Metro dance tournament camera: strong, p female towers, scaffold degradation camera: Hafner, cooking race Nördlingen (riding) camera: Cook boxes Nuremberg/sys camera: reason, Essmann circus Krone camera: Stoll, Luppa final

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