Welt im Bild 66/1953 30.09.1953


1 Nuremberg: 40 quintals bomb defusing unexploded bombs on a building site in the old city. Evacuated houses. Residents carry their substance in safety. U-haul is closed. Policemen with loudspeakers through the city drive "Please consult the air-raid shelter". Alarm siren. Cat on wall fleeing. The demolition is the detonator of the bomb. After the expansion, the demolition expert from bottle drinks. The defused bomb is hoisted on a crane and transported on trucks.

02. Friedland: prisoners of war from the Soviet Union return home Red Cross Sisters spread sandwiches with sausage. Label BIP Herleshausen. 2 border guard soldiers stand next to the flag. Relatives wait. Woman with child in her arms, great. Buses. Out of the Windows waving the returning prisoners of war. Flowers in the bus the migrants returning rich people. Blow up the border barrier. The men waving and go to the camp of Friedland. Welcome and embrace by relatives.

03. Frankfurt: peace prize of the German book trade for Martin Buber ceremony in St. Paul's Church. In addition to Theodor Heuss, the philosopher Martin Buber rises to accept the honour. Close-up Heuss, Dr. Kolb, Dr. Dehler. Listeners applaud.

04. Frankfurt: Departure of half-breed children for adoption in the United States hybrid children go to aircraft and enter. American has adopted 8 German hybrid children. SAS launches aircraft. Close-ups of the children's faces.

05. Bonn: arrival of Sir Frederik Hoyer Millar as successor to Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick present troops at the airfield. Vice Chancellor Blücher welcomes Sir Frederik Hoyer Millar and wife and daughter. Hoyer Millar walks off the front of the British stand. Mrs. Hoyer Millar and daughter welcome present at the airfield.

06. Korea: North Korean pilot kidnapped MIG 15 the pilot who hijacked the Russian Jet MIG 15 with the Americans and received $100,000 as a reward.

07. War in Indochina flying French bomb Squadron. Bombs be notched out and fall. Bomb strikes on enemy supply positions. Vietminh rejected proposed peace negotiations.

08 France: rubber steering wheel protection during clashes car goes from rear to front moving auto. Rubber control bends and protects drivers from dangerous Rippenbrüchen.

9th Holland: toy town Madurodam small houses of the toy town. Men in the development of the city.

10 Morocco: the ex-Sultan's harem women fly to Corsica disguised women rise in bus. Suitcases are on trucks. Bus parking gate. ELMS window of the bus. Baggage check at the airfield. Harem women rise in aircraft launching.

11 Gibraltar: American Florence Chadwick to swim the Strait of Gibraltar Florence Chadwick spring by boat into water and floats. By departing from food is served to an Angel you. Tail fins of Tiger sharks are showing up over the water. Soldier on the ship shoots on the sharks. Florence Chadwick swims further and reached the rocky coast of Africa with a new world record.

12 Berlin: Soccer Berlin - Vienna 0:5 storms and think about playing. Shot on goal 1:0 for Vienna in the 24th minute. Scoreboard of the game stand with Austrian, Swiss and German flag. In the second half shooting Vienna that 0 Vienna storms 2: forward with safe passes. Shot on goal 3:0 viewers filling picture. Goalkeeper keeps. Camera pans, large. Shot on goal 4:0 for Vienna in the 88th minute.

13 Hannover: motorcycle racing on the Eilenriede Krauss sidecar driver's face before the race, great. 500 cc Sidecar: Krauss / Huber at the start, BMW. Riders in the race and in curves. Krauss / Huber drive as the winner by the target. Krauss with wreath, large. 250 cc solo machine: Leads world champion Werner Haas on NSU. Hinrich Kopf as audience, great. Spectators stand on ladders. Werner Haas WINS and being kissed by a young woman. Werner Haas with wreath delectable licks his lips themselves.

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Blücher, Franz ; Buber, Martin ; Dehler, Thomas ; Heuss, Theodor ; Hoyer-Millar, Frederik ; Kolb ; Kopf, Hinrich ; Chadwick, Florence ; Haas, Werner ; Huber, Antje ; Kraus, Wiggerl


Bonn ; Nuremberg ; Indo-China ; Friedland ; Frankfurt ; Korea ; Morocco ; France ; Holland ; Madurodam ; Gibraltar ; Hanover ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Honors ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Children ; Football ; motor sports ; Police ; Swimming ; Toys, toys ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Europe ; Animals (except dogs) ; diving ; Korea war ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; People ; Military ; Furniture ; road safety education ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Crew ; Gastronomy ; Military ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 66/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Nuremberg bomb camera: Kang Homecomer bearing Friedland camera: Stoll, Luppa cross section Book Prize for Martin Buber camera: strong, Hafner Haque children be adopted camera: strong Frederik Hoyer Millar camera: basic MIG 15 origin: Metro Indochina origin: Gaumont toy city at the Hague origin: Polygoon harem origin: Gaumont channel swimmer origin: No. do football Vienna-Berlin Eilenriede camera: Luppa final

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