Welt im Bild 70/1953 28.10.1953


1 butter for needy in Berlin butter posters behind shield Mayor Reuter Foundation. Close-up of Ernst Reuter. Mrs Hanna Reuter speaks actuality to the donation of the butter. "Maybe you know that my husband's last thoughts were the unemployed and all of a sudden I asked him: are you sure that the unemployed in Berlin get extra butter?" I will never forget his contented and happy nod for this purpose." Needy listeners & a. Versehrter with arm band. The Chairman of the American Dr. Leo Cherne Landesleitung speaks interview. "I hope that they take this food donations we distribute here along with the Mayor Reuter Foundation, as an expression of our deep admiration." Listeners applaud. Plate of butter mountain: output of the butter donation of the American people and the Mayor Reuter Foundation-International Rescue Committee. Dr. Schreiber and Dr. Suhr in the output of the butter to beneficiaries.

02. Berlin: commemoration of prisoners of war torchlight procession in Berlin. Banners carried: our demand to release prisoners of war people do not forget us. Rally prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall. Senator Conrad speaks and proposes to rename the square in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall "Freedom square" (not a quote).

03. Seoul: Memorial service for the fallen in Korea the American General Taylor, Commander of the eighth army at the memorial service for the fallen. Weeping women before the collapse. Men cry. Women are supported.

04. New York: Demonstration by Atomic cannon in the US ordnance depot that is big gun "Amazons Amie" in position and launch-ready built. Big gun pipe to launch ready.

05. Jordan: Israelite attack on the Jordanian Israeli border debris after Israelite invasion in border village. Arabs looking in the rubble for victims. Dead are recovered from the rubble.

06. Colorado: Photograph by solar flares in Observatory large telescope with a built-in camera. Solar flares.

07. London: International Motor Show Rolls Royce. Plastic is pulled from Mercedes. Cooler with a Mercedes star, great. Austin - small car. Young woman sitting in the trunk. Edmund Hillary, conqueror of Mount Everest, on tax on luxury cars. Singer car with plastic cladding. Cooler is opened. Lincoln X 100 luxury cars. Windows close automatically at your fingertips.

8 Berlin: dance tournament of the professional dancer couples dancing the Waltz. Dance of the winning couple Finck / Berlin. Out of competition, the European champions a Quickstepp dance Henry Kamara bloomstone and joy Tolhurst.

09 London: Football England - FIFA 4:4 invasion of the teams. Viewers filling picture, total. Vukas storms and is fouled in the penalty area. (Door camera) 2 boys as audience, great. Penalty goal 1:0 for the FIFA by Kubala / Spain. Viewers filling picture. English counter-attack with scoring by Stan Martensen. 1:1 Boniperti steers flank the gateway to 2:1 and shoots viewers heads the 3:1 half-close. Stan Matthews (No. 7) on the ball deflects flank to the Center. Ball bounces off the gate. Margin of 3:2. After the break of the left winger shoots the player Mullen 3:3 for England. Posipahl defense at the gate. Goalkeeper Beara holds. Kubala shoots that 4:3 for FIFA. Ramsay, England with a penalty that claps 4. laughing spectator 4: shoots to Carom in the penalty area by Caijkowski and Mortensen.

10 Hannover: German indoor cycling Championships In the six art trial win the men of the RV Eagle new work. German Champion in the individual trial is Edi Grommes / Bonn. The gang advertisement continental tires. Martin new monks Gladbach wins the ladies. She's standing and with stands on her head on the wheel. The ladies of the SV in the six trial win Griesheim.

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Beara ; Boniperti ; Cherne, Leo ; Conrad, Kurt ; Finck ; Hillary, Edmund ; Kingstone, Henry ; Reuter, Ernst ; Suhr, Otto ; Schreiber, Walter ; Taylor, Tommy ; Tolhurst, Joy ; Cajkowski ; Grommes, Edi ; Kubala ; Matthews, Stanley ; Mortenson, Stan ; Mullen ; Neues, Marita ; Posipal, Jupp ; Ramsay ; Vukas


Mainz ; London ; Berlin ; Seoul ; Colorado ; Jordan ; Hanover


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Welt im Bild 70/1953

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Title: Berlin butter camera: Obeng cross-section POWs camera: Obeng Seoul funeral origin: Metro Atomic Cannon camera: basic food Jordan, Israelite attack origin: Tele News sunspots origin: Tele News car show in London origin: Pathe news dance tournament in Berlin camera: Obeng football in London origin: Pathe news wheel tournament in Hanover camera: Luppa final

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70th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Korean War (June 25, 1950)

The Korean War is the Cold War’s first proxy war. It is also one of its bloodiest. It begins on June 25, 1950, when the North Korean People’s Army crosses the border of the divided peninsula. Two years earlier the Soviet occupation zone in the north became the socialist “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” and the American occupation zone in the south became the capitalist, more western-oriented  “Republic of Korea”. A number of border transgressions follow. Both presidents had the peninsula’s eventual unification in mind, albeit each according to their own political ideology. North Korea’s attack in June of 1950 was a step towards its own idea of a unification.

Head of state Kim-Il-Sung had secured support from Moscow and Beijing in advance. The communist leaders expected a swift victory over the “decadent West.” But things turn out differently. The USA obtains a mandate for a military intervention from the United Nations. Initially North Korea conquers almost the entire southern part of the peninsula, before UN-troops in cooperation with the South Korean army retaliate and seize a majority of the entire northern part. This action triggers the invasion of hundreds of thousands of Chinese “volunteers”, who drive the opponents back behind the demarcation line of the 38th parallel.

General Douglas MacArthur demands the use of nuclear weapons and wants to expand the war to Chinese territory. US-President Truman dismisses these ideas, relieves General MacArthur as Supreme Commander in Korea and instead relies on armistice negotiations. In the meantime the conflict has grown into a trench and civil war with minimal territorial gains on either side but massive loss of human lives. The US army amplifies the bombing of North Korea and uses vast amounts of napalm for the first time. Almost every city in the north is bombed into a wasteland. Up to a quarter of the North Korean civilian population was killed. Overall casualties are 2.5 million North Koreans, 1.5 million South Koreans, 1 million Chinese soldiers and almost 40,000 GIs. The hopelessness of this war leads to the signing of an armistice three years after its started, but peace has yet to be made.

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