Welt im Bild 92/1954 31.03.1954


01. Duisburg-Hamborn: commissioning of block RAM work in the August Thyssen hut large automatic control system. Glowing steel block carried on grippers to block streets. Transport via conveyor belt to Fertigstraßen, where the blocks to Rails and carriers and are roughing.

02. Aachen: East German culture days - ceremony of remembrance for Copernicus City Hall. Refugees of the East with costumes. Memorial Service for Nikolaus Kopernikus in the 400th anniversary of the death. Federal Minister Prof. Oberländer at lectern, great. As listeners Jakob Kaiser, is great. Listeners applaud. Coat-of-arms of the East, great. Painting of Nicolaus Copernicus.

03. Mexico City: German industrial exhibition at aircraft door stands Economics Minister Ludwig Erhard and waving hat. Erhard and wife at the airfield with reception Committee to welcome. Large font Alemania Y Su Industria. Flags at exhibition grounds. Berlin flag. Erhard walk through exhibit. Ship transport machines, giant crane.

04. Toulon: Handover of the American aircraft carrier Bois Belleau in the French Navy for Indochina part settings of the aircraft carrier. Ship deck boots up with them standing guests of honour from the bottom. Members of the American Embassy and Admiral Nomy pace front the troops. Marines present rifle. Farewell parade on deck and exit to Indochina.

05. San Francisco: investigation of fish for radioactivity after H bomb explosion in the Pacific catches be checked for radioactivity. Basket with tuna is lowered to the vessel wall and scanned with Geiger counters.

06. Tokyo: Signing of the Treaty of mutual security between the United States and Japan In the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed the Treaty for mutual security delegations. Hereafter, Japan can arm themselves again. Primitive workshop produced steel helmets. Steel helmet is tested by shooting with rifle on him.

07. Italy: giant man examines big man will be inspected and measured.

8 Berlin: The biggest woman of the world rises in local woman and dominates all. Katja Dyk is the greatest woman in the world with 2.32 m. She goes to plane and is located next to her dwarfism-looking crew.

09 California: 2-year Judo Fighter 2-year boy throws man with Judo grip on the mat.

10 Mexico: International competition in the Mexico - United States diving Olympic champion Pat McCornick jumps 1 ½-fachen Salto, Capilla jumps 3 times the Salto. Pat McCornick jumps turned somersaults from the tower. Jumps of the winner and Weltmeisterschaftszweiten Capilla. Pat McCornick WINS in the women's.

11 New York: Bubi Scholz defeated Al Andrews / United States points battle at Madison Square Garden. Photographer on the ring. Heavy shock Exchange. Scholz beats more and after the 9th round point advantage. Pause. Both boxers go to their corners. Scholz is massaged by his supervisors. Heavy blows in the 10th round. Attacking Andrews, Scholz counters safely. After the battle of Scholz as winner in the ring, arm lifts.

12 Saarbrücken: qualifier for the World Cup of Saarland – Germany 1:3 title: rotating soccer, big. The Saarland goalkeeper keeps ball. Saarland players alone in front of the German goal gives edge to players. Counter-attack of the German team. Denied by the post. Spectators close to half. Shot on goal 1:0 for Germany by Max Morlock. Clapping audience, great. 2 half-time: Max Morlock shoots in the traps located 0 ball 2: in the gate. Serious young viewers. Germany is considering. Goalkeeper catches the ball. Viewers with cigarette on cigarette holder with cardboard screen through the eyes and fatuous face. Hand penalty for the Saar will be converted to a 1-2. Saeed shoots the 1-to-3. ball in the goal.

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Andrews, Al ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Kopernikus, Nikolaus ; Nomy ; Oberländer ; Capille ; MacCormick, Pat ; Morlock, Max ; Schäfer, Albert ; Scholz, Gustav


San Francisco ; Mexico City ; San Francisco ; Mexico City ; Toulon ; Aachen ; Duisburg-Hamborn ; Italy ; Berlin ; Tokyo ; Saarbrücken ; New York ; California ; Mexico


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Industry ; Judo ; Flags ; fishing ; Football ; Parades ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Sensations ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; diving ; Contracts ; Distributed ; Weapons ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Atom ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Industrial ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 92/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Thyssen-Hütte Spotlight ceremony of remembrance of Copernicus camera: Luppa, reason, Essmann Mexico exhibition origin: Ema film carrier origin: Eclair tuna undergo origin: Metro signing the United States Japan treaty origin: Asahi news giant woman + giant man origin: SEDI sport Judo-baby origin: Metro Tower jumping boxes Scholz/Andrews origin: Metro football Saar camera: P, Hafner, Chef final

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