Welt im Bild 105/1954 29.06.1954


1st Braunschweig: German air driver day 1954 Karl Marsen binds to parachute and rises in glider type SP 1. Winch launch. Spectators look up. Aerobatic flight. Double looping. Start and aerobatic flying of gliders. Albert 100th aerobatic engine aircraft in aerobatics on a LO Falderbaum. Albert Sallaz / Switzerland, at aerobatics on a Bücker Jungmeister. People clap biplane aerobatics.

02. special session of the UN Security Council: conflict over Guatemala country map with location determination of Guatemala. Special session of the UN Security Council, speaks of the American UN Envoy Cabott destination actuality and turns against the infiltration attempts of the Soviet Union. Motion to intervene in Guatemala, was rejected. Aerial view of Guatemala. Resignation of Communist-friendly President Arbenz. Leaders of the rebel Colonel Armans. Sentry gun. Location is unknown in the country.

03. Berlin: Evangelist Billy Graham speaks at the Olympic Stadium Olympic Stadium people before the subway exit. Bishop Dibelius welcomes Billy Graham. In the stands of the Olympic Stadium 90,000 spectators. Crowd filling picture. Billy Graham speaks with interpreter actuality in the Exchange: "If today you give your heart and your life to Jesus Christ..." "If you starting today, your heart and your life to Jesus Christ deliver out..." "...than he can forgive you..." "he can forgive your sins ...dann..." "...your problem..." "...Solve your problems, your burden lift." "..."If you are not sure that you are saved..." "If you not sure are, that you are saved..." "...and you want Christ..." "Would you like to ...und Christ..." "...and you are ready..." "You ready, even today as a clinic to accept it... ...und" "...that are those, I want to stay up..." "...das are the ones that I would ask to get up..." "...if you mean it with all your heart..." "...wenn you want to do it with all my heart" ".. .and you are giving your heart to Christ now and today..." "...und you your life want to deliver to Christ now and today..." "...than remain standing." "stop ...dann." Audience, among them U.S. soldiers, coloured, father with a sick child in her arms. Close-ups of audience on the side.

04. Switzerland: Sherpa tensing, with Hillary conqueror of Mount Everest, at the climbing course in the Pennine Alps. Tensing climb roped on steep mountain wall. Tensing with local leaders in mountaineering.

05. Duisburg: Institute for inland shipbuilding model boats in the channel of trying. Artificial flow is generated. Sensitive measuring devices are determining the best ship shape, the actuator and the manoeuvrability.

06. Rome: 118th anniversary of Bersglieri Bersglieri on parade at a run. Audience clapping. Balloons are left up. Sports presentation in full uniform. Salto mortale with Bazooka. Members of the elite force.

07. United States: California in swimsuit choice of Miss girls go on the catwalk. Viewers. Winner Cup in a bathing suit.

8th Nuremberg. Their weapons set three international competition of Crossbowmen of Germany - Austria - Switzerland Crossbowmen. Creating and shooting. Results in the black of the target. Germany WINS with 22 points ahead of Switzerland.

09 Madrid: World Championship of equestrian rider on the course. In the honor box Franco and wife. 4 error points, Hans Günter Winkler on Halla will be world champion before d ´ Oriola/France and Goyoaga/Spain (not pictured). Winkler on Halla at award ceremony. Franco handed the Cup and congratulated Wang.

10 French mountain Riverside Chaloux kayak riders in the raging whitewater kayak Championships. Boat turns.

11 World Cup - second round Geneva: Germany - Yugoslavia 2:0 German defense hold Yugoslav attack. Posipahl slaps on the reserve bench. In the 11. Minute a sudden German breakthrough. Yugoslav player shoots own goal on defense. Germany leads 1:0 Yugoslavia before the German gate trying to enforce the compensation. Turek holds. Sepp Herberger on the coach bench, large. 2nd half: Attacked Yugoslavia. The German defense is under pressure: Kant strikes the ball from the line of the empty goal. Goalkeeper defense Turek. In the 80th minute of shepherds on the ball. To Rahn's flank. Shot on goal 2: cheer 0 spectators. Viewers running on the square and surround the player.

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Arbenz ; Armans ; Dibelius ; Graham, Billy ; Lodge, Cabott ; Marsen, Karl ; Sallaz, Otto ; Tensing, Sherpa ; Falderbaum, Albert ; Herberger, Sepp ; Kohlmeier ; Posipal, Jupp ; Rahn, Helmut ; Schäfer, Albert ; Turek, Toni ; Winkler, Hans Günter ; Franco, Carmen


Switzerland ; Braunschweig ; Rome ; Korea ; Guatemala ; Duisburg ; United States ; New York ; Berlin ; Madrid ; Geneva ; France


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; FIFA World Cup ; Parades ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; gliding, flying, free balloon ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; UN ; maps ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 105/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: air rider day camera: Luppa Spotlight Guatemala origin: paramount Graham camera: Obeng tensing origin: Cine journal Versuchsanstalt camera: basic Bersaglieri origin: Salgado Miss California origin: Metro Crossbow shooting camera: Cook horse show Winkler origin: No. do kayak origin: Pathé journal football: Deutschld.-Yugoslavia final

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