Welt im Bild 107/1954 14.07.1954


01 floods in Bavaria water masses. Aerial photos of flooded land. People with boats through the streets of the city are in Passau. Wife rises to head of houses window. Ground floors are flooded. People go beyond set up boards across the street. Tank truck brings drinking water for the population. Women wading through water and has chicken on the arm. Soldier paddling in canoe at buildings. House sunken earth fall together. People in clean-up work. Out of ruins will have recovered. Cow is excavated. Chicken runs around House towers. Coffin is carried away.

02. Leipzig: German Protestant Kirchentag 1954 with waving people in train station Leipzig train. Tension plate: Kirchentag Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof - Leipzig and back. People embrace. Prelate art speaks to arriving on station. Rally on the lawn of Rosenthal. People filling picture. At the lectern of the President of the German Kirchentag Dr. von Thadden Tan. Among the listeners of Bishop Dibelius, Otto Nuschke and Dr. Hermann Ehlers.

03. Guatemala: Jubilant reception for Antony Armaz Castillio Armaz upon arrival by plane from peace conference. Ride through the city. Cheering people. People filling picture.

04. Hamburg: Topping-out ceremony of the shipyard of the air the air shipyard on the airport site. Music Chapel plays celebrating setting. Richtkranz, great. Polishing drinking from glass and throws it down. Great Gate of hangar opens.

5th Bonn: Princess Margaret of England in Bonn Princess Margaret climbs out of plane and strides off the front of the stand. On the grandstand, she takes off the took of the 3rd Royal Hussar Regiment under umbrella. Villa Hammerschmidt. Margaret in conversation with Heuss and Adenauer before the Villa Hammerschmidt.

06. Santa Monica: Election of Miss bicep girls in swimsuits in beauty contest. Men judge biceps show girls in swimsuits. Winner Cup kisses a man.

07. Los Angeles: Election of Mister America musclemen in Poznań. Female judges. Winner showing his muscles.

08 Frankfurt: Dance with the Python dance dancer with Python. Snake winding to dancers in. Züngelnder snake head, large.

9 Aachen: Riding and Showjumping rider on the course. Helga Köhler on Armalva WINS in the hunting of the Amazons. Sticking to the Grand Prix of Aachen. Raimondo D ' Inzeo on Merano breaks the wall. Hans Günther Winkler on Orient WINS in the Grand Prix of Aachen. Viewers filling picture. Award ceremony with 1 Hans Günther Winkler on Orion, 2 Raimondo D ' Inzeo on Merano, 3. Goyoaga / Spain on Bayano. Riding the victory lap at the end. Spectators waving handkerchiefs.

10 Thalkirchen: white water rafting canoeing in whitewater. Slalom gates. Capsized boat. Vogt/Germany WINS on the difficult course.

11 Dortmund: Middleweight boxing Gustav Scholz against Claude Milazzo / France draw hard blows. As a spectator Peter Müller. Millazo is ahead on points after the 9th round. Audience faces. In the 10th round, Scholz boxes superior. Gong beat. Audience clapping.

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Adenauer, Konrad; Armaz, Castillio; Dibelius; Ehlers, Hermann; Heuss, Theodor;