Welt im Bild 120/1954 13.10.1954


1 Hamburg: drag hunting in Saxony Woods riders sit on. Riding with hounds. Hunting at the invitation of the Prince of Bismarck. Dogs and riders in the terrain. Jumping over obstacles. Dogs swim through water. Horse riding through water. Bubbles of the Halali. Dogs tear the Ouree. Princess of Bismarck presented the oak break.

02. Frankfurt: Board elections of the German Trade Union Federation members of the DGB in voting. Counting of the votes. Returning officer speaks o-ton: "I ask the colleague Walter Friday, whether assuming the election?" Walter Friday interview: "I suppose the choice." Clap and congratulations. Walter Friday interview: "For the evidence of the confidence, which here today was me, I say my heartfelt Thank you" (DGB rejects German military contribution and calls for negotiations with the Soviet Union).

03. Berlin: Young pioneers wave 5th anniversary of the founding of the GDR. Mass on the Marx-Engels-Platz. The official gallery of Ulbricht and the Soviet Foreign Minister Molotow.

04. Trieste: Rally the enthusiasm for understanding between Italy and Yugoslavia in London signed memorandum to the settlement of the dispute to Trieste the representatives of Italy and Yugoslavia. Zone A is at Italy, port is internationalized. People in Trieste jubilantly roam the city.

05. Tokyo: Demonstrations against nuclear tests after the death of a Japanese fisherman by nuclear ash rain run Japanese students through the streets and demand adjustment of atomic bomb To try.

06. Brussels: Japanese ballet wardrobe with precious costumes. Japanese dancer dancing a war dance. Dance of the scrubber girls.

07. India: Ram Lila, feast day of the Hindu procession with elephants in New Delhi. Figures of the history of India's past in the parade. Burning a picture of evil.

08. Arctic: Goods make Canadian weather station in the Arctic Canadian ships in the Arctic Ocean weather station. Delete the load. Eskimos consider white whale ashore on the rope and fall at crack of rope.

09th Waiblingen: traffic education 2 boys contact with bike on road and are warned by a police officer. Traffic of police with children in traffic garden.

10 Vienna: World Championship of weightlifting Greece: Tom Kono / United States achieves new world record in the two bump with 172.5 kilos. 2. will Trofine Lomakin / USSR. Mittelschwergewicht: Worobiow / USSR achieves new world record in the Olympic Triathlon. 2. is Shepp / United States. Heavyweight: Jimmy Brädford / United States, meets with 172.5 kg. Schemansky / United States WINS.

11 Nuremberg: Protect Cup shooting: Otto Schulze / Hannover, Germany WINS. Bullet holes in glass. Rapid fire pistol: Samson / Berlin WINS. Targets will be moved automatically. Clay pigeon shooting: Haas / Frankfurt WINS.

12. Berlin: Middleweight boxing: Bubi Scholz defeated Willie Armstrong / Scotland by technical k. o. Armstrong violent and careless attack. Armstrong is already taken in the 2nd round and staggers through the ring. Scholz ends up many hits. Armstrong needs to ground and stands up again at 8. Stormy attack is blocked by Scholz. Armstrong must again to the ground. Reeling, Armstrong stands up again. Renewed rainfall by Scholz. Referee stopped the fight after the 12th.

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Armstron, Wiöllie; Bradford, Jimmy; Freitag, Walter; Grotewohl, Otto; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw; Ulbricht, Walter; Utchi, Take; Haas, Wilhelm; Kono, Tom; Lomakin, Trofine; Sheppart; Skjellet; Schemansky; Scholz, Gustav; Schulze, Otto; Worobiow


Tokyo; Trieste; Arctic; East Berlin; Frankfurt; Hamburg; Waiblingen; Berlin; Brussels; India; Vienna; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Boxes; Demonstrations; Hunting, Hunter; Children; Fishing; fishing; Political events; Police; Religious events; Shooting; observatories; Dance; Meteorology; Transport: General; Atom; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Trade unions; weight lifting; Fisheries; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 120/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: drag hunting i. Sachsenwald camera: Seib, Luppa, dog Hausen focus Congress d. of German Trade Union Federation camera: strong, Basic 5 anniversary d. Eastern Government origin: DEFA Trieste returning d. zone A to Italy origin: Salgado, Incom protest against the H-bomb in Japan origin: Metro visit to the Eskimos origin: Canada lessons for traffic offenders weightlifting in Vienna origin: Austria of Germany champion shooters camera: Cook camera boxes Scholz-Armstrong: Obeng concluded

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Founding of the GDR (October 7, 1949)

On October 7, 1949 the Provisional Volkskammer meets in the Ballroom of the former Reich’s Aeronautics Ministry and votes on the „constitution of the German Democratic Republic“, thus implementing the founding of the GDR. It is the SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) leadership’s reaction to the failed Germany talks between the Soviet Union and the Western powers, plus the West German Basic Law had been enforced on May 23, which essentially founds the Federal Republic of Germany.

Only one day after Konrad Adenauer is elected to the office of Chancellor of West Germany (September 15) a SED delegation travels to Moscow to consult about concrete steps towards the founding of their own state on the territory of the Soviet Occupation Zone. Elections to a “German People’s Congress” took place in mid May—the results were “corrected” during a recount: the party finally had a basis of legitimacy. A constitution in the Weimar tradition had been prepared in advance. It commits to liberal fundamental rights and the option of a united Germany, it defines the state—which is quite different from the Federal Republic—and declares it socialist and anti-fascist. Four days after the founding of the state Wilhelm Pieck is elected the President of the GDR, and Otto Grotewohl is elected premier.   

From now on the “day of the republic” is annually commemorated in Berlin as the national holiday of the German Democratic Republic, complete with military parades and mass rallies. Mikhail Gorbachev attends the 40th and final birthday of the republic. In light of the GDR’s comrades’ resistance to reform he declares: “I believe that danger only lies in wait for those who do not react to life.”

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