Welt im Bild 127/1954 01.12.1954


01 England: storm disaster off the coast of British ships in distress. Waves whip against the shore. Destroyed shore installations. The fire ship South Goodwin driven on a sand bank. The tanker World Concord torn into two parts. The crew of the Dutch freighter Veda to rescue on land.

02. London: 80th birthday of Winston Churchill postman with mail bag before Downingstreet 10 sighting of donations to charity on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of his birth. Churchill and wife read congratulatory telegrams. Close-up of Churchill.

03. Tübingen: honorary doctorate for Herber Hoover Herbert Hoover is managed in the Aula of the University. Awarding an honorary doctorate to the initiator of the welfare for Germany. Hoover at the lectern.

04. Strasbourg: Congratulates new President of Parliament of Montan Guiseppe Pellas which elected new President of the Montan Parliament the Gasperi becomes the successor of the late Alcide. Giuseppe Pellas, great. By Brentano, great. Deputies clapping.

05. Death sentence for Gaston Dominici onlookers in the Court in Digne. Judge to announce verdict in the courtroom. Dominici on the dock. Dominici is dissipated. Dog memory window.

06. Algeria: RAID become French fight against soldiers on gun mountain massif. Paratroopers in the mountains fighting become. Civilians leave the war zone. Prisoners are searched.

07. Bad Godesberg: air raid wart with atomic eye goes with gauge air maintenance with gas mask and measures nuclear radiation. Fire-fighting vehicles in use. The Federal Office for civilian air-raid exercise. Air raid Wartburg in the protective clothing with gamma rays out, scope.

8 Vienna: how to light cigarette, signed his book and zuprostet its guests with glass shows artificial hands from wire and steel Harold Russell, who lost both hands in the war, with prostheses.

09th Bad Neuenahr: Federal press ball 1954 arrival of Theodor Heuss at the Federal press ball. Carlo Schmid on table sitting. Minister of the Interior Dr. Schröder and woman at the table. Magda and Romy Schneider. Josephine Baker sings. Dance on the dance floor.

10 noise - city evils of our time truck driving. Motorcyclists will start and gas. Honking in traffic jam. Loud announcement from speaker. Kids banging at the game on tin cans. German Shepherd barks, great. Compressed air drills disintegrates pavement. 2 men on window to cover the ears themselves. Radio is turned on. Dancing feet at home. Günter Beyer looks at his desk disturbed upwards. Light shaking on the ceiling. Saharan hammering nail into the wall. Heinz Braun sleeps in a Chair and scares up. Heinz Braun furiously pounding on the wall. Marcel Cleinow angry screams into the phone. Woman cleaning window in the stairwell. Man comes down stairs, pushes against the water bucket, clunking falling down the stairs. Doors will be thrown.

11. Mexico: Carrera Panamericana, heaviest car race in the world starting car. Accident cars on the racetrack. Cars in the race. Maglioli Ferrari as the winner by the goal goes in record time. Winner in the sports car class and 3rd overall is Horst Hermann, great.

12th special service. London: Football England Germany 3-1 London: viewers image filling in the Wembley Stadium. German attack. Uwe Seeler before the English goal. Goalkeeper fends off ball. Spectators close to half. England storms with Matthews. Shot at the misses. Oarade goalie Herkenra Stanleigh Matthews before the German goal. Kant throws himself in the flank. In the 27th minute England shoots the 1:0 2nd half: viewers, image filling. Corner for England. Superior of the English game. Safe chance is not transformed. England 2:0 England shoots players front of the German goal in the 48th minute. German counterattacks resulted in the goal 2:1. Soon shoots England 3:1 players go from the square.

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Baker, Josephine; Beyer, Günther; Braun, Heinz; Brentano von, Heinrich; Churchill, Winston; Cleinow, Marcel; Dominice, Gaston; Heuss, Theodor; Hoover, Herbert; Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg zu, Hubertus; Pellas, Guiseppe; Russel, Harold; Schlumbohm; Schneider, Magda; Schröder, Gerhard; Wiedmann, Ulrich; Herkenrath, Fritz; Hermann, Hans; Kohlmeier; Maglioli; Matthews, Stanleigh; Seeler, Uwe


Bad Godesberg; Stuttgart; Tübingen; Strasbourg; London; Vienna; France; England; Bad Neuenahr; Algeria; NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA; Mexico; Digne; Strasbourg


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Hands; Justice; Disasters; Children; Europe, EDC, EEC; Radio; Football; motor sports; News, communications; Medals, awards, honors; Political events; Radio, television; sports audience, sports spectator; sports facilities; Dance; Animals (except dogs); environmental protection, pollution; Unrest; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs; Second, disabled; hotspots; Air raid; Medicine; Social events; Crime; Transport: General; veterinary medicine; Dentistry; Jobs; Atom; construction; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 127/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Flooding in England origin: Pathe news focus on Churchill at the age of 80 origin: Archive Hoover/Tübingen honorary camera: Rau Monnet/Pella new President camera: strong Dominici death sentence origin: Pathé journal RAID on Algiers origin: Gaumont air raid with nuclear eye camera: basic kale. Hands from wire + steel origin: Austria press ball Bad Neuenahr camera: reason, Essmann Antilämrstory camera: Luppa Carrera Panamericana origin: Ema films final Germany England football special service origin: Pathe news

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