Welt im Bild 135/1955 26.01.1955


01 focus armed fighting Tschiangkaischecks on Formosa Formosa in alert. Maneuvers with tank usage. The 7th fleet from Formosa. High seas. Maneuver. Aircraft launch from aircraft carriers. Bomber fleet throws bomber.
(11 m) 02 France: floods flooded streets of Paris and the suburbs. Cattle are driven from the stables. Residents and their property will be recovered on barges and fins. Dog and cat on wall edge of the water. Houses in the water.
(20 m) 03 Rheinland: strike in the coal industry, coal and steel breakdowns from new German newsreels 261 / 4: tower stands still. Bus with inscription: strike - all wheels stand still. Strike over right of co-determination in the Montanebetrieben. Ironworks Gelsenkirchen. Striking workers distribute information sheet. Stahlkontor Hahn. Closed factory gates. Shield: Here is a strike - IG mining.
(18 m) 04 Lübeck picture counterfeiting process Lübeck District Court. Posting notices on door. Spectators crowd in courtroom. The defendants Lothar Malskat and Dietrich Fey restorer. Sentencing actuality in the process to the image forgeries in the Marienkirche. O sound: "In the name of the people, the following judgment shall be given to: 1 the accused Fey is sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for fraud." 2. the accused time Skat is sentenced for fraud in fact unit with forgery a. also in fact unit with forgery and in fact unit with aid to fraud b. also in fact unit with aid to the fraud and c. for a further fraud to 1 year and 6 months in prison taking into account the sustained detention."
(32 m) 5th Berchtesgaden: marriage of Princess Maria Therese Sophie Von Bayern with the Princes of Arenberg breakdown from new German newsreels 261 / 7: Cardinal spiral trust in the Church the couple. Excerpt from the Church. Close-up of the bride and groom.
(30 m) 06. Florida: Shah Reza Pahlevi and Soraya holiday Shah Reza Pahlevi and Soraya water skiing on Florida's coast (14 m) 07 Paris: perfume atomizer for the Metro passengers go to the subway. Ticket is taken. In spray, liquid is poured. Perfume is atomized. Passengers turn up their noses. Vagabond's sleeping on the floor. Wife smells suspicious perfume smell on returning home husband. Metro offers alibi.
(20 m) 08 Düsseldorf: film ball chandelier. Dancing on the dance floor and others Gundula Blau. Carnival religious ceremony at the "double Lottchen" ISA and Jutta Günther, Paul of Hamill, Peter Carstens, Hannelore Bollmann, Nadja Tiller and Walter Giller, Germaine Damar, Cornel Borchers. When the German drinking songs on long tables Rudolf Prack, Magda and Romy Schneider.
(22 m) 9th St. Moritz: World Championship of the heats on the track of Bob Germany with Rösch and Terme 5 cameraman on track. 2 young viewers next to the car. The Swiss Bob goes best with Fritz evening against Austria and Italy.
(27 m) 10 Hamburg: heavyweight boxing Bubi Scholz defeated Alex Buxton, England points breakdown of new German newsreel 261/11: first Buxton attacking quickly and compete effectively. Scholz is hit hard in the second round. Willi Höppner jerks back as a spectator. Scholz kneels on the ground and is posted. Scholz adheres to the rope. Referee counts. Buxton wants the victory, attacking the careless and is now hard hit on the Chin, and goes down. In the fourth round to Buxton again to the ground. 8th round: Buxton Scholz is drumming, neglecting the cover and is hard pressed by Scholz. Buxton falls left hit to the ground. At 8 he is fighting again. Scholz is looking for the decision. Buxton has once again to the ground. Gong rescues Buxton before the knockout winner Bubi Scholz. Both boxers in the ring.
(31 m) 11. Rally Monte Carlo cars in the streets of Monte Carlo at speed test at the end of the rally over 3,300 km. Driving on wet roads. German car Mercedes 220 drivers Gerdum and Kaka goes in the top flight. Overall winner on Sun Beam Talbot is Malling, Norway.
(26 m)

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Buxton, Alex ; Arenberg von ; Blau, Gundula ; Bollmann, Hannelore ; Borchers, Cornel ; Carstens, Peter ; Damar, Germaine ; Fey, Dietrich ; Giller, Walter ; Günther, Jutta ; Henckels, Paul ; Malskat, Lothar ; Markus, Winnie ; Muhammed Riza Pahlewi von Persien ; Prack, Rudolf ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Sophie Marie Therese von Bayern ; Soraya von Persien ; Schneider, Magda ; Tiller, Nadja ; Wendel, Joseph ; Feierabend, Fritz ; Gerdum ; Hoepner, Willy ; Kühling ; Malling ; Rösch, Max ; Scholz, Gustav ; Terme


Düsseldorf ; Formosa ; Florida ; Berchtesgaden ; Lübeck ; France ; Rheinland ; Paris ; St. Moritz ; Hamburg ; Monte Carlo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Higher education ; Justice ; Disasters ; filmmaking ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Shipping ; Skibike ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Strike, strike ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Maneuver ; Holiday ; Crime ; Transport: General ; Engagement ; Water ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 135/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Reinforcement d. 7 fleet Formosa origin: Metro flood in Paris origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal strike in the mining industry camera: basic food, basic, Essmann time Skat image forgery scandal Lübeck camera: Luppa, Stoll, Luppa marriage Princess Sophie Marie Therese camera: Hafner, Rau Shah of Persia i. Florida origin: Metro Metro with perfume atomizer origin: Gaumont film ball on the Rhine camera: reason, Essmann sports FIBT Switzerland origin: Cine journal boxes Scholz-Buxton camera: Luppa, Stoll rally Monte Carlo origin: Pathé journal end

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