Welt im Bild 141/1955 09.03.1955


01 Gaza: Incident at the Egyptian Israeli border destroyed houses and smoking wreckage after a firefight between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers. Collision claimed 60 victims. David Ben-Gurion returned to his desk, large, as Defense Minister in the Cabinet. Nasser, decreasing military parade and reinforced troops at the border. Infantry, tanks, air force. Egypt completes military mutual assistance pact with Syria.
(40 m 2) Cuba: re-election of President Batista crowd in front of the Capitol cheer President Batista. Batista in crowd.
(9 m) 3rd Rome: Pope Pius XII's 79th birthday breakdown from new German newsreels 267/4: crowd on St. Peter's square. Pope Pius XII. blessing at the window of his work room. People no low and cross himself.
(14 m) 04. Paris: Jean Cocteau is member of the Académie française, the poet, painter and choreographer Jean Cocteau is congratulated. Close-up of Cocteau.
(12 m) 05. Egypt: Transport of the giant statue of King Ramses the giant statue to King Ramses Cairo in share was disassembled and brought to Cairo on transport vehicles despite the protests of the population.
(18 m) 6 England: integration of West Indian immigrants of dark-skinned immigrants in the streets. On the Elimination of racial segregation, the Mayor of Lambeth organized a social evening in the Town Hall. Blacks and whites at the dance. Men ask women to dance.
(21 m) 07. Munich: opening of the stout time the Bavarian lion with mug, great. Heated Bierterassen people drink stout and play Skat. Competition of the strongmen lifting of the 5-hundredweight stone and the Fingerhakeln. Swaying.
(30 m) 8th Prince Juan Carlos of Spain the 17 year-old Prince Juan Carlos with private tutors in the classroom. Teacher writing math formulas on the Blackboard. Juan Carlos in writing, great. Juan Carlos in physical education at the box jump and basketball. As a cadet at the stepping on Court. Horse riding course.
(45 m) 09 Florida: Flamingo horse before the race run many flamingos on the racetrack. Start the horses start machine. Race. The outsider Nashua settles on the home stretch to the top of the field, WINS and WINS $100,000.
(20 m) 10 Saarbrücken: World Championship in the wheel - cyclo breakdown from new German newsreels 267 / 9: start of 54 riders from 9 countries. Mounting the wheels via stairs and obstacles and high mountains. Snow on the roadside. Driving through snow forest. Winner André Dufraisse at the finish.
(31 m) 11 Krefeld: Ice Hockey World Championships: final Canada - USSR 5-0 breakdown of new German newsreel 267/10: gameplay footage. Fouls. Falls. Battle at the gate. Canada shoots the 1:0 spectators clap. In the last third, Canada plays to consider. Shot on goal Canada. Players embrace after victory. Canada's players with World Cup.
(41 m)

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Batista ; Cocteau, Jean ; François-Ponçet, André ; Gurion, David Ben ; Juan Carlos von Spanien ; Nasser, Gamal Abdel ; Pius XII. ; Dufraisse, André


Egypt ; England ; Paris ; Rome ; Cairo ; Lambeth ; Gaza ; Cuba ; Israel ; Munich ; Krefeld ; Saarbrücken ; Florida ; Vatican


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Emigrants ; Medals, awards, honors ; Pacts ; Parades ; Political events ; Portraits ; cycling, cycle ball ; Races ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Sports details, fouls ; Dance ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Contracts ; festivals ; Competitions ; Hockey ; Agreement ; Archaeology ; Emigrants ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 141/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Egypt Gaza + Gurion bloody incidents.
Origin: Pathé news, Pathe news Cuba: Batista origin: Metro Pope birthday origin: iNcom, Sedi Cocteau at the immortal origin: Eclair Ramses on travel origin: Gaumont black and white origin: Pathe news stout season in Munich camera: Rau infant of Spain Don Juan Carlos origin: No.-do Flamingo race in Florida origin: Metro cross field unicycling Saarbrücken camera: strong ice hockey in Krefeld camera: Essmann, basic final

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