Welt im Bild 158/1955 06.07.1955


01 Bremerhaven: Arrival of 650 US students and pupils in the Exchange program of waving at the Columbuskaje. Rope is thrown over and around Ponton. US military band playing. Jetty is extended. Young people are welcomed enthusiastically.
(24 m) 02 Bremerhaven: refugees and displaced from the East are moving from emigrants on the pier. Conant's shaking hands with emigrants. Farewell scenes. On-board band playing. Exit of the vessel.
(18 m) 03 keel: return of warships of the United States by the USSR press photographer climbed high mast. Soviet Marines deliver 13 torpedo boat and 1 U boat Hunter from the expiry of the rental and lease. U.S. officers go aboard.
(34 m) 04. focus on Moscow - report an Indian cinematographer Stalin automobile factory. Production of SIS and SIM car. Bicycle factory. Agricultural exhibition. In exhibition halls, agricultural products, including corn, flowers. Demonstration of bulls and sheep. The Moscow metro. Escalators lead to the stations. The University.
(40 m) 05. Amsterdam: demonstration of the Althoff circus in the hospital elephants go on the road to the hospital. Clown car. Patients are at the window and sit in the garden. Clowns appear. Laughing audience. Nurses as a spectator in the garden or on the balcony. Elephant training. Clapping.
(34 m) 06. Cologne: Liliput wedding midgets with white larger bride on registry. Great best man. White wedding carriage driving.
(23 m) 7th Aachen: horse riding the horse. Audience clapping. Riding with hounds symbolize a drag hunt. Jump over obstacles and through the water. The show jumping qualification exercise. On the course of Hans Günter Winkler on Halla, D ' Oriola, Capitaine De Fombelle / France, France breaks barriers and is far behind Fritz Thiedemann, Goyaga / Spain. Audience clapping.
(97 m) 08. Hamburg: German Derby breakdown from new German newsreels 284/8: elegant visitors. Men in bowler hats. Horses in the lead ring. The favorite of no. 6 King Ottokar. Masetto No. 2 betting tips. Totalizer. Announcement of the startup sequence. WMB band. Start. Race before the grandstand in the Wandsbeker arch, on the backstretch and on the Horner form. Charming viewers with binoculars. Golden Eagle at the top sits under Hein Bollow. Comes out funny under Jockey Klimscha forward and WINS just to target photo from Golden Eagle. Audience clapping. Fun with wreath. The owners of Kiss in addition to Mayor Sieveking.

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Bollow, Hein ; Conant, James B. ; Feist, Emil ; Larsen ; Sieveking, Kurt ; Fombelle de ; Goyoaga, Francesco ; Klimscha ; Oriola d', Jonqueres ; Thiedemann, Fritz ; Winkler, Hans Günter


Moskau ; Bremerhaven ; Cologne ; Hamburg ; Kiel ; Amsterdam ; Aachen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Industry ; Emigrants ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Europe ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; Engagement ; Livestock, livestock ; Circus ; Agriculture ; Exhibitions ; Emigrants ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 158/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Arrival Americ. Course. i. Bremerhaven camera: Luppa departure German emigrants camera: Luppa soot. Warships origin: Nordmark film focus Moscow origin: India film circus i. hospital origin: Polygoon dwarf wedding camera: basic sports happiness this earth camera: Luppa, Stoll, Seib, Blagona

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