Welt im Bild 166/1955 31.08.1955


1st riots in Morocco French tank in use and fires. Explosion. Native escape and surrender with arms raised. White flags. Aircraft. Scavenged weaponry. Conference in southern France with French and Moroccan politicians to the solution of the conflict.
(43 m) 02 United States: radar islands along the coast to protect against an attack, radar Islands are stationed off the coast.
(16 m) 03 Japan: deadly tidal waves at the beach breakdowns from new German newsreel 292 / 4: weeping relatives of pupils who were recognised in the swimming lessons by tidal wave on the beach. Attempts at resuscitation of born children remain without success. 36 children were killed. Classmates become flowers in the sea.
(19 m) 04. Italy: statue of Christ on the Monte Rosa Italian mountaineer transport over 4000 m high statue of Christ. Pieces of the statue are transported on mules. In ice and snow, men wear the parts of the statue. Construction on the mountain peaks. (22 m) 05 France: largest cable car in the world in Chamonix test-drive of a new rope-way. Peaks of the Alps. Arriving at the mountain station.
(16 m) 06. Hamburg: "You and your world" exhibition furniture exhibition. Modern cook stoves. Modern kitchen cabinets. Nursery furniture and toys. MOP for Bachelors. Sleeping-Chair. Rubber vase falls by Murphy bed.
(39 m) 07 Paris: autumn fashion Christian Dior coat dark transformation dress. Narrow tight coats. Complet. Evening dress with Oriental section. Evening dresses and wide evening coats.
(33 m) 08 Gothenburg: heavyweight boxing: Johannson, Sweden, defeated Hein Ten Hoff by k.o.
Already in the first round Ten Hoff goes after shock change hard hit to the ground after awkward fight. Viewers with binoculars. Ten Hoff tried further to boxes and tumbles to the ground again. Referee counts out Ten Hoff. Johannson won in the ring.
(21 m) 9 Tokyo: swim international match Japan United States 800m relay: start and change. Japan leads. Last float of the United States Woolsey is catching up, but Japan WINS almost. Award ceremony.
(24 m) 10 Baden-Baden: horse racing Grand Prix of Baden-Baden breakdowns from new German newsreel 292/10: elegant spectators and gentlemen. Horses in the lead ring. Racing display. Start. Horses in the arc. Masetto going forward. In the Sprint of Stani WINS under a Romanian horse.
(28 m)

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Faure, Edgar ; Johannson ; Hoff ten, Hein ; Woolsey


Hamburg ; France ; Italy ; Japan ; Paris ; United States ; Casablanca ; South of France ; Tokyo ; Baden-Baden ; Gothenburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Monuments ; Railways ; Disasters ; art jumping ; Political events ; Radar ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; diving ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Furniture ; Home ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 166/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Morocco origin: Pathé journal Texas towers (radar Islands on the coast) origin: Metro drowned children origin: Asahi news mountain Christ (Monte Rosa) origin: iNcom Chamonix railway origin: Pathé journal exhibition "You & your world" camera: Luppa Christian Dior fashion show origin: Pathé Journal sports boxing ten Hoff i. Gothenburg origin: N. swimming Japan United States origin: Asahi news Baden-Baden camera: Hafner, strong, rough conclusion

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