Welt im Bild 175/1955 02.11.1955


01 Geneva: Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the 4 major powers Russian aircraft rolls out. Molotov comes down stairs. Antoine Pinay, France, rising from the train and is located on station. The arrival of Harold McMillan and John Foster Dulles. The League of Nations Palace with banners. Conference Hall. Delegations at the square table, large. The German Observer Ambassador Blankenhorn and Professor Greve. Molotov at walk in the Park in negotiating pause. Arrival of the Jewish Prime Minister Charret on the airfield to meetings with the Foreign Ministers because of Middle East crisis between Israel and Egypt. League of Nations Palace with banners and globe.
(41 m) 02 France: ex-Sultan Mohammed Ben Jussef leaves exile in Madagascar and comes after France breakdown from new German newsreels 301/4: the Sultan Ben Jussef in France. In Morocco, demonstrators demanding the return of the Sultan.
(13 m) 03. London: State visit of Portuguese President General Lopez Elizabeth II welcomes General Lopez at the Pier after applying by barge. Ride in the State car of the Thames to the Buckingham Palace. 6 mold pull the carriage with Elizabeth II in addition to General Lopez. Gala performance in Covent Garden. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Geoffrey Fisher among the guests. Queen Mother Elizabeth in conversation with Anthony Eden. Princess Margaret, Elizabeth II, General López and Mrs.
(30 m) 04. Suriname: Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard visit the Dutch possessions natives present Juliana as a guest gift flower basket. Dance performance. Women spread their headscarves on the way, goes to the Juliana.
(19 m) 5th New Delhi: RAM purple fixed large pageant with figures and cars represent the victory of the truth about the evil in the world. Fireworks.
(17 m) 6 Hungary: Tapolca cave woman buckets in a well let down. This fountain is a large dripstone cave in connection. Fish in the waters of the caves.
(20 m) 7th Aachen: parking on the roof is dismissive Rangers occupied. No parking available on both sides of the road. Park House spirals car drive up and Park on the roof. Departure.
(24 m) 08 Bremen: German Judo Championships breakdown from new German newsreels 301/8: Judo fighters in the featherweight and heavyweight contest. The heavyweight champion of Schomberg shows in combat with the Japanese head coach Dr. Suzuki schulgerechtes judo, partly in the time under the microscope.
(30 m) 9 Moscow: USSR - France 2-2 soccer game scenes. The dress of the two teams is to distinguish completely right and not in black and white. France will score the 1st goal. Counterattack shortly before half-time leads to the 1:1 viewers total. In the 2nd half 2:1 for Russia and compensation 2:2 players go from the square.
(40 m) 10. Kiel: indoor handball Gothenburg - THW Kiel 5-2 game on the throwing circle. Sweden throws gate. Get in the penalty area. Kiel throws gate. Goal shots and game. The Swedish Champion with victory trophy.
(41 m)

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Bernhard von Holland ; Blankenhorn von ; Charett ; Dulles, John Foster ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Fisher, Geoffrey ; Greve ; Juliana von Holland ; Jussef, Mohammed Ben ; Lopez, Rocio Maria ; McMillan, Harold ; Margaret von England ; Mohammed V. von Marokko ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Pinay, Antoine ; Suzuki ; Schomberg


Geneva ; New Delhi ; Aachen ; Suriname ; France ; London ; United States ; Kiel ; Moskau ; Bremen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Judo ; Flags ; Fireworks ; Football ; Political events ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; Water ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Buildings ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 175/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Geneva Conference origin: Cine journal, Gaumont Ben Yousseff origin: Eclair, Gaumont Portuguese President in London origin: Pathe news Queen Juliane in Surinam origin: Polygoon Hindu festival origin: India cave tapolca origin: Hungary parking on the roof camera: Essmann sport Judo camera: Pahl, Blagona football: Pussld.-France origin: Pathé journal handball: Sweden: Kiel camera: Pahl, GA final

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