Welt im Bild 192/1956 29.02.1956


01 Bonn: Bundestag session: the green report on Agriculture breakdown from new German newsreel 318/2: Agriculture Minister Heinrich Lübke goes to lectern and read the report. Deputies clapping. Unanimous approval of the programme of assistance to the agriculture. This quote: "I in agreement with the Federal Government the Bundestag the proposal made, to provide the amount of DEM 900 million from federal funds, to fundamentally improve the economic situation of agriculture. However, I must add that always the will to help themselves in full compliance must be using a State. The State can take off work and responsibility anyone. Who bears the burden of work and the burden of responsibility, he wears even the benefits."

02. Berlin: Breakdown of new day the Red Army German newsreel 318 / 4: delegations in civil and the Russian army moving through the Brandenburg Gate to the Russian War Memorial in West Berlin. Wreaths are carried and deposited at the Memorial.

03. Leipzig: Opening of the spring fair breakdown of new German newsreel 318/3: cityscape of Leipzig Messe emblems and flags. Auerbach's cellar. Fair grounds with giant Pavilion of the USSR, the Eastern States and from China. People eat sausages sausage stand. Drilling rig from Romania. Machines.

04. Nuremberg: Toy Fair Barbie dolls with different clothes. Wooden toys for the toddlers to the rear of Porter. Model system of a major city with road and rail traffic.

05. Yugoslavia: avalanche snow mountains. Überrollte of snow and destroyed houses of the residential development of the electric power plant. Volunteers marching on and dig for victims. Injured carried on stretchers. Funeral service for 54 avalanche deaths.

06. Japan: ice garden image documents from ice and snow attract many visitors.

07. Paris: spring hairstyles Tauendes ice. Thermometer scale shows degrees of O. Protection walls be removed from greenhouses. Spring flowers in greenhouse, large. Crocuses, tulips. Narcissus modern Kurzhaarfrisur = Orchid = short-cut dark hair Lily = blonde hair with high toupiertem mind 08 Paris spring fashion "Arrow line" breakdown of new German newsreel 318/5 (here some other editing). Spring dresses with Boleros. Cocktail dress with a matching jacket. Colorful patterned tight dress. Lace dress with a large bow. Tulle evening dress. Orgamdykleid processes with Gold Brocade. White bridal gown, evening coat.

09 Florida: 9 horses start Widener handicap horse race from start machine. Nashua, the American miracle Stallion he's going right to the top of the tight ahead of sailor and find holds. On the HomeStretch social outcast galloped back with speed forward, but Nashua WINS almost. Congratulations for the Jockey.

10 Taunus: German bobsleigh championships on the Feldbergbahn start Max Roesch with his Bob Max and Moritz. Drive through the curve: cameramen swivel cameras. With a 100th second WINS ahead of his competitors Max Roesch clamp and is German champion.

11 St. Nazaire: heavyweight boxing: European champion Gerhard Hecht defeated the French champion Charles Colin by k.o. breakdown from new German newsreels 318/9: hit Exchange. Spectators, half-close. Colin is Very much violently attacking, Pike counters well. In the 11th round, Pike Gets a crack wound above the eye, which is bleeding heavily. Ring doctor examines and continue reading. In the 12th round, teetering Colin in the ring and have to go back to the ground. Referee counts. Gong rescues. At the beginning of the 13th round, the towel is thrown. Winner by k.o. Gerhard Hecht.

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Lübke, Heinrich ; Colin, Charles ; Hecht, Gerhard ; Rösch, Max


Leipzig ; Nuremberg ; Yugoslavia ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Paris ; Japan ; St. Nazaire ; Taunus ; Florida


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flowers ; Boxes ; Disasters ; Spring, spring pictures ; Plants ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Skibike ; Toys, toys ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; wreath stoppages ; Military events ; Livestock, livestock ; Winter ; Agriculture ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Agriculture ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 192/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Green report (Dr. Lübke) camera: Essmann, Stoll, basic day the Red Army camera: Pahl Leipziger Messe camera: Pahl Toy Fair Nuremberg camera: Hafner avalanche disaster Yugoslavia origin: Novosti "Ice Garden" in Japan origin: Metro flowers and fashion camera: Seib origin: Austria, Eclair, Gaumont sports Nashua race origin: Metro German Bobmeisterschaften camera: Starke, Essmann boxes: Pike-Colin origin: Pathé journal final

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