Welt im Bild 193/1956 07.03.1956


1 Rome: 80th birthday Pope Pius XII. breakdown of new German newsreel 319/4: 200 children from all over the world congratulate Pope, dance dance and present almond branches and large birthday cake. On St. Peter's square, cheering and waving people. Pope Pius beckons the people from his window.

02. Düsseldorf: Departure of Ambassador Haas to Moscow airport Düsseldorf. Haas gives interview: Interview: "I can tell only, that I go to Moscow with the feeling of a big responsibility, and I think that's all." – "Have greater difficulty to be expected or have something resolved the problems?" - "we got from Russian side all of the tools, we can expect and are Very much grateful." Dr. Haas and wife goodbye to their families and go into aircraft. Air France rolls aircraft.

03. Bonn: Saar conversation with Foreign Minister Pineau motorcade. Car driving before. Soldier presented. Foreign Minister Pineau enters Palais Schaumburg. Adenauer and of Brentano received Pineau and accompaniment. Handshake. German Federal Foreign Office. Here was negotiating about the future status of the Saar.

04. Italy: Priest Don Carlo Gnocchi is giving away his eyesight laying out the priest, who provided his eyes for medical use after his death. Eye surgery. Cornea is transmitted blind children.

05. Passau: Flood ride boats through the streets of the city flooded. Houses in the water. People with bed linen in boat. Bag is pulled from House to House on tape from window.

06. Belgium: Float jump ice bathing in ice water. Hot drink will be served. Lying between ice floes.

07. California: swimwear of a la Pharaoh tight swimsuits with Egyptian headdresses are presented.

08 London: well-kept hairstyle fashion manufacture man hairstyles. Curls. Women's hairstyles with high superstructures.

09 Stuttgart: Portrait of Boxer Max Resch 11 siblings welcome the Boxer at the post House coming. Mother Resch to the saucepan. Max Resch inspected chicken in the pan. Little brother covers boxing gloves. Winner certificates, awards, box photos.

10 Hamburg: Max Resch Middleweight boxing - Alex Buxten / England defeated by knockout breakdown from new German newsreels 319 / 9: in the first rounds WINS Resch point benefits through clever counterattack and interception of his opponent's attacks. In the 4th round, Buxton is attached and hanging on the ropes. Ragini points, needs but in the 6th round a hit accept, which throws him to the ground. Referee counts. At 9 turns the fight Resch again and fighting continue. Shortly before a safe point victory in the last minute Buxton meets fully and Resch must have the time to the ground. K.o. winners Alex Buxton in a bathrobe in the ring next to his coach. Buxton and Resch together in the ring.

11. German Champion In the indoor pool (Berlin) length: 1:05 narration was the final of the German indoor Handball Championship at the sold-out Berlin Sports Palace to the dramatic encounter between SV 92 Berlin and Hasensee - Winterbek-Kiel, striped Jersey. -At the end of the second half, it is 2-0 for Hasensee Winterbek. - But the Berliners have not discouraged. They're attacking incessantly. -The end of the regular season brings 2-2 by customer. The extension is used to the sensation. Again stormy Berlin. A fantastic defense of the Kiel goalkeeper. -This is the 3-2 decision. The Berlin Sport Club beats Hasensee Winterbek and will be the new German Champion in the indoor handball.

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Buxton, Alex ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Gnocchi, Don Carlo ; Haas, Wilhelm ; Pineau ; Pius XII. ; Resch, Max


Düsseldorf ; Vatican ; Rhine ; Danube ; Bergneustadt ; Bonn ; Italy ; California ; London ; Belgium ; Stuttgart ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Children ; Political events ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; Medicine ; Military ; veterinary medicine ; Water ; Winter ; Dentistry ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 193/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: 80th birthday Pope Pius origin: iNcom, Vatican Ambassador Haas after Moscow camera: basic Foreign Minister Pineau in Bonn camera: Essmann, basic eye surgery origin: SEDI flood in the Danube area camera: Hafner ice pools origin: Belgavox swimwear origin: Metro hairdos for men origin: Pathe news Resch: human camera seen: strong boxes: Resch-Buxton camera: Stoll, Luppa handball: SV Berlin against Hasensee Winterbek camera: Pahl final

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