Welt im Bild 194/1956 13.03.1956


1 Berlin: Dreams in silk - summer fashions 1956 leading German fashion houses presented their models. Wide-brimmed hats to narrow dresses. Wide swinging afternoon dress with Rhinestone embroidered jacket. Nylon tulle dress with Pettycoats. Elderly gentleman watches smiling and clapping. Tunika-evening dresses. Young pretty spectator. Egyptian look with fragrant veil.

02. Algeria: Paris Algerian demonstrators for independence go on strike breakdown from new German newsreels 320/4 (shorter here): gunfire. Browse homes in Algiers. Indigenous people are apprehended. Paris: Riots by Algerians. Strike, street fighting. Police detain protesters for the freedom of Algeria. Departure in the police car.

03. Morocco is its own breakdown from new German newsreels 320 / 3: after negotiations in France leaves the plane Sultan Ben Jussef and is cheered stormy. France dismissed Morocco independence. Ride through the city.

04. Cambodia: the Crown extends his father Prince Sianouk coronation. King and Queen take tributes sitting on their thrones. Big parade with elephants and warriors.

05th Cairo: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria breakdown from new German newsreels 320 / 2: on the airfield welcomes wet King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia. 15s presents. Arrival of the President of Republic of Syria Shukri El Kuwatli. Conference with the result of Arab cooperation and support from Jordan.

06. London: Visit of the Egyptian production Minister Hassan Ibrahim Erhard welcomed Hassan Ibrahim at the airport. The Egyptian Minister visited German industrial plants.

07. London: Exhibition slums in London. Children play on tiny dirt road. Trash cans are facing bleak houses. Pump, water is pumped into Bowl. Linen on the table hangs in the kitchen. Nice House models in the exhibition. Modern kitchen with comfort. In room table rises out of the woodwork.

8th Geneva: motor show exhibit hall with booths Goliath and Renault. Car swivel stand. BMW Sports Coupé, DKW 4-door Mercedes 180 SL.

09 Dortmund: Trakehner auction in the Westfalenhalle Trakehner horses run out. Riding in the Hall. Horses jump over obstacles.

10 funny monkey business chimpanzees play with lion child and then climb up to the bars of the cage.

11 Italy: Pillow fencing 2 young ladies beat cushion until the feathers fly.

12. Berlin: German championship in the light heavyweight: Hans Stretz defeated Willi Hoepner just after shock change points. Referee separates the boxers and admonished to fight. 8 laps gently Palpating with tight point advantage for Hoepner prevails. In the 9th round, Santana hits and Hoepner to ground. Set judge counts. Hoepner rises at 9, and the fight goes without further highlights until the end. IM Siegerkranz Hans Stretz on point ahead.

13. Düsseldorf: Match Germany - Holland 1:2 breakdown from new German newsreel 320/12: viewers screen (60,000) in the Düsseldorf Rhine Stadium. After torloser first half corner for Germany. In return, Holland 1:0 viewers image filling, totally with transparent Holland in the mass shooting. Dutch players prior to the German goal. Holland's corner leads to the 2:0 Germany urges now and shoots just before the end of the 1:2. On the coach bench a dissatisfied Herberger. After the game, spectators on the course to run and hug the Dutch. "The heroes of Bern are tired."

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Erhard, Ludwig ; Ibrahim, Hassan ; Jussef, Mohammed Ben ; Mohammed V. von Marokko ; Nasser, Gamal Abdel ; Norodom Suramarit von Kambodscha ; Saud, Ibn ; Sianouk von Kambodscha ; Kuwatli, Schukri el ; Herberger, Sepp ; Hoepner, Willy ; Stretz, Hans


Dortmund ; London ; Geneva ; Cairo ; Düsseldorf ; Italy ; Berlin ; Morocco ; Algeria ; Paris ; Cambodia


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Welt im Bild 194/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: fashion show in silk camera: Pahl Algeria unrest origin: Pathé journal Sultan Ben Yousseff in Rabat origin: Gaumont Coronation at Cambodia origin: Metro, Gaumont Conference in Cairo origin: Misr ägypt. Minister in Düsseldorf camera: Essmann slums in London origin: Pathe news project origin: Pathe news Auto Salon in Geneva origin: Cine journal Trakehner auction camera: strong monkey and pillow fight origin: Metro, Incom sports boxing: Santana Hoepner camera: Pahl, Jansen special service football: Germany-Holland camera: strong, basic, Essmann final

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