Welt im Bild 203/1956 16.05.1956


1st Algeria: French paratroopers browse bloody unrest area. Fires. Dead livestock. Houses the rebels are excavated weapons finds. Prisoners are searched. Weapons are collected.

02. Athens: Anti-British demonstrations due to execution of 2 Cypriots breakdown from new German newsreels 329/2: mass demonstration. People on roofs. Police with batons takes action against demonstrators. The quantity in the attack on the British Embassy. Street battle with dead and wounded.

03. Greece: State visit of German President Heuss breakdown of new German newsreel 329 / 1: on red-carpet goes Heuss upon arrival in addition to King Paul. 15s presents. Heuss and King Paul step out front of the stand. Heuss visited the Acropolis. By Brentano in conversation, great.

04. Aachen: Awarding of the Charlemagne Prize to Winston Churchill breakdown of new German newsreel 329/3 (here somewhat shorter): upon arrival, Winston Churchill and Lady Churchill get out of car. Statue of Frederick the great in Aachen. Because merits to the European unification, Winston Churchill receives the Charlemagne Prize. In addition to Churchill Adenauer. The Lord Mayor of Aachen Heusch awarded the Charlemagne Prize. Churchill at the lectern: o-ton: "Mr President-in-Office of the Federal Chancellor, Mr Mayor, ladies and gentlemen" gossip of those present. (Speech Churchill: Russia's admission into the Atlantic Alliance seems possible). Heuss as listeners in addition to Lady Churchill. Quote: "in a true unity of Europe, Russia must have a part but about all Germany must degree united." Clapping. Adenauer speaking with Churchill. Churchill is led out of the Hall.

05. United States: amphibian fleet with missiles before Hawaii fire missiles from ships, develop country ships with troops ashore under their protection a bridgehead. Land vehicles ashore.

06. Holland: giant ship dredger diesel engines work and drive screw of giant excavator. Dredged Earth is thrown away through intake manifolds.

07. Dortmund: World dog show 2 Hungarian Shepherd dogs, great. Great Dane, Pug, St Bernard, Chow Chow, small Schnauzer, Bull Terrier, 2 King poodle white, French Bulldog, Bloodhound, Chiuahua.

08. San Francisco: wrap competition of fathers fathers stand side by side in long series and wrap their babies. Diapers are pinned with safety pins. Mothers cheer and keep our fingers crossed. Champion Crown.

09th adventure with Jupp Hussels and Walter Gross: the pattern dial breakdown of new German newsreel 329 / 9: Jupp Hussels when purchasing wheel speaks with seller. Walter Gross rides up, puts his bike against a tree and blends into the entertainment. In his opinion, all safety equipment is not necessary. Police officer approaches and asked about the improper bicycle on the tree. Jupp Hussels explains that this wheel had been brought just to repair and pedaling away.

10 Cologne: International horse riding and Showjumping rider on the course. Horses jump obstacles. Alfons Lütje Westhues on ALA. Fritz Thiedemann mentor. Hans Günther Winkler on Halla. In the price of the winner decides a jump-off after time, gaining Hans Lanckohr on Titan before Hans Günther Winkler on Halla. Award ceremony.

11 Gelsenkirchen: Schalke 04 - FC Kaiserslautern 3-1 breakdown of new German newsreel 329/12: both teams play in the dark dress. Game scenes. Overhead kick. Half close audience faces. Fritz Walter has an effort on goal. Own defense of the goalkeeper. Foul before the gate. Matzkowski shoots a penalty kick for a 1-0 for Schalke. 2nd half: Schalke stormed. Enthusiastic audience faces. Reshma s this 2: jump 0 audience shoots up after flank Krämer. Goalie throws in vain. Scheffler, Kaiserslautern Touchline to Fritz Walter, who beheads to Schroer, goal 2:1 Paul Touchline to Krämer, who shoots up to 3:1. Jubilation. Fritz Walter's shaking hands with players after the game.

12 Hockenheim: motorcycle racing 500 cc: start of solo machines. Riding on the track. Armstrong / Ireland on a Gilera won with a section of 188.3 km/h. Sidecar: curves race. It win Noll/cron on BMW. Armstrong and Noll/cron with wreath.

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Armstrong, Neal ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Churchill, Winston ; Gross, Walter ; Heusch ; Hussels, Jupp ; Cron, Fritz ; Klodt, Berni ; Krämer, Peter ; Lanckohr, Hans ; Lütge Westhues, Alfons ; Matzkowski ; Noll ; Sadlowski ; Scheffler ; Schroer ; Thiedemann, Fritz ; Walter, Fritz ; Winkler, Hans Günter


Dortmund ; Athens ; Aachen ; San Francisco ; United States ; Holland ; Algeria ; San Francisco ; Gelsenkirchen ; Hockenheim, Germany ; Helsinki ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Dogs ; Children ; Football ; motor sports ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Rockets ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Satellite ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Military ; space ; Competitions ; Exhibitions ; Dogs ; Military ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 203/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Origin fighting in Algeria: Gaumont, Pathé journal demonstrations in Athens origin: Gaumont Heuss in Greece camera: strong Charlemagne Prize to Churchill camera: Luppa, Essmann landing maneuver in United States origin: Metro giant ship dredger in Holland origin: Polygoon world Hundeausstellung i. Dortmund camera: Essmann wrap competition for fathers origin: Metro "The pattern dial" sport horse show in Cologne camera: Essmann, Luppa soccer: Schalke 04-1. F.C. Kaisersl.
Camera: Stoll, Luppa, rabanus Hocken home race camera: Rau, Hafner final

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