Nach der Tankschlacht bei Cambrai Dezember 1917 1917


Image: map of heading: "Tank battle of Cambrai 1917"; the thrusts by German troops of English are shown.
1 subtitles: English breakthrough attempt at Cambrai failed bloody despite group of several hundred tanks.
2. subtitles: English tank attack 3 tank brigades were involved in 300-400 tanks,. Over 100 tanks were captured.
3 tanks incapable made subtitles: by artillery fire at Fontaine Notre Dame, suburb of Cambrai.
Image: Pan across the winter landscape and destroyed buildings.
4. subheads: The first German rider of enemy tanks, Sergeant Leu from the Force troops.
Image: Leu standing before a tank; He smiles at the camera.
5. subheads: safety nets, determined against pilot point of view, to disguise the preparations for the tank attack.
Image: Camouflage is laid over a tank; Officer standing with beats with his walking stick on the vehicle.
6. Subtitles: Disassemble schafts tanks.
Image: Pan over houses, road, on tanks, swing over snow-covered landscape;
two shattered brick tanks on a field.
7 subtitles: German force troops to engage in the use of enemy tanks.
Image: several soldiers with map standing before a tank; a soldier makes gesture in the area;
they enter and leave.
Camera follows the slow ride of prey tanks; Soldier in the long coat is short by the image;
Tank holds the camera; passes on camera; You can see the inscription F13 XII. continue on rough terrain. about digging.
Seen from another camera position: tank drives over stumps, uprooted a tree, passes on camera; After several attempts we hit a big tree.
The F 13 tank, team rising from a down the hatch from the vehicle.
8 subtitles: A British tank moves under its own power for loading Berlin, at the station in Cambrai. Image: A tank labeled with C14 reaches over a mountain of debris on the train platform; Soldiers accompany the vehicle.
9 subtitles: Demonstration of prey tanks by the Research Department of the Force troops before the press representatives at the exhibition halls at the Zoo in Berlin.
Image: Tank F 41 of slow driving in wintry outdoors; F 41 with raised gun; Soldier looks out of upper hatch; Tank rotates on the spot; driving backwards.

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Tank ; Spoils of war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Land forces (Army) ; First world war




Military Film (S); Propaganda Film (S)

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Nach der Tankschlacht bei Cambrai Dezember 1917

Fahrten mit englischen Beutetanks durch deutsche Kraftfahrer (Additional title)

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German Reich

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