Welt im Film 5/1945 15.06.1945


Report from the Ohrdruf concentration camp: General Eisenhower accompanied in the concentration camp. Bodies lie on the ground. Germans are being misled from the neighbouring towns; they should see what has happened. Combustion plants, burned corpses. In the morgue, dead are stacked together. The Germans leave the morgue with entered mines. American military police arrested two officials of the camp.

Goat House: Barracks, people on the streets of the camp. Former prisoners from Russia and Poland after the liberation. Man on crutches. The food ration for one day in a small cup.

Kaunitz: Endless rows of graves. Small gravestone with number. Tattoo on the arm of a survivor. Women with linked arms and hands.

Pruning: Faces behind barbed wire. Emaciated body. Woman with torn-out teeth. Ex-convict with a face swollen from beatings. Hidden man. Black box: Under the supervision of military police German civilians dig out bodies and carry them away. Big exhumed corpses.

Göttingen: Camp for British prisoners of war. On the bone of scaled-down legs and arms of former prisoners. Face collapsed. Emaciated body. Thin soup and bread as food ration for two days.

Hadamar: Allied soldiers interrogate wardens. Commandant of the camp and camp doctor added and be interrogated. Civilians with gas mask dig out dead. Woman body is lifted on the arms from the grave and carried away. A doctor examined the bodies and making notes.

Arnstadt: Camp for Polish and Russian prisoners. Wood Tower, large tents. A kennel. Bodies on the edge of ditches. Rotting head and upper body. American soldiers on a meadow covered with bodies.

Bergen Belsen: Surviving against concentration camp barracks and barbed wire. A debilitating man walks with insecure steps. Man emaciated to the skeleton sitting on the floor. Body mountains. The floor littered with starving people. SS guards stand side by side. Lageraufseherinnen leave barracks and face up. The camp Commander Joseph Kramer. The camp staff is discharged.

Gardelegen: military police before a shed door. 150 dead in sheds, burned, shot. Body trapped under a gate. The sole survivor of the massacre reported an Allied soldier.

Leipzig: From SS divisions in fire shot measuring Hall of the camp with the body remains. Human head. Burned woman body. Man lying in a pool of blood. Dead with electrically charged fence; Bodies hang in barbed wire.

Nordhausen: Surface covered with bodies. Starved people lie close together and stacked. Sunken, dead body. Allied soldiers take away on carrying the survivors. An exhausted man is helped on stretcher, he folds his hands gratefully. Emaciated faces. Survivors are taken to the Red Cross cars. Cars depart Red Cross. Local inhabitants have orders to evacuate the bodies. Dead are carried on the limbs or in ceilings. A priest is at a military jeep.

Buchenwald: Concentration camp barracks. Members of the British Parliament from bodies stacked on. Survivors in prisoner clothes. Faces of misery: grown men and a child. A man with a zerschlagenem face. Scaled-down body. The crematorium. Swivel body and faces of murdered. Incinerators with a burned skull. Delegation of Congress during tour of the camp.

Map of Germany with trace of the concentration camps.

Persons in the Film

Eisenhower, Dwight


Ohrdruff ; Ziegenhain ; Kaunitz ; Cutting ; Black box ; Göttingen ; Hadamar ; Arnstadt ; Bergen-Belsen ; Gardelegen ; Leipzig ; Nordhausen ; Buchenwald


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; filmmaking ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 5/1945

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