Welt im Film 10/1945 20.07.1945


01 Lidice people gather to worship in free field. Large wreath is laid down. President Benesch leads worship. Flags flown at half-mast.
leave ships Holland crossing the Zuiderzee (20 m) 02 German troops. On board German soldiers. With horse and carts and on foot soldier columns moving through the streets. A guard post on a tank. Trek marched through a Dutch village. Silent population on the side of the road. Marching boots, carts and horses. Imperial Eagle with gas mask and steel helmet in front of a building.
(46 m) 03 Canada Super fortresses for America builds huge aircraft parts on a vehicle. In a factory, bombs Chambers are composed of men and women. Work on aircraft fuselages. Factory Hall. Flying Super fortress then lands. The workers will visit the aircraft. Close-up shots of the aircraft.
(57 m) 4 camera review: Venice port of Venice. Destruction in the port. Channels with gondolas and soldiers. Trip through the canals. Barge in with casks passes. Bridges and houses along the canals. Doge's Palace, St Mark's square with pigeons.
(61 m) 05 bridges throwing end tank tank carries a bridge. The bridge is established. Another large hydraulic bridge spans over a river. Tank driving over the bridge.
(31 m) 06. clearance of minefields coast of Holland at Scheveningen. German soldiers clear and defuse mines with Minensuchgeräten. Plate mines stacked up. A soldier carries away mine. Mine explosion.
(27 m) 7th military Government has been fighting epidemics conical and bomb craters. Water truck and water output. Water flows from the tap in large pot work on pipelines. Sign "Danger of typhoid fever". Man leads a horse with gas mask. Delousing station. DDT powder is sprayed over men, women and children. The people will receive a certificate.
(68 m) 8th Australian troops land on Borneo soldiers and vehicles are loaded. Australian General Bernay's instructions. Bombers throwing leaflets and bombs. Bomb strikes. Japanese fuel depot on fire. Smoke clouds over the sea. Troops go ashore. Black mushroom. Tanks forward.
(55 m) 09 executed spies spy is led to the hanging and bound to a stake. Firing squad (American soldiers) shoot. The condemned man breaks down and placed in a waiting coffin. 5 more spies are shot in the same way, including a German captain with a blindfold.
(41 m) 10. The fight in the Pacific IPO dam at Manila. American soldiers, in high Bush terrain, capture Japanese soldiers who come out of hiding. Investigation for weapons. A soldier shows a sword. Removal on a truck in the captivity. Tanks in the battle for Okinawa. Burning American armor. Auxiliary troops To try to pick up comrades out of the burning tank, but the tank explodes. Flame throwing tanks in the area. Burning trees and bushes.
(78 m)


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Borneo ; Holland ; Scheveningen ; Canada ; Lidice ; Braunschweig ; Manila ; Okinawa ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Venice ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Justice ; Emblems ; Explosions ; Religious events ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; War, prisoners of war ; war crimes, war crimes ; Medicine ; Weapons ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Agents ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 10/1945

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