Welt im Film 14/1945 17.08.1945


01 Paris July driving 14 General de Gaulle standing in an open car to the place de la Bastille. He is waved in the stands. Tanks roll past. Cavalry troops, sailors and American flags March past. Beckoning people on Windows. Military parade, water games and Fireworks.
(48 m) 02 Japanese on Okinawa surrender aircraft in the sky. Bombs fall on Okinawa. An American post on the telescope. Tank fire. Gun guide gives the command "Fire!" Armored advance. Soldiers deal with holding above rifle in jungle-like landscape. Soldiers with flamethrowers. Burned shrubs and trees. Explosives loads are thrown and explode. A soldier with gun creeps forward. Recovered wounded. Tank passes through the image, runs on mine and exploded. A warship with observation post. Mouthpieces and loudspeakers are used. Japanese in the water come on board. The shore. Indigenous women with children on their backs come out of caves. A Japanese officer with blutüberströmtem face emerges. Japanese soldiers entering the prisoner, almost naked, they are placed on trucks to a camp. With the letters PW prisoners troop go in the camp. Prisoners are kicked in long rows in the camp.
(199 m) 03 war orphans two babies in the playpen. A baby is trying to get a stuffed animal. A baby in a bouncy swing. Pretty baby at the kids table, laughing, with a fabric sheep, another child is in the playpen. Children bed room. A baby on the scale and in the bath, in the shower. Milk bottles will be collected. Close-up: Baby with a bottle.
(29 m) 04. The allies in Berlin Winston Churchill passes to soldiers. British troops parading. Field marshal Montgomery stands next to Churchill. Potsdamer Park. Foreign Minister Molotow in conversation with former British Foreign Secretary Eden. The round table conference. Truman between Churchill and Stalin hands on the stairs two cross standing. Truman, Eisenhower and generals salute stand side by side. An American flag is hoisted. American troops present. The flag on the mast.
(70 m) 5th British fleet in the Pacific English warships in Pacific waters. An aircraft carrier is made. Warship fires from onboard guns. An airplane flies, is hit and crashes. Borneo: fire American torpedo boats. Burning Japanese oil installations on the coast.
(39 m) 6th Pétain Court Palace of Justice in Paris. The population is admitted. In the courtroom, the former French Prime Minister (1940) sits Paul Reaud as a witness. Pétain's uniform to the dock. Pétain in the image alone. The President and the Court come. Pan across the audience in the Hall. The Defender talks.
(54 m) 7th Bremerhaven - UNRRA relief for Europe bags are loaded onto a ship. The Swedish ship Gripsholm on the quay. A herd of cattle is shipped. The cattle go one by one the gangplank into the ship. An excavator working in the estuary at Bremerhaven. A ship raises anchor and is unloaded.
The Parliament building (48 m) 08 elections in Great Britain. A British soldier chooses. People in ballot boxes side by side, on the way to the polling station. Vote counters sitting at a table. Ballot boxes, large. Police seal the ballot boxes and stack them. A plane lands. Mrs. Churchill and Lady Mountbatton go side by side to the aircraft. Winston Churchill and his daughter Mary in uniform get off the plane and welcome Mrs. Churchill. Louis Mountbatton greets his wife. Laughter big in the picture. Clement Attlee is greeted by his wife. Alone, big in the picture, close-up of Churchill. Election results will be shown in the Churchill district in Essex. Meeting of the Labour Party is in the Central Hall in Westminster. Herbert Morrison, Interior Minister, Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin, Foreign Minister, new Prime Minister, speaks. The audience claps.
(100 m)


Persons in the Film

Attlee, Clement ; Bevin, Ernest ; Churchill, Mary ; Churchill, Winston ; Eden, Anthony ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Montgomery, Bernhard ; Morrison, Herbert ; Mountbatten, Louis ; Pétain, Philippe ; Renaud, Paul ; Stalin, Josef ; Truman, Harry


Paris ; London ; Berlin ; Okinawa ; Borneo ; Pacific ; Neuilly ; Food ; Bremerhaven ; England ; Potsdam


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; close-ups, detail ; Justice ; Children ; Explosions ; Flags ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Parades ; Political events ; Police ; Shipping ; Toys, toys ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; war crimes, war crimes ; People ; Elections ; Water ; water emergency ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Crew ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 14/1945

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