Welt im Film 15/1945 24.08.1945


01 US troops on the way to the Pacific of the steamer Queen Elizabeth is located in the port of New York as a troop transport. American soldiers waving off the boat, women from the shore. The soldiers get off on the jetty with Duffel. The Japanese envoy from Berlin and members of his staff left the ship as prisoners. Troops go aboard a ship. You go through a gate with a banner "Through this portal pass the best damn soldiers of the world." Crowded 饺子馆 deck of the ship. The ship sails on the sea with troops.
(65 m) 02 sentencing a war criminal in Norway streets of Lillehammer (Norway). A hearing shall Instead of at the Victoria Hotel. A German Hauptmann is indicted. Allied officers are the judges. In front of a House, the crime is reconstructed. An officer jumps out of a window on the ground floor, on the ground is the former situation hunched over marked. The captain is found guilty.
(40 m) 03. Camera review: Ulm ruins of Ulm. In the background the Cathedral. People with reconstruction work. Streets torn-up. A man pumps water. The destroyed station. In Loren debris is moved through an underpass. Construction machinery. Destroyed tracks and railway wagons. Work on the tracks.
(51 m) 4 children on Okinawa American soldiers searching a village with holding out gun. A child is found in front of a House. On the arm of an American, it is brought to a hospital. Get a shirt a pillow case out of attracted. Japanese children, a child with a head bandage. A girl eats with sticks from a bowl of rice. Doctors examine children. A newborn is wrapped by an American and.
(51 m) 5th France Algeria helps a cornfield with farmers working. Bags are weighed. Devastated fields, empty irrigation systems. Locust swarms. Man tries to evict them. Starved sheep on bare pasture. Stationary tractors and people who are on the road, and sleep. Sacks of wheat are loaded on a ship and unloaded again.
(28 m) 6th Pontine marshes are drained floodplain of the Pontine marshes. Pumping equipment to be repaired. Rotating wheels, great. Map of the Pontine marshes. Water in channels. Motor boats on the Canal. Farmers carry furniture in a House. In the distance, an oxen plough runs.
(51 m) 7th foreign workers on the train station in Oslo are Russian foreign workers and increase in freight trains and railway wagons for the ride home. Red Cross car ill get to train. Packages will be invited. Warm farewell and waving from a train window. Munich. Yugoslavs, Italians and Greeks gather in the detention centres and are sprayed with DDT. Poland at the train station, a woman with two children sitting on the track. A train travels slowly into the picture with overcrowded boxcars. Reichenau to Innsbruck. Italians go home with trucks. Food distribution. Men waving in a long train on the road. Ride through customs barriers and on twisty mountain roads.
(100 m) 08 redistribution allied army unit tyre warehouse. Guns are unloaded. War material in repair shops. Tanks, radios, engines are welded and injected. Rifles are tested and bathed in a chemical bath. Then they are packed in boxes, nailed to, and transported. Drivers and vehicles prior to shipment and loading. These works run German prisoners of war to the part.
(79 m) 09. A floating dry dock, part of a dry dock will be towed in the Pacific to a place, where it should be used together with other sections to the dry dock. The dock is a cruiser. The ship is located in the dock. Men working on the ship's hull.
(41 m) 10. The end of the Conference in Potsdam Clement Attlee gets out of a car and is greeted by Mrs. Attlee and daughters. In addition the new British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin. President Truman arrives by plane. It gives awards to the Canadian Commander-in-Chief, British Air Marshal Cunningham and a French General. Troops March past. Attlee sits in the courtroom in Potsdam at the round table, totally. Truman stands between Attlee and Joseph Stalin. President Truman occurs either on the battleship Augusta. A motor launch brings King George of England to the British Kreuzer Renown. King George embarks on Board of the vessel and welcomes the Commander. Truman goes on board. With drawn Hat alone on the image. Troops present. Welcome King George/Truman. The front move off, stand side by side. King George alone, big, in profile, before waving the British flag. Panoramic view over the sea and ships.
(84 m)


Persons in the Film

Attlee, Clement ; Bevin, Ernest ; Georg VI. von England ; Stalin, Josef ; Truman, Harry


Ulm ; Potsdam ; Oslo ; Munich ; Reichenau ; Lillehammer ; Okinawa ; New York ; Italy ; Algeria ; Frankfurt ; Pacific ; Livorno ; England ; London ; Frankfurt/Main


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Justice ; Children ; Foreign workers ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Pests and pest control ; Shipping ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; War, prisoners of war ; war crimes, war crimes ; maps ; Medicine ; People ; Weapons ; Water ; water emergency ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Agriculture ; Construction ; Crew ; Agriculture ; aftermath of war


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