Welt im Film 18/1945 14.09.1945


01 explosion accident in the port of Oslo ship debris. The fire removes with water pipes. Explosions. Cleaning-up operations in the port. Dead recovered. A charred corpse lies in ruins. German soldiers go to the shipment in the home. Debris sites in the harbour.
(42 m) 02. A memorial ceremony in Malmedy total of Malmedy. Allied troops marching on. American and Belgian flags on masts. A priest dedicates the Memorial. Mourners. Inscription of the stone. Snow. American soldiers dig out the murdered comrades. At the edge of the German prisoners of war stand with arms raised. Flowers are laid down at the Memorial. Greet Allied troops. A boy lays down flowers.
(43 m) 03. Start of a Jet and flight, close to the fastest airplane in the world. Children watch behind a fence. Various settings of the Jet shooting star. Launch and flight.
(26 m) 04 Mittenwald: Italians return home from Germany railway wagons. In Mittenwald get Italians off the train and walk to the transit camp in a former infantry school. Delousing station. Delousing with a syringe. March to the dinner reception. Women serve in large pots. With filled cooking dishes return March in long series. Day in the open air. Departure on trucks over the Brenner pass and in freight trains. Crowded freight train waving returning home.
(72 m) 5th forest fire in United States burning trees, smoke. Firefighters come in. Trees are cut down. A deer in the burning forest, short. Scorched bare trees.
(21 m) 6th vity: penicillin penicillin in a glass bottle and the medicine cabinet. Manufacturing process in a chemical factory. Bottles are stacked and sterilized equipment. Bottles are packaged on a stand. Liquid is bottled and shells are placed in a container. Hands turn a wheel. Thermometer, large. Powder is weighed on scale and bottled, and resolved. Penicillin in bottles. (65 m) 07. The flying telephone wire soldiers lift telephone wires in boxes on a plane. Wire wrapping in the boxes. A tube to drain the wire out of the plane. Start. Pilot in the cockpit. A parachute with the beginning of the wire falls to the ground and absorbed by ground troops. Wire unravels itself. Recordings from the plane. The end falls back with a parachute. Aerial photographs of the area. Ground crew installed the line and on the phone.
(59 m) 8th United States Sports Festival in Nuremberg United States Sports Festival. Start of the 1500 m run. Flags at the edge of the stadium. American soldiers as an audience. The winner is a lieutenant. Officers clap. Discus throw. High jump. Pole vault. General Patton is the jump pit. 100 m run.
(44 m) 09 camera Rundschau in Stuttgart debris. Two men in the reconstruction of houses. A Mason builds. Stones will be discharged. Maurer from debris. Masons at work, close-up. Road with burnt-out upper floors. The shops are open again. Sausage in a shop window, close. Man prior to the showcase, seen from the inside. People entering a shop. Sales to allies prohibited sign on the door. Circus tent. Children at the box office. Clown with musical instruments. and Clowngesichter, great. Balancing act in the primitive tent. Dancers with veil in the semi-darkness.
(76 m) 10. The world celebrates the peace Washington: crowds in front of the White House. President Truman reads the surrender of Japan. Reporter walk away with the message. Cheering crowds. A soldier is lifted onto the shoulders. Large headline in the newspaper Japan Surren Bagheri. Chicago: Cheering people on the street. San Francisco: shredded paper are thrown. In the Chinese quarter joy among the Chinese. Seattle: City moving with a white horse to the memory of Emperor Hirohito's famous mold. Sign go to it Admiral. New York: Crowds, streamers falling from the buildings and people throw at. A soldier kisses his wife. Night: In the spotlight of Broadway and crowded streets. Canada: People laughing and waving. London: Dance on the street. Flags are waved. Illuminated by spotlights the St. Paul Cathedral, great. Front of the Buckingham Palace crowd. The Royal couple travels to the State opening of Parliament. The Parliament building. Come to the opening of Parliament: members of the House of Lords, Lord Halifax, Lord Simon, the American Ambassador Whyman. The representative of Saudi Arabia, the Belgian Ambassador, the American Admiral star. The carriage of the King is approaching. The King and Queen greet from an open car. Front of the Buckingham Palace, a large amount of expected the return of the King. People are pushing. On the balcony of the King, the Queen and the two princesses.
(133 m)


Persons in the Film

Winant, John Gilbert ; Bergner, Elisabeth ; Stark, Harold R. ; Wahba, Ḥāfiẓ ; Brütting, Georg ; Truman, Harry S. ; Hirohito ; Margaret Rose ; Simon, John Allsebrook ; Halifax, Edward Frederick Lindley Wood of ; Patton, George S.


Nuremberg ; Stuttgart ; London ; Gotha ; Oslo ; Malmedy ; Oregon ; United States ; Mittenwald ; Washington ; Chicago ; San Francisco ; Seattle ; New York ; Canada ; Vity


Trade, finance ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Japan ; Disasters ; Children ; Explosions ; Flags ; Fire ; fire protection ; Foreign workers ; News, communications ; Political events ; Shipping ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Curfew ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Medicine ; People ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Construction ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Fire brigade ; Foreign workers ; Telekommunikation ; Mittenwald ; Destruction ; Gedenken ; Sport ; Flugzeug ; Leichtathletik ; New York, NY ; Waldbrand ; Repatriierung ; Kriegsverbrechen ; Zwangsarbeiter ; Pazifikkrieg / 1941-1945 ; Malmedy / Massaker / 1944 ; Kriegsgefangener ; Displaced Person ; Ardennenoffensive ; Weltkrieg / 1939-1945 ; Washington, DC ; Stuttgart ; F-80 ; Malmedy ; Soldat ; Oslo ; Kriegsende ; Kapitulation ; Schiffsunfall ; London ; Chicago, Ill. ; Findbuch Welt im Film



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Welt im Film 18/1945

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Deutschland, amerikanische Besatzungszone (1945-1949); Deutschland, britische Besatzungszone (1945-1949)

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