Welt im Film 19/1945 21.09.1945


01 Berlin today debris in Berlin. Facade of the Sports Palace and Interior. Destroyed environment of the Brandenburg Gate. Ruined house fronts. Clean-up work. Queue in front of the building of the military Government. Newspaper-reading man. Newspaper people. Road with buses and horse-drawn carriage. People go railway entrance into the U.
(42 m) 2 Reims: curious regatta fashioned canister as Paddle boats for children. Children paddling in the water and sit on the shore. A race is started. Children run on the Bank. The winner alone in the image in the final sprint. He receives a bouquet of flowers and a kiss from a girl. American soldiers distribute drinks to children.(Coca Cola).
(37 m) 03 Okinawa: emergence of an airfield a native village. The residents will be relocated in another village. American trucks to transport sick people and furniture. A train by natives carrying loads on their shoulders. The cars drive over a bridge. Entry in the new cabins. In the courtyard, laundry is hung up. The first meal. A child drinks from a Cup. Workers for the airfield to be registered and receive dogtags. You stand in a long line, get instructions and bowing. Workers chop up the stony ground. Bags with cement, large. Funny hats against the Sun. Break from work with food from a can. Rollers smooth the airfield. A plane taking off.
(91 m) 04 Geislingen: keep a curfew men coming into a room. They stand side by side and an American officer interrogated them. An interpreter translated. Then women enter and the one explained their case. Payment of 200 DM as punishment. A receipt will be written out with the typewriter and signed.
(38 m) 5th France destroyed factory builds industry. Expert and senior staff advise in a room. Reconstruction work. The factory building of the Renault works in Paris. A furnace works. Workers at machines and truck engines. Finished trucks in a row. The Gudrich colon works, a tire factory. Look on the factory floor. A worker from a finished tyre. A tire is past rolled in exposed workers. Tyre warehouse-filling image.
(87 m) 06. London: the work of UNRRA Conference room. The Chairman Herbert Lehmann speaks. MPs in seats with the signs of their country before themselves. Oberammergau, Germany. In a concentration camp, children receive clothing and be examined by a doctor. A door with a sign of UNRRA. Education. A child counts on a large slide rule. A teacher stands on a table and informed before adults.
(48 m) 07. New Mexico: the atomic bomb the first film shot by an atomic bomb. The laboratory in Oakridge, Tennessee. The employees and workers go into her own post office, they go on the road. A newspaper is posted. The University of California. Nobel Prize winner Ernest Lawrence at the reactor. Again, the atomic bomb with mushroom. An 11 m high iron Tower, Very much narrow, burning up.
(91 m) 08 Ulm: German schools destroyed school in Ulm, Germany. In the background the Ulm Münster. Boys help the reconstruction with hoes. Stones are collected, passed in a chain and piled up. The students clean the stones. Hamburg. Little girls go for the first time in the school at the Graudenzerweg. A girl goes through a door with the sign registration here. The girls sit in the class. The headteacher Friedrich Ahrens stands behind the teacher's desk and speak, O sound. Impressions by schoolchildren, partial close-ups. Senator Landahl speaks tone to the children, O. The girls go out of school and are received by their mothers. Senator Landahl called sound to parents and teachers, O.
(135 m)


Persons in the Film

Landahl, Heinrich ; Lawrenz, Ernest ; Lehmann, Herbert


New Mexico ; Berlin ; Okinawa ; France ; Ulm ; Geislingen ; Oberammergau, Germany ; Reims ; Hamburg ; London ; California


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Industry ; Children ; Foreign workers ; News, communications ; Advertising ; Schools, training ; Cities ; Debris ; Catamaran ; Buildings ; automotive industry ; Curiosities ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Medicine ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Astrology ; Construction ; 19 find book world in the film ; Crew ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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75th Anniversary of the First Atomic Bomb Test (July 16, 1945)

First tests of an atomic bomb are conducted in the desert of New Mexico in the summer of 1945. Over the course of three years hundreds of thousands of people all over the USA worked on its development as part of the secret Manhattan Project.  Oak Ridge, Tennessee, code name “Site-X”, was one productions site. In the beginning of the final war year two models with different nuclear fuels are available: one with uranium and the other with plutonium. Due to uncertainties regarding plutonium’s functionality and mode of operation plans for a test run are set up.

After 9 weeks of preparations the test set up is ready. The bomb, weighing in at several tons, with a plutonium core the size of an orange, was hoisted to the top of a 30m steel tower. At 5:30 a.m. on July 16, “the Gadget”, that’s its codename, is finally detonated. 260 scientists, engineers and military personnel attend the so-called Trinity test. Within a matter of seconds the detonation turns into a fireball several hundred meters wide. It emanates a light so bright that it can be seen hundreds of km away. The characteristic mushroom cloud reaches a height of 12 km. The enormous shock wave and the unimaginable heat could be felt 160 km away. The temperatures in the centre of the explosion reach several million degrees Celsius. The testing tower and the bomb literally evaporate and the desert sand melts into a green, glass-like substance called “trinitite”.

The official explanation of this top-secret mission is that the explosion of an ammunition dump was responsible for the strange events. After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6 the test is publicized with film material as evidence.

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