Welt im Film 20/1945 28.09.1945


01 last fight pictures from the Pacific Allied ships in the Pacific. The deck of an aircraft carrier. Aircraft carrier entering the escort. The English Admiral Rollins used over in a chair lift to the battleship USS Missouri to meet with Admiral Wolsey. Planes and ships. Board team observed with binoculars. Guns fire, great. Bombs are thrown at Japanese airfields. Admiral Wolsey consults with his staff. Soldiers on the ship go into position. Back firing guns, big.
(100 m) 02 soldiers are farmworkers German soldiers at the point of discharge. Be fingerprinted. Military badges are taken from the shoulder and the CAP close-up. The soldiers at the crop on the field.
(28 m) 03. London: world peace the Church House, Westminster, London. Meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the United Nations. The Chairman, the representative of China, doctor Wellington Chu. The representatives of the Nations seated at tables.
(19 m) 04. Oslo: Quisling to death sentenced a prisoner wagon drives above. Quisling gets out and goes into the Court building. The courtroom. Quisling in profile and from the front, great. Quisling runs again after ruling jurisdiction and continues with a prisoner carriage.
(28 m) 5th Oldenburg: field marshal Montgomery in Oldenburg in a small plane sitting Montgomery. After the landing damaged the plane. Canadian soldiers present. Montgomery continues down the front. Field marshal Montgomery distributed awards to the soldiers.
(24 m) 6th river shipping in China a river in a Gorge of the foothills of the Himalayas. Chinese move junks in the River on the shore with long ropes. Close-ups of feet and forward stemmenden legs. The junks in the River, total. The men are with full force in the rope and pull the ships forward.
(45 m) 7 camera review food workers in reconstruction work in food. Debris will be cleared. Shield road closed duds. Unexploded ordnance thrown from a truck in a sand drift. A British soldier sets the fuse and take cover. Demolition. Destroyed bridge. Allied soldiers during the construction of the bridge. Car body. The tracks will be renewed. Work on cars. Vehicle park. A tram comes. People jostling in the car and wait at the bus stop. A crowded train departs.
(54 m) 08 Allied soldiers on leave in Switzerland the Swiss mountains. A train through the countryside. Allied soldiers go through the streets and face shop Windows. Showcase filled with clocks, screen-filling. Two soldiers with girls on the walk. Soldiers on the shore of the Lake. A sightseeing boat. Trip across the Lake. Sausages and bottles are in shop Windows. Shelves filled with bottles of wine and liquor. A mountain stream and dam basin. A railway car, electrified. Scenery with the Matterhorn.
(66 m) 09. Radio localization radar researchers Dr. Taylor, Director of the Research Institute of electronics and his assistant, Dr. Young. Great in the picture of the cathode ray tube. Flow of electrons and figure on the fluorescence movie. Animated representations of the work of the radar. Air defence in the trick. Anti-aircraft guns. A man with big headphones. Anti-aircraft troops at headlights. Lights shine in the sky. Aircraft in the light beam will be fired. Gunfire. Blurry plane in the fog. Pilot unclear. Soldiers with headphones. Instruments in the aircraft.
(132 m) 10 Heidelberg aerial photographs of Heidelberg. Close-ups of Professor Schönfeld, skin specialist, Professor Seifert, throat, nose and ear specialist, Professor Ochone internist, Professor Helpach, Department of psychology, Professor Karl Heinrich Bauer enters the clinic. At the same time, the surgeon is the Rector of the University. Students on the way to the University. Lecture Hall in the surgery. A sister with a newborn comes. Professor Bauer presents the lecture. Professor Steinbeck, internist, head of the surgical Department and Rector of the University Professor Heinrich Bauer on motorcycle.
(43 m)


Persons in the Film

Bauer, Karl Heinrich ; Chu, Wellington ; Helpach ; Montgomery, Bernhard ; Ochone ; Quisling, Vidkun ; Seiffert ; Schönfeld ; Taylor, Tommy


Food ; Pacific ; Switzerland ; British zone ; Oldenburg ; United States ; Heidelberg ; Oslo ; China ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Trade, finance ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Higher education ; Justice ; Harvest ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Radar ; Travel ; Shipping ; Blasting ; Cities ; Debris ; UN ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; war crimes, war crimes ; Landscapes ; Military ; Military events ; Holiday ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; Agriculture ; Military ; aftermath of war


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