Welt im Film 27/1945 16.11.1945


1st sport in Holland and England ranked tournament in Groningen go buggy in the District of army. Spring tournament. Two stopwatches in hands. Boxing match. Heavy shock Exchange. A boxer falls to the ground. Freestyle wrestling. The referee with enters the scuffle. A wrestler who is related to the Chin in the rope. Finally, both wrestlers lie on the ground. English army assistants invade the sport dress. A female bagpipe band playing. Crowd. Female Dudelsackpfeiferin, great. Start, run, Rounders, long jump, sack race.
(92 m) 2nd Marburg - the free press is in session again Marburg Castle and roads. Timber-frame houses. Elisabeth Church. The Publisher of German newspapers arrive. Car plate press. Plate press conference. Meeting the journalists. Theodor Heuss in conversation with participants shortly.
(36 m) 03-bad tölz, Germany - the blessing of the horses total bad Tölz. Pan across front of houses on the street. Decorated horse-drawn vehicles to pass. Front of the chapel of St. Leonhard, a priest dedicates the horses. Heads of draught horses, screen. Girls and men in traditional costumes sitting on the car. On a square in the town, two men make cracking with long whips to drive the evil spirits.
(54 m) 04. North America - balloon bombs across the Pacific a stratosphere balloon after landing. American soldiers jump out of a truck and go through the forest. An officer inspected the explosive charge on the balloon. She will be removed and transported away.
(26 m) 5th Berlin - the judges of the Nuremberg judges come into the meeting room. Parker, for Russia and for America: The American judge Biddle: General Nikichenko for France: de Vabre and Falco, for England: Lord Justice Lawrence and judge Birkett. The judges get indictment.
(30 m) 06 Hamburg - winter evacuation from the city tram line runs through road. Sign Hamburg Altona. Station with many people. People get into wagons. Red Cross nurses distribute food. Ladle, large, filling soup in cups. A milk bottle is filled with a funnel. A girl with a small doll looks like a boxcar. Departure of the train and waving. People get shield Heath Holstein from a freight train. A red cross nurse leads children. People climb the trucks. The residents received guests from Hamburg.
(55 m) 07 Vienna - elementary school on new ways of plate on the door 1 public school. The door opens. A teacher gives English lessons. Children speak English, O sound. A little girl, big. A girl says English poem, O sound. A child shows pictures with the pointer on the Panel. Child's face, great.
(44 m) 8th United States - acrobats on tires of the hell drivers drive over a sloping Board on two wheels, through burning fence. A car overturns. Car jump from the Hill.
(33 m) 09. A celebration in the Kingdom Hall in Regensburg Regensburg. Servant in historical costumes. A representative of the military Government presented the license for the Mittelbayrische Zeitung. The Regensburger domspatzen sing, totally. Orchestra, violinist, conductor. Singer half close and close.
(54 m) 10 British Columbia - salmon like never salmon fleet in the sea. The coastal landscape with waterfalls. Salmon swimming in the water. Salmon in the net. The filled networks are obtained. The salmon are processed in a canning factory. Box with cans of salmon.
ancestor (36 m) 11 Berlin Vienna - major raid against black market tank. MP and German police arrest traffickers in the Tiergarten. Black market in Vienna. The police checked and examined people after black market goods. A man is taken away. Leave the truck with a suspicious black merchants.
(46 m) 12th United States - return from the far East Europe ship on the sea. Arrival at night. Waving the passengers. Lieutenant-Colonel Deveraux, Defender which island wake, is among the returnees. Next to him is his little son. He receives a medal and is congratulated by his son. Aircraft landing at the airport of San Francisco with returnees. You will be welcomed by their wives and mothers. Warm reception scenes, hugs and kisses.
(57 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Biddle, John ; Birkett ; Deveraux ; Falcon, Robert ; Heuss, Theodor ; Lawrence ; Parker ; Rudenkow ; Vabre de


England ; Aldershot ; Groningen ; United States ; Bad Tölz ; Regensburg ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Vienna ; New York ; San Francisco ; Marburg ; New Jersey


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Boxes ; Customs ; Railways ; Industry ; Justice ; Children ; fishing ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Medals, awards, honors ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Rings ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; exchange market ; Sensations ; Cities ; Black market ; Animals (except dogs) ; Costumes ; Catamaran ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; war crimes, war crimes ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Transport: General ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 27/1945

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