Welt im Film 35/1946 11.01.1946


01 barracks are erected gold rush in Canada. Gold rush town (half total). Workers stand next to a small plane (half total). Indian women as observers (half total). Two gold diggers walk a dog on a Lake along (total). The diggers make rock samples (half total). One looks at the compass on the arm (big). The two men disconnect the exploration place (half total) with stakes. They call the place on a map (half total). To a government official, pay the purchase price and make the oaths (half total). A man with a backpack comes from home search of gold (total). Dogs and his wife greet him. Two men with a helmet with mine lamp light a cigarette itself (half total). Holes on a vein of gold (half total). Furnace and gold bullion.
(94 m) 02 penicillin for Germany landing an airplane (total). Berlin Tempelhof. From the hatch, men lifting boxes (half total). Great inscription "Penicillin". A medical panel hear statements of the treatment method to (half-total). The American doctor (large). Syringe and vial (large). A man gets shot in the arm (half total). Penicillin packs obtained from a safe (half total). Sister (large) with penicillin bottle.
(50 m) 03 Chicago - 50 years racing old-fashioned cars (Schnauferl) at the start (half total). Models of driving on the road (total).
(23 m) 04. "Keep clear unexploded bomb" bombs failure sign. English soldiers dig the bomb out of the Earth in a deep shaft (total).
(24 m) 5th Munich - again circus Krone circus tent in the building. Topping-out ceremony. Viewers (half total). Writing on the front "Carl circus Krone". Congratulations and flowers for the circus management before the first performance (total). Horse quadrille (total). Great white horse on its hind legs. Wheel artist turns the rear wheel (total). Riding on two horses with partner on the shoulder below (total). Child in the audience (large). An elephant balances on bottles (total). Man and woman in the audience (large). Elephant pyramid. Elephant (big) with Tamer. Elefants will be established in a row addition (total). Bear on roller skates (half total) and on the motorcycle.
(90 m) 6 Paris - International Women's Congress women at tables and on the lectern (half total). Single women (large), writing in part: Europeans, Indians, blacks and Asians.
(23 m) 07 Luxembourg - General Patton funeral soldiers with flags (half total) coming from a House. Soldiers carry the coffin is covered with an American flag and carry him to a red cross car. The Christ Church in Heidelberg, outside (half-total). Funeral service. Chatting behind the coffin. The army cemetery in Luxembourg. The coffin is carried to the grave. Relatives and high officers follow. A Department shoots salute. A soldier blows the last tattoo.
(44 m) 8th Japan - Festival of the fishermen of Japanese fishing boats in the water (half total). Fish will be paid on land (half total). Many children as a spectator (half total). Geishas perform a dance on (total). Japanese children decorated with flowers on occupation soldiers present flower bouquets (half total). Japanese boys with hats.
(29 m) 9 Hamburg – exciting trotting race of the Starter lowers the flag (half total). The trotters on the train (total). Trotter close: legs, heads, drivers, viewers on the railway (half total). In the curve, a horse at Gallop falls (total). The history of the race. Holstenmädel carries a signal before Carl. The final battle. The winner was Peter Pia.
(94 m)


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Chicago ; Hamburg ; Croydon aerodrome ; Canada ; Japan ; Paris ; Munich ; Berlin ; Heidelberg ; Luxembourg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Bombs ; close-ups, detail ; Children ; Expeditions ; fishing ; Women, mothers ; motor sports ; Political events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; harness racing ; Medicine ; festivals ; Circus ; Listener ; finance ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 35/1946

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75th Anniversary of the Re-Opening of Circus Krone (December 23, 1945)

In 1945 the renowned Circus Krone re-opens its doors to the public, just in time for the first Christmas after World War II. One year earlier the Circus Krone building—a wooden structure originally built in 1919—was destroyed in an air raid on Munich. The crew and animals had already evacuated to the family compound in Wessling, outside of Munich. After several months of construction a new, temporary home is inaugurated on the Marsfeld (Field of Mars). It would take another 17 years for a modern structure—still in use today—to replace this „temporary“ structure.

The circus traditionally uses the building on the Marsfeld as its home base in the winter.

The family business was originally founded in 1905 and became famous thanks to its unusual mix of human performers and performing animals, it also didn’t hurt to have international stars like the clown Oleg Popov under contract. 

In the summer the circus is on the road all over Europe with its tent. The Krone building in Munich is rented out as an event space during these months. Everyone from the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Clash performs at this unique space. In 1966 the Beatles play two rather short concerts at the Circus Krone building, causing mayhem in the city. Muhammad Ali uses the arena as a training space in 1976, to get ready for his fight in the Olympic Hall. He even makes the training public, so his fans can watch.

Until it was discontinued in 2008 the yearly television benefit „Stars in der Manege“ was filmed at the Circus Krone. Today the stage of the Krone building mostly hosts stand up comedians. This year the circus’ annual winter premiere is cancelled due to the pandemic.  

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