Welt im Film 37/1946 25.01.1946


01 United States - helicopter as a life saver helicopter lands on the coast (large). In the surf freighter in distress (total). The helicopter flies (total). The pulpit (large). A castaway is drawn in the helicopter on the rope (total). Helicopter over the freighter (half total). The rope is lowered (total). The man hanging on the rope and is worn on land and there deposed (total).
(35 m) 02 box large and small in the boxing ring (total) in England little boys with big gloves. A trainer massaged a little boy in the break in his corner and gives him a drink (half total) from a bottle. Boxing in the ring (total). Boxing in Berlin: Gustav Eder, European champion and champion in the middleweight division against Arno Przybilski. Eder boxes superior. Audience (half total). 1 precipitation. Pande lifts on the ropes. The referee stopped the fight due to disabilities (half total). Allied soldier slaps (half total).
(53 m) 03. Mainz - new Rhine bridge blasted Rhine bridge at Mainz (total). The new railway bridge (total). General Mac Narney, Commander of the American troops in Europe (half total). American and French troops (half total). Sign "Marshall bridge" (half total). A decorated locomotive (half total) goes over the bridge. Allied soldiers drive (half total) on open wagons.
(29 m) 04. Frankfurt am main - health investigative (half total). A red cross nurse measures a man (half total) and weighs it. A doctor examines a man. Examination of the teeth. Pricking the finger (half total). Technicians at work (half total). A sister weighs a newborn (half total). Typewriter typing hands (large). Laughing child (large).
(45 m) 05. images from all over the world (120 m) a. American horses are discharged horses are ridden (total). You will receive a sign in the lower lip. Horse's mouth (big). Horse herds Gallop (total).
(26 m) b. With the aircraft in the Office a man enters a small plane (half total). Start. Flight over New York City's skyscrapers (total).
(13 m) c. mountaineers climbing the Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower (half total), climbers rise at the Eiffel Tower high (half-total). Panoramic view from the top on the road.
Indigenous climb (18 m) d. date harvest in North Africa on tree trunks up to date harvest (total). The natives in the Summit (half total). A native jumps from the tree down in the water (total). He swims ashore (total).
(17 m) e. Hagenbeck giraffe baby giraffe head (large). Giraffe baby (total). Child's face against the bars of the cage (large). Laughing people (half total). The baby giraffe is unsteady on his feet and fell (total).
(19 m) f. tap dance on stilts tap dance on stilts, performed by Rolly and Verner Pickert, world champion in the stilts dance.
(25 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Eder, Gustav ; Przybilski, Arno


England ; Berlin ; Mainz ; Paris ; Gotha ; North Africa ; United States ; New York ; Frankfurt/Main ; Hamburg ; Japan


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Children ; Harvest ; Shipping ; Sensations ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Medicine ; People ; Variety ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Construction ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 37/1946

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