Welt im Film 39/1946 18.02.1946


01 France - to de Gaulle - Gouin newspaper reading end passers-by (half total). Front page of newspaper "De Gaulle's resignation" (large). De Gaulle on the coast immediately (half-total). Felix Gouin (half total). Cameramen in front of the Government building. The new cabinet (half total).
on skis to children (30 m) 02 Oberstdorf - what will become a master of ski in Oberstdorf school (total). Class rooms (total). Child shows with the pointer on the table, where ski figures are recorded (half total). Children and teachers on the training Hill. Climbing up, departure (total). Ski jump over a small hill with falling (total).
(42 m) 03 peace in China General Marshall gets out of the plane (half total). He is greeted by Generalissimo Tschiangkaischek (half total). Tschiangkaischek and woman next to Marshall (total). Flight over China (aerial view of the mountains). Chinese troops leave the plane (half total) and March off.
(36 m) 04 pictures from all over the world a. Racing small cars a car driving with rocket propulsion and cloud of smoke behind it (total).
(15 m) b. repair the monument to Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square column of Nelson in Trafalgar Square in London (half total). On knitting, a ladder is raised (total) to determine the monument of bomb damage. Pan across the column from the bottom to the top.
Zoo Leopard (large) (17 m) c. young leopards and Lions in the Milwaukee play in the cage. The Leopard mother fauchend. Lioness with Cubs (big) at the Milwaukee Zoo. United States. The small lion play lying on the back. Lion's head (large).
(21 m) d. dresses for Paris Revue dancers tailor workshop (half total). Materials to be cut. Fitting of Revue dresses (half total). Performance of the dancers. They're dancing a Cancan.
(24 m) 5th World Trade Union leaders in Germany meeting of trade union leaders (half total) in Hamburg. Sir Walter Citrine, England, President of the World Trade Union Federation, speaks (half total). The American trade union leader Sidney Hillman (large). Leon Jouhaux (France), Kal (Holland) half total. Tarrasow (Russia), Edwards (England), half the total. Harbour cruise, call of the Union leader with port workers (half total). Meeting in Frankfurt/Main: the Hessian labor Minister Miller speaks (half total). The participants sit at round tables. Conference in Munich: the Bavarian Roßhaupter Minister of labor speaks (half total).
(48 m) 06. UNO - for world peace meeting at the Albert Hall in London (total), field marshal Alexander, as Chairman (half total) on the lectern. Eleanor Roosevelt speaks (half total). The delegates hold signs with the name of their Nations (total). World Safety Conference. Bevin, Gromyko, Stettinius (half total). UN Assembly. Spaak on the lectern (total). UN sign (large).
(53 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Viscount Alexander ; Bevin, Ernest ; Citrine, Walter ; Edwards ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gouin, Felix ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Hillmann, Sidney ; Jouhaux, Leon ; Küppers ; Marshall, George ; Müller, Friedrich ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Roßhaupter ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Stettinius ; Tarrasow ; Tschiangkaischek


Oberstdorf ; London ; Gotha ; Hamburg ; Frankfurt ; Munich ; Paris ; China ; France ; Obersdorf ; Milwaukee


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; News, communications ; Political events ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; UN ; Buildings ; Winter ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Fashion ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Trade unions ; Japan ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 39/1946

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