Welt im Film 44/1946 25.03.1946


1st China - Tschiangkaischek Shanghai Tschiangkaischek and wife go (half total) on the stand of a racetrack. Tschiangkaischek speaks (total). Huge audience amount (total). Tschiangkaischek and women waving (total).
(13 m) 02 Brunsbüttelkoog - shipwreck on the Elbe the salvage ship "Endurance" during salvage operations (half total). A lifeboat is lowered (total). A diver appears to secure the lifting ropes under water (total). The lifting Trossen (large). The divers will return on Board (total). The sunken ship, the Fährdampfer "Lichtwark" comes to the surface (total).
(33 m) 03 Berlin - explosion at the Alexander barracks debris and fires (half total). Dr. Werner, Mayor and police chief Marquis the spot (half total) on. Firefighters extinguish with hoses (total). The police moves in (total). Women come from surrounding vulnerable houses with luggage (total). The rubble is a typewriter (half total).
(28 m) 04. President Truman speaks United States - Churchill in Fulton and Churchill drive in an open car (total). Both are on the terrace of a House (half total), Truman waving with the hat, showing Churchill the V sign. The University of Westminster, Churchill is Honorary (half total). Truman speaks (half total). Churchill on the lectern (total). The audience in the University (total).
(33 m) 5th Berlin - baths for babies sign "small children's pool". A woman with a baby carriage (total) comes and takes the baby out of the car. Children are pulled out to the changing table (total). Babies (large) laughing and crying. Mothers bathe the babies (big). The single temperaments of children: Crying and laughing.
(31 m) 6th London grants (total) on debris in London. An excavator gives away (total) debris. Rubble of the Parliament building (half total). Clean-up work at the Parliament building (half total). Big Ben (half total).
(28 m) 7 Sport (34 m) a. Motorcycle racing on the ice motorcycle racing on a lake in Sweden (total). The driver in the curves (total). The ride through the destination (total). Viewers (half total). Winner: Bertil Karlsson.
(18 m) b. rowing in Cambridge with female helmsman rowers carry their boat in the water (total). A woman as a helmsman on Board (half-total). The rowers at the training on the water (half total).
(16 m) 8th Nuremberg - the defense of courtroom (half total). The defendants (total) General Bodenschatz on the witness stand (total). Prosecutor Jackson speaks (half total). Marshal milk as a witness (total). Göring and Hess on the dock (half total). General field marshal Kesselring is asked Jackson what he did from the concentration camps. Reply Kesselring (quote): "I thought it German terms for something abnormal, that a State has been formed in the State, in which, according to certain things from the public were locked." Göring (total) enters the witness box and talks about the seizure of power (original): "It was obvious for us that, if we would come to power, we were determined to keep this power under all circumstances." Question: "did you which connections to Quisling?" Reply Göring (quote): "I've seen Quisling until long after the invasion of Norway, for the first and only time. He was in Berlin, visited me, we had a short trivial conversation. Previously, a man of him, Me neither personally knew, in other words before the outbreak of the war, has sent a letter to me, which was shown here, and to which I personally can't remember, because such letters were also hardly presented me after our practice. This is but indifferent."
(99 m) 9 industry under construction - Buderus - Wetzlar worker on the way to work (total). Blast furnace (large). Commissioning of the first blast furnace at Buderus Wetzlar. Lieutenant-Colonel White is the blast furnace (half total). Representatives of the military Government and the State of Hesse talk (total). Iron River (half total). Blast furnace in operation. Smoking chimneys (large).
(31 m)


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Persons in the Film

Bodenschatz ; Churchill, Winston ; Göring, Hermann ; Hess, Rudolf ; Jackson, Robert ; Kesselring ; Markgraf ; Milch, Erhard ; Truman, Harry ; Tschiangkaischek ; Herzog, Werner ; White, Brad ; Karlsson, Bertil


Sweden ; Cambridge ; Wetzlar ; London ; Berlin ; Fulton ; Nuremberg ; Brunsbüttelkoog ; Shanghai


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Industry ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; Explosions ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; motor sports ; Rowing ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Debris ; war crimes, war crimes ; Listener ; Construction ; Fire brigade ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 44/1946

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