Welt im Film 51/1946 13.05.1946


01 may celebrations everywhere may move to Berlin (half total). People carrying signs and banners. A car with the inscription: "Charlottenburg is based". Mass demonstrations in the pleasure garden (total). Shield: "young workers fighting for democracy and peace. Against militarism and war." Speakers (half total) Wilhelm Pieck. Among the listeners of Russian and Allied soldiers (half total).

Hamburg. Removals at the Rathausmarkt, Sternschanze, Stephansplatz, Jungfernstieg (half total). Transparent "Planned economy is fighting against the emergency". Meeting in planned and Bale (total). The General Secretary of the independent labour party in England Jenner Brockway speaks it (half total). Participant clapping at the meeting (half total). Young people play accordion (half total). Children on the swings and the slide in planned and Bale (half total).

Grünwald near Munich. Men wear a maypole (half total). The maypole is erected. Pan of the Maypole (large). Band marches (total). Relocation of the villagers (half total). A photographer with the State apparatus (half total). (Half total) dance around the Maypole.
Men (65 m) 02 United States - new relief effort for Europe To give bread passing children (half total). Pots with milk (half total). Children in Italy receive food (half total). The children wave (total). Herd (screen-filling). A cow and a calf will receive a stamp: United States (half total). Horse herd (half total). The horses Gallop in a gate, two horses are one above the other (half-total). A horse running in a wooden crate and loaded onto the ship (total).
(32 m) 03 airfields in new and improved aircraft square with plane wrecks (total). A wreck carried out (total). They destroyed aircraft of the Luftwaffe (with swastikas) Wertheim Baden (half total). Women at work in the fields (half total). Settlement of refugees (total). Men work in ruins (total). Horse-drawn and tractor at work on the box (total). The plough behind the tractors (large). A farmer sows (large). Hungarian German refugees.

Airport Memmingen in Bavaria (total). Nursery and greenhouses (half total). Women at work in the greenhouse between crops (half total). Children play on the lawn with kindergarten circle games (half total). Equestrian Games of the Cossacks (half total). Lance stand up and jump off the runaway horse. Creep under the belly of the horse through (half-total). Estonians, Latvians, Littauer (deportees) To find here new home.
(44 m) 04. sports (82 m) a. bowling Championships in New York bowling alley in New York City (total). The bowling World Championship. The bowlers throw (total). The cone Assembly machine (large). The ball (big). Throw (large). The cameraman runs produced (total) with the camera on a small car behind the ball. Bowling on the many lanes side by side (total).
(27 m) b. Cup final, England Cup final at Wembley Stadium in England. The stadium with the assigned to teams (total). King George welcomed the teams of Derby County and Charlton Athletic (half total). Princess Elisabeth in the stands, short. Crowd, screen-filling. Game scenes. King George as a spectator (half total). Auto gate of Defender Turner (total). Turner then score a goal (total). King George and Queen among the spectators (half total). After the extension, it is 4:1 for Derby County. Display on the Board (large). King George handed over the trophy the team leader (half total) and shaking hands with each player in the team. The team with the Cup going on the stand (half total). The Queen is a plaque the team leader of the losers (half total). The team leader with the Cup is worn away on the shoulders.
(55 m 05) Nürnberg - shaft in the cross-examination the judges enter (total). The present rise (total). Shaft (total) on the witness stand. Jackson questioned (total) and asks whom he 1938 meant in his statement, when he said "We have fallen into the hands of criminals." Reply shaft (quote): "Hitler and his contemporaries." Jackson asks for the detailed definition of the term "Comrade". (Original sound) Shaft: "it is Very much difficult for me to answer this question, because I don't know who has been in this narrower conspiracy by Hitler in it completely. We have heard here by the defendant Göring that he reckoned himself to this group. I reckon even Himmler and Bormann to this group. I don't know who but otherwise has been in this narrow circle of trust." Jackson points out that these four people, three are dead. (Original sound) Shaft: "I can still add one, I suppose that the Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop about Hitler's plans has been always in the picture. I have to assume that it does not know, I can prove it." Jackson asks: "Was this all?" (Original sound) Shaft: "I don't know, but I suppose it's been even more. I would add a man like Heyderich for example easily, but I can not know..." Jackson: "one who is dead." (Original sound) Shaft: "I regret the fact that the people are dead. I saw prefer their death in some other way, but..."
(76 m) 06 pictures from all over the world (85 m) a. balloon ride, Paris aerial photographs of balloons on the place de la Concorde in Paris (total). The balloons (half total). The holder (large). False start (half total). The balloon loses the air. A man dropping ballast from the balloon (total). Flying balloon (total). Looking up viewers (half total). Flight over the Seine and the city (total), aerial view.
(32 m) b. Panther - hunting in North America dogs and men on snow and ice in North America (half total). The Cougar, a small Panther running through the snow (total). The animal is in the tree (half total). A man climbs into the tree the Wildcat after (half total) and catches the cat with a rope. She is lowered on a rope (half total). She is tied up (half total). Barking dogs before the Wildcat (half total). Removal in the backpack to the Zoo (total).
(30 m) c. artistry in Berlin In the Palace Music Hall are the two Condoras. (Total) performance bow. Klatschendes audience (half total). The Orchestra (half total). The husband hangs on the Trapeze and holds the woman that swirls around the tooth slope (half total and great) in an arm.
(23 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Brockway, Jenner ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Georg VI. von England ; Jackson, Robert ; Pieck, Wilhelm ; Schacht, Hjalmar ; Ulbricht, Walter


London ; New York ; Berlin ; Wertheim/Baden ; Memmingen ; Paris ; United States ; Nuremberg ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Wertheim ; Grünwald ; Italy ; East Berlin ; East Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hunting, Hunter ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Plants ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; war crimes, war crimes ; Variety ; Livestock, livestock ; festivals ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Listener ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Architecture ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Trade unions ; Japan ; Agriculture ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 51/1946

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