Welt im Film 59/1946 08.07.1946


01 American press visit in Germany running a plane (half total). General Müller welcomes American journalists at the airport in Munich (total). The journalists in an exhibition (total). Map of Bavaria (total). Camera (large) with sign "World in the film". Book "Mein Kampf" (large). Meeting with Dr. Högner and members of the Cabinet (total). Tour of the Dachau (total). The execution level (total). Walk through the gas chambers (total). The Malmedy process, courtroom (half total).
(53 m) 02 Prague - death sentence to Frank (total) enforced court in Prague, read out the death sentence. Frank (half total). Frank at the execution site. Crowd (total). Frank under the gallows with the noose around his neck (total).
(27 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany (104 m) a. explosion in the mine near Celle salt mine near Celle (total). Debris from an explosion (half total). Men go with gas masks (total). The mine shaft (large).
(24 m) b. Corpus Christi in Cologne Corpus Christi procession in Cologne (total). Choirboys (large). Kneeling people along the roadside (total). Archbishop of Faustino (total) lead the train. The cross is worn on houses ruins past (half total). Worship before the DOM (total). Place in front of the Church full of people, houses ruins behind it.
(29 m) c. Sanitätslager in Fulda potash mining Neuhof bei Fulda (total). Camp of sanitary articles: cotton, medicines, instruments (half total). The stocks of the mine run (half total) with an elevator.
(24 m) Bell Tower repair, Berlin Tower of Mathäuskirche in Berlin Steglitz (total). Repair work on the Tower (half total). Workers suspended on ropes on boards outside the Tower (half total).
(27 m) 04. Paris - Conference of Foreign Ministers is (totally) Ernest Bevin and Molotov. Secretary of State of Byrnes (America) welcomed the participants (total). Bidault welcomes Molotov (half total). Sitting at the table: Bevin, Bidault, Byrnes and Molotov.
(24 m) 05. A. police, New York kinder play images from all over the world (116 m) on the road in the traffic (total). The children play basket ball (total). Children at tables in the drawing (total). The children on a boat on the Hudson River (total).
(24 m) b. fish, France fishermen on the shore (total). Angler (half total). Sport fishing in the Mediterranean, with mask and fins and Harpoon fish Hunt (total). Prisoners of fish on the boat lying (half total). A guard on a rock in his Horn blows (total). He jumps into the water and brings up (totally) a diver.
(32 m) c. of white Maharajah, Sarawak Sir Charles Brooke, the last White wheel Shah in North Borneo, is under a large umbrella, a companion carried ashore (total). The wheel Shah at a meeting (total).
(11 m) d. dancing elephant, Austria an elephant dancing enters the ring to the circus of Konrad in Austria (total). The elephant is dancing and bows (total).
(19 m) e. Fashions, France two mannequins ancestor in a horse-drawn carriage and get off (total). Flower children and hats (half total). Two mannequins in sports clothing walk through the Park (total). Picnic in the Park (total). Bust of Amor next to a mannequin (half total).
(30 m) 6 boxes in Hamburg - ten Hoff suggests Runge Ten Hoff suggests Runge. Gong beat (large). The boxing ring in bad Segeberg (= later Karl-may open-air theatre) (total). Fierce blow exchange between ten Hoff and Runge. Ten Hoff boxes superior. Runge staggers (half total). Raj goes to the floor. Runge in the corner (total). Runge's. The winner by technical knockout is (totally) Hein ten Hoff.
(52 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bevin, Ernest ; Bidault, George ; Brooke, Charles ; Byrnes, James ; Frings ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Runge, Herbert ; Hoff ten, Hein


Bad Segeberg ; Berlin ; Munich ; Celle ; France ; Dachau ; Prague ; New York ; Fulda ; Paris ; Mediterranean ; Cologne ; Sarawak ; Vienna ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Emblems ; Explosions ; fishing ; News, communications ; Political events ; Police ; Religious events ; Shipping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Diving, diver ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; concentration camp ; Cultural events ; maps ; Medicine ; Transport: General ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; Japan ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 59/1946

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