Welt im Film 60/1946 17.07.1946


01 floods in Bavaria flooded fields (total). A car drives along a flooded road (half total). Broken trees (total). Flooded houses (half total). Children Wade through the water (half total). Furniture is (totally) transported in boats. Two paddlers in a boat (total). The torrential River ISAR flows through Munich (total).
(33 m) 02 Nuremberg trials - Hitler's chauffeur says Hitler Erich Kempka on the witness stand from the chauffeur (total) (interview): "that Hitler is dead, I can testify, and, indeed, that he is dead afternoon between 2 and 3 o'clock on April 30." "No, I saw him die." "I have worn out the woman Adolf Hitlers and Adolf Hitler himself, beaten up in a blanket, seen."
(32 m) 03. Before the Warsaw process - arrival of the defendants get off (half total) a plane former high officials of the Nazi regime. The heads of Buhler, Deputy of the former Governor-General Frank Leist, former Mayor of Warsaw, Hunter, once the Chief of police of Poznań, Beckmann, former head of the Gestapo in Cracow, Pam, Chef of the Poznań Gestapo, Daume, representative of the German Government in Poland, Höss, Commandant of the concentration camp in Auschwitz (half total). The defendants on a truck and get to jail (total).
(35 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany: (70 m) a. Cook's travel agency is working again Cook's travel agency in Germany (total). Clearance of travellers at the counter (total). Tickets and timetable (half total). Ticket printer with ticket (large). Clearance at checkout (total). Cologne station with walking high signal (total). A train in the picture is (totally).
(30 m) b. baseball - training Berlin school children teenagers in the uniform on a sports ground (total). Shield: "US Army Air Force Tempelhof Athletic Field" (large). Boy with baseball glove and ball (large). Baseball training (total). Firing at boys as a spectator (half total).
(23 m) c. small hippopotamus, Munich of tierpark Hellabrun in Munich, hippo in the water with a small Hippo beside him (half total). Both hippos come out of the water and go in a cage (half total). Hippo and Cub in the cage (total). Children from the cage (total). The two hippos go back in the water and disappear under the surface (total).
(17 m) 5th warning Colorado potato beetle blown-out potato plant and beetle (half total). Potato field (total). Colorado potato beetle larvae on plants (half total). Women looking for beetles (total). Hands show the eggs on the underside of the leaf (large). Schoolchildren throwing beetles in a bottle (half total). The site is marked with a sign "K" (half total). A car labeled "Potato beetle fight" (half total). Men spray poison (total). Special vehicles (total) spray poison on the fields. (39 m) 6th image report from Westerland (total) does train by the Hindenburgdamm Causeway. Beach (total). Workers blow up the damaged beach wall (total). Workers for the construction of the new beach wall, small car with sand be upset (half total). The new wall and surf (total). Children run through sand and dune grass (total). The children at lunch (half total). Women lie in the sanatorium on lounge chairs (totally). Infant on the arm of the doctor (half total). Children in bed (half total). Beach with beach chairs (totally). Children with a rubber dinghy in the waves (total). A boy crawls naked (half total) through the sand. People make a beach basket (half total). Evening mood at the Sea (total).
(56 m) 07 pictures from all over the world title (4 m) (114 m) a. Tatoo, Vienna onslaught of Scottish Dudelsackpfeiffer in Vienna (total). Screenings of soldiers: invasion of a horse-drawn carriage in old time (total). Equestrian Games (total). Demonstration by motorcyclists (total). 12 men on a motorbike. Pyramid on the motorcycle.
(25 m) b. trout breeding, Tasmania trout in the water (total). Trout fishermen catch the trout with a network (half total). Trout eggs (large). Hatching of fish (large). Small fish (total). The Brut is poured back into the River (total). Big Trout on the arm of the Fisher (half total).
(31 m) c. giant aircraft America modern America "Flying wing" aircraft. The plane in different settings (large). No hull, fittings in the wings. Start (total) and flight.
(21 m) d. Kasperle Theatre, Vienna amazed children, crying and laughing (half total). Battle of Kadir with a crocodile (total).
(23 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Beckmann, Eberhardt ; Buehler ; Daume, Willi ; Hoess, Rudolf ; Jäger ; Kempka, Erich ; Leist ; Ponikau


Berlin ; Westerland ; Cologne ; Tasmania ; United States ; Nuremberg ; Warsaw ; Bavaria ; Munich ; Vienna ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Baseball ; Railways ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; fishing ; Musical events ; Travel ; Pests and pest control ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; war crimes, war crimes ; Cultural events ; Military events ; Holiday ; Water ; water emergency ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Evening ; Construction ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 60/1946

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