Welt im Film 61/1946 24.07.1946


01 industry under construction (77 m) a. State Porcelain Manufactory Berlin in the State porcelain factory in Berlin working a worker with kaolin. Machine turns. Hands shape dish on circular Potter machine. Henkel's workers sticking to Cup. The cups are bathed before burning in a liquid and placed on a Board. Workers walled up the opening of the kiln. Workers looks through the peephole in the kiln. Workers with cups and jugs. Pan across plates, bowls and cups.
(41 m) b. Bergakademie in Clausthal, resin teacher teaches students. Students in the Lecture Hall, half-close. Rock samples. The students in technical training on machines. Tower, great. Miner's lamps be explained. Practical training in the mine. Elevator goes down. Miners go in the gallery. Bergmann pushes lore. Miners at demolition of coal.
(36 m) 02 ally Board meets in Berlin car ancestor. The Commander-in-Chief of the four occupying powers get out of their car and entered the building. Guards greet. Close-up: Marshall Sokolewski, Russia, General Mac Narney, America, Air Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas, General King, England and France. The Commander at the negotiating table, half-close. Long shot of the Assembly Hall.
(31 m) 03 Wimbledon: final of the tennis master players on the playing field, total, when he comes. G.E. go Brown, Australia, and y. Petra, France next to each other. Opponents in the final. The men's final. Petra playing in long pants with Cap (2 m). Brown falls on impact, Petra behind the baseline. Clapping spectators, total. The heads of the audience each turn the ball. Petra WINS. He jumps after the game about the rope. The two players after the game, half-close.
(42 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany (98 m) a. education in Stuttgart traffic COP controls the traffic. Posters "Eyes on passing children on the hand". Children go with companion on the road. Policeman stops traffic classes. Children play football on the street. Hand presses on the Horn button at the steering wheel of the car, great. The boys get to the page. The driver of the car shakes his head. Cyclists with box on the shoulder and passengers on the handlebars. COP stops cyclists that ride four of them side by side. Man falls from the tram. Pedestrian is reading on the road. He falls in front of a car. Casualty between two cars. Salvage cars. The injured person is pushed on a Gurney in the salvage cars. Police officer controls the traffic.
(34 m) b. production of sundials in Berlin worker in the manufacture of watches. The small sundials, side by side. Two passers-by gather on the street. One asks the other according to the time. The other brings his Sundial out of his pocket and read the time.
(35 m) c. Hamburg children ride in which small children go Switzerland at the hand of their mothers. Girl receives map hung from the Red Cross around his neck. Luggage of the children with the followers of the Red Cross. The children go on a long train through debris road. The children in the train station Altona. You get on the train. Boys on the compartment window, large. Train shield "Switzerland Red Cross". The children wave. Drive wheels up. Mothers wave train departing from the platform.
(29 m) 5th Malmedy process: the judgment the defendants stand in the courtroom at the entrance of the judges. The American judges sit. The courtroom, total. General Dalbey reads the sentences. Sepp Dietrich Get up and turns before the judges table, to hear his sentence, half-close. (Life imprisonment). Verdict actuality. The accused of Georg Fleps is actuality to the verdict (death by hanging). The defendants be removed one at a time. Various officials before the judges table.
(54 m) 06. The experiment of bikini globe before the Bikini Atoll. Natives of the atoll to be evacuated. Laughing indigenous woman, great. Woman with boy and a small dog, half-close. Natives go to the ship. Model of grouping of target vessels. The American battleship USS Nevada, the Japanese battleship Nagato, the German Cruiser Prinz Eugen. Guns, big. There are scientists with dark glasses on observation ships. Plane taking off. Man controls the remote controlled aircraft. Self working instruments in the aircraft. Men fix war material to the test vessels. Aircraft, combat vehicles. Anchor chain is lowered. Anchor falls into the water. The men close the hatches. Aircraft on the island Kwajalein. Writing on a plane: Dave. S dream, which is to drop the atomic bomb. The crew of the aircraft at a meeting before the departure. The Dachshund Fritzi parachute going aboard. 4-motor machine to start. Flying machine. Clouds. Soldiers on board cameras. Aerial photographs of the ships. Aircraft flying in the clouds.
(98 m)


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Persons in the Film

Brown, G. E. ; Dalbey ; Dietrich, Sepp ; Douglas, Sholto ; Fleps, Georg ; König, General ; MacNarney ; Sokolewski ; Petra, Y.


Wimbledon ; Bikini ; Berlin ; Clausthal-Zellerfeld ; Altona ; Kwajalein ; Dachau ; Stuttgart ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Higher education ; Dogs ; Industry ; Justice ; Children ; Women, mothers ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Police ; Travel ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Tennis ; Watches ; Accidents ; automotive engineering, automotive ; war crimes, war crimes ; maps ; People ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Astrology ; Construction ; Mining ; Crew ; Dogs ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 61/1946

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