Welt im Film 65/1946 21.08.1946


01 3. bridge over the Rhine Rhine steamer sails pictures of the reconstruction - under bridge. Tug under the North Bridge in Düsseldorf. Festival society at the opening. The head of the British control Office for Germany and Austria, Minister Hynd speaks on a grandstand, half-close. Minister Hynd welcomes the guests of honour. Hynd cuts through the band, half-close. Hynd, get on the train. Train signal turns on free travel size. Decorated locomotive drives off, great. Ride the train over the bridge. Panoramic view from the train on the Rhine. Minister Hynd, is on a train window half-close. Debris from the old bridge.
(34 m) 2nd Mother Cabrini - America's 1st Holy catchment of the bishops in St. Peter's Church in Rome. Pope Pius XII is worn on throne Chair, totally. Cardinal Spellmann during celebrations for the canonization in New York. People kiss his hand. Nuns go to the Church. Nuns praying in the Church. The glass coffin with the dead, large. Cardinal Spellmann gives the blessing.
(29 m) 03. Food from the sea fishing boats in the harbour. Fischer at the helm of the fishing boat, half-close. Heater shoveling coal. Stomping ship machine, large. Fishermen on the deck of the fishing boat while working. Fischer pieces network. Fishing boat on the sea, total. Fishermen see over the rail. Catcher goes up on the mast. The net is left in the water. The captain looks through binoculars. Settings of the fishing boat. The fishermen catch up with the network. The fish will be paid on board from the power supply. Fish on board, screen. A shark on board. Fishermen cut the shark. Fishermen sort the fish on board. The fish are thrown into the ice room and ice after shoveled. Waves beat on the boat. Gulls fly around the boat. The fishing boat, totally.
(62 m) 04 Bangkok: King drama in various palaces in Bangkok Thailand. Before posting read Thai by the death of the King Anandas Mahidol. Door of the temple opens. The brother of King Anandas Bhumiphol goes to the funeral service, totally. The Golden coffin before the Holy Shrine. Valet stand guard. Bhumiphol goes down stairs.
(37 m) 5th Munich's black market flies on traffickers on the street in Munich, totally. People in the conversation (Exchange unclear). Police on motorcycles going forward. U.S. military policemen jumping from trucks. Armored car lock Street. The police President of Munich, Pitzer, half-close. Black goods lying on the floor. Bicycle, cigarettes. MP control cards and examine people. Traffickers are loaded on trucks. Trucks depart.
(50 m) 06 sport (79 m) a. English Athletics - Championship the White City Stadium in London, half-close. Start of the 3 mile run. The runners, total and half close. Spectator with binoculars, half-close. The runner Wooderson overtaken runners in the final sprint and WINS superior with 13 minutes 53 seconds. Wooderson after the run, half-close.
(28 m) b. Skating in Hanover Ingrid Lindner and Hans Klinkhardt run their free skate. Clapping spectators, half-close. The few Sigrid Knake and Günter Koch.
(33 m) c. horse racing in Brisbane, Australia the racing of horses in slow motion, then without slow motion. The wonder horse Bernborow overhauled the entire field. The horse after the race.
(18 m) 7 Frankfurt Main: turned bunker bunker as everything the Reichsbahn - swiveling bunkers. Bunker window with bars, great. Mechanics of the Reichsbahn in East Germany when the lines for everything. Installation work of voice switching cabinets. Installer reads schematic, half-close. Bunker as a library - books are passed in a chain and into the House. Bunker as hotel - guests go with suitcases through the door into the bunker. Registration at the reception of the registration form. Hand break registration form. Rooms at the hotel. People in the dining room. Waiter carries out beer. People sitting at tables outside the bunker, total.
(42 m) 08. 50 years cars England - moving from old-fashioned cars. Old-fashioned engine, great. An old Benz, Rolls Royce 1905. man stimulates car. Old Renault drive. King George and Queen as a spectator at the car parade, half-close. An old-fashioned bus. America - Henry Ford and wife sitting in one of his first car, half-close. Recordings from the Gordon Bennet race drive in old fashioned cars in 1903. The fastest car in the world: Blue Bird with major Campbell, big, who became world champion in 1935. Ride of the car. Different races and accidents. Race car driving in the audience. Two cars collide and burn. A car will be thrown out of the curve. After the war: Race in Nantes, France. Launch, race judges waving target banner.
(53 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bhumipol von Thailand ; Elizabeth von England ; Ford, Henry ; Georg VI. von England ; Hynd ; Pitzer ; Pius XII. ; Spellmann, Francis ; Campbell, Donald ; Klinkhardt, Hans ; Knake, Sigrid ; Koch, Günter ; Lindner, Ingrid ; Wooderson, Sidney


London ; Hanover ; Brisbane ; Düsseldorf ; Bangkok ; Frankfurt/Main ; Gotha ; North Sea ; Frankfurt ; England ; Stuttgart ; Munich ; Rome ; New York ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Railways ; photojournalist ; fishing ; News, communications ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; skating ; Shipping ; exchange market ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Cities ; Black market ; Deaths, funerals ; Debris ; Accidents ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Jobs ; Construction ; Gypsy ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 65/1946

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