Welt im Film 67/1946 04.09.1946


1st Hanoverian Parliament opened In the domed Hall of the State Parliament in Hanover will Instead of annual meeting. General Robertson opened the Parliament totally and half close on the lectern. Some listeners, big, among them heads the newly appointed Präsident von Niedersachsen Hinrich Kopf. Clapping audience. Hinrich Kopf goes to the lectern, half-close. Hinrich Kopf speaks, half-close. Different heads of members of the Parliament, great. The Assembly, total. Kurt Schumacher, close to half (short).
(33 m) 02 images from all over the world (72 m) a. Transjordan (King Abdullah) Palace. Horseman in front of the Palace. Sitting King Abdullah receives his ministers. The border town of Petra. Camel riders come from Fort and riding through canyons. The camel riders riding through the desert with galloping camels.
(25 m) b. American giant omnibus drives the bus. People get on the bus. The designer Henry Kaiser welcomed the first passengers, half close. The moving bus, total. Harmonica train in the middle of the bus. The bus on the street (space for 63 persons). Panoramic view from the driver's seat on the road. The passengers.
Eiffel Tower, Paris (24 m) c. photographed the Eiffel Tower from below. Painter in the painting of the tower. Panoramic view from the top on Paris. Workers at the tower at breakneck work. Painters go along on the quest. A brush fall next to a pedestrian. Painter on ropes at the tower.
(23 m) 03 sport (70 m) a. football: Boxer against actor and press in Berlin 6:2 the teams enter. Spectators, half-close. Scenes on the playing field, total. Laughing spectators, half-close. Boys are on the sidelines on the belly. Slapping a spectator, half-close. A spectators drinking from beer bottle. The spectators run after the game on the field.
(36 m) b. trotting races in München Daglfing people on the trotting course. Queues in front of the Subdials. Guy at the counter of bets in cash. Starter reduces the start flag. The trotters in the race. Spectators, half-close. The inlet: The horse Towarisch passes and WINS ahead of Ultimo and Manitou. The winning horse with wreath and Jockey next to it, which is congratulated.
(34 m) 4 Nuremberg trials - final word of the defendant the Court building, total, flags of the occupying powers. Guards at the entrance. Guards check the car driving up. The dock. The accused sit total. Göring speaks interview: "I condemn this terrible atrocities in the strongest terms, and I'm missing any understanding for this, I am explicitly." Rudolf Hess speaks interview: "... the truth say, conceal nothing and add nothing will. I am convinced that My god faith is stronger than that of most other people. So later I ask to the Court, I testify under oath, citing God, express. (Softly to Göring: "You don't interrupt me"). In the spring of 1942 joined me..." By Ribbentrop no actuality. Keitel speaks interview: "I was wrong, was however unable to prevent what could have been prevented. It's my fault. It is tragic to see that was The best I To give had to as a soldier, exploited obedience and faithfulness, not intentions, and that I did not see that a border is set also soldierly duty." Kaltenbrunner, no original sound. Alfred Rosenberg, no original sound. Hans Frank speaks o-ton: "his gait became more and more a horrific adventurer without conscience and honesty, as I know at the end of this process. "We recall the German people, whose power holder we were, by this way, on which we and our system had to fail according to God's law and justice, and on which everyone will fail, who tried to get him or continues all throughout the world." Julius Streicher speaks interview: "it has been established: the mass killings are exclusively and is without influence on the orders of the State leader of Adolf Hitler." Radio talks o-ton: "has no man to life through measures ordered by me, I've always respected property, I was always keen to help people in need and bring them as far as it was in my power, happiness and joy in their lives." Hjalmar shaft speaks interview: "I was politically wrong. I've never claimed to be a politician." Dönitz, no original sound. Wheels, no original sound. By Schierach, no original sound. Sauckel, no original sound. Jodl speaks interview: "... "for them and with them, the whole German Wehrmacht faced an impossible task, namely to fight wars, the they didn't want in a commander in Chief, whose confidence they didn't have which they trusted themselves limited, with methods that often contradicted their management principles and their outdated and proven views." Interview speaks of Papen: "historically this guilt on that tragic may be December 2, 1932, as I did not try to move the President with all means to maintain its decision of the previous night, despite constitutional violation and the threat of General by Schleicher, with the civil war." Seitz in Landquart, no original sound. Spear, no original sound. By Neurath, no original sound. The 21st and final defendant: Fritsche Hans speaks interview: "they were expecting no good by Hitler and are concerned about the extent of what really happened. But they once, To try to understand the outrage of those who expected good by Hitler and who now saw how their good faith, their goodwill and their idealism has been misused. "." The present rise at the end of the trial.
(245 m)


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Abdullah von Transjordanien ; Dönitz, Karl ; Frank, Hans ; Fritsche, Hans ; Funk, Walther ; Göring, Hermann ; Hess, Rudolf ; Jodl, Alfred ; Kaiser, Henry ; Kaltenbrunner, Ernst ; Keitel, Wilhelm ; Kopf, Hinrich ; Neurath von, Konstantin ; Papen von, Franz ; Raeder, Erich ; Ribbentrop von, Joachim ; Robertson, Brian ; Rosenberg, Alfred ; Sauckel, Fritz ; Seyss Inquart, Arthur ; Speer, Albert ; Schacht, Hjalmar ; Schirach von, Baldur ; Streicher, Julius


Munich ; Berlin ; Paris ; Nuremberg ; United States ; Petra ; Hanover ; Transjordan


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; Football ; Political events ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; harness racing ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; war crimes, war crimes ; Transport: General ; Listener ; Jobs ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 67/1946

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