Welt im Film 111/1947 11.07.1947


1st London: Princess Elizabeth is honorary citizen Princess Elizabeth rides in horse-drawn carriage through London, totally. The mayor welcomed Princess Elizabeth before the Guildhall, half-close. Princess Elizabeth enlists in the honor book and gets presented, total piece of jewelry. The present rise. Princess Elizabeth speaks, original sound. The audience clapping.
(34 m) 2nd report from Germany a. Winifred Wagner established the casting Chamber swivel over the Auditorium. Winifred Wagner recite their defense speech, great. The judges of the casting Chamber. Judgment (450 days working, collection of 60% of assets).
(23 m) b. hurtgen forest: Minesweeper terrain of the Hürtgenwald near Aachen. Sign the 'Mines'. Tree stumps without crowns. Mines on the table. Minensuchabteilung goes through the woods with search equipment. Defusing mines. Explosion. Bauer take plough behind horse.
(29 m) c. Munich: fire drill fire truck drives through the street. Firefighter jumps out of car. Children as spectators, half-close. Firefighters spray with hoses. Jump in the jump mat. Fire ladder is extended. Fireman climbs ladder and bring man from the roof of a high-rise building. Demonstration of sparkling clear. Children play in the foam.
(36 m) d. Travemünde: sailing regatta sailing boats on the Baltic Sea. Sailors in the boat, half-close. Various settings of the ships. Turning to the buoy.
(30 m) 03 Hamburg today ruins of the city, totally. The Michel and the Bismarck Memorial. The Town Hall, the Chilehaus, the Sprinkenhof. Small house between debris shield closed due to involvement in the black market. The Jungfernstieg with cars and people. The Inner Alster Lake. Angle in the old town. Children play in the district. Tower of Michel, great. Damaged towers of St. Catherine's Church and the Nicolai Church. Crane transported debris. The debris is loaded into barges in canals. Tram cars and trucks driving on the Elbe bridge. Landungsbrücken. Pedestrian traffic on the street and tram. The main train station. Station square with trams and people. Tracks and the Stone Gate Bridge. Train arriving on the platform. The Lake room. Pleasure boat departs from the bridge. Alster steamer. Sailing boats before the Uhlenhorst ferry House and on the outer Alster Lake. Crowded beach of Blankenese. Road sign Reeperbahn. The great freedom with debris. Ferris wheel turns on the dome. The hopper and the Royal fortress on the Reeperbahn. The bunker on the Heiligengeistfeld, venue of the "scale variety show". Fishing boats in the fishing port. Barges. Shipyard equipment. Docks with ships. Shipyard workers in welding. Loading of goods in the port. Harbour with debris. Long swing through debris.
(111 m) 4th rafters on the River Salzach let Logger logs roll down the Hill. Tribes are channelled through channel and assembled for rafting. The rafters go with crampons on the smooth stems. The rafters steer the raft by the Salzach River. Journey through exciting whitewater.
(50 m) 05. Dachau. Dismissal of the last German prisoners of war from American captivity of German prisoners of war in the camp. Go to the release point. Label on the back of PW. Release licence will be issued. Sign food cards. Redundant in conversation with professional advisors. Prisoners of war load luggage onto trucks. General Frank Milburn adopted the last prisoners at ceremony. Excerpt from the camp. Major Walter Harwich, the last German prisoners of war.
(48 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Elisabeth II. von England ; Milburn, Frank ; Wagner, Winifred


Travemünde ; Hamburg ; Hurtgen forest ; Munich ; Bavaria ; Bayreuth ; Dachau ; Aachen ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Justice ; Children ; Explosions ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Forestry ; Medals, awards, honors ; Shipping ; exchange market ; Sailing ; Cities ; Debris ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; Landscapes ; Transport: General ; festivals ; Weapons ; Jobs ; Construction ; Fire brigade ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 111/1947

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