Welt im Film 136/1948 01.01.1948


01 updates soon: a. Frankfurt: inauguration of monument on the 150th anniversary of the birth of Heinrich Heine monument at Memorial Service revealed. Plastic by Georg Kolbe on Memorial for the poet.
(16 m) b. United States: Globe-Trotter in the plane aircraft flying over the Fujiama. Sports plane lands. Flags of the countries of that were flying through the fuselage. The Americans Clifford Evans and George Truman in addition to the aircraft, half-close.
(15 m) c. Lilian Harvey in Vienna swivel on the St. Stephen's Cathedral. Lilian Harvey Groß. Lilian Harvey goes with her girl troop through Vienna.
(13 m) d. Vienna: fashion tea mannequins with long wide and narrow skirts. Mannequin at the piano, at the tea. Long and short skirt next to each other.
(23 m) 02 Hildesheim: preserved treasures total of Hildesheim. Debris from the city. Ruins of the Cathedral. The cloister with the 1000-year-old Rosenstock. Art treasures in the St. Annen Chapel. The first bronze cast of the world on the doors. A wing scenes from the old testament from the creation of the Eva until the escape of Cain, on the left wing scenes of the new testament of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary to the resurrection. A pillar, cast by Bishop Bernwar, with scenes from the life of Christ. Cross with rubies, pearls and Egyptian gems, great. Under a rock crystal a splinter from the cross of Jesus. 2 silver candlesticks. Long shot of the city.
(61 m) 03. Mexico: Yai Alai, a sport with temperament men playing the Mexican national game with balls and clubs. Slow motion shots of players who hit balls against walls.
(27 m) 04. modern technology: a. Gelsenkirchen: U - boats as grain silos arise from 76 U boat parts giant silos. Silo, big.
(20 m) b. peat as a building material, men go with spade in the bog. Men in the peat extraction. Processing plant in a former brick factory. Peat is cut, dried and pressed. Workers at peat press machine. Cutting peat plates.
(25 m) c. Man - steel House House models before drawing board. Prefab installation on site. Parts are screwed together. Hardboard panels are provided as interior walls before glass wool. Look at the rooms in the House without a roof.
(34 m) 05. animals from all over the world, performed by Adolf Gondrell Adolf Gondrell in initial installation, very good. Panther rides on Hippo. Lioness yawns behind bars, great. Zoo visitors from cage. Bear in cage. Photographers before cage. Gorilla loyally cameraman. The New York Zoo. Chimpanzee in investigation. Josephine, large chimpanzee. Small animal. Animal caregiver with a small monkey. Chimpanzee hangs head down. It is dried after bath. Chicago: Cat sits in front of House. You will pop up on the wall and climbs through the letter box. Boy and girl face mailbox, remove cat and put them back out the door. Cat climbs back through the letterbox. Hens in enclosures. Chickens get colorful glasses. Chicken with big glasses.
(93 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Gondrell, Adolf ; Harvey, Lilian ; Evans, Clifford ; Truman, George


Mexico ; Cologne ; North Germany ; Vienna ; United States ; Frankfurt ; New York ; Chicago ; Hildesheim, Germany ; Gelsenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; filmmaking ; sporting events ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Technology, industry ; Home ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Japan ; Industrial ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 136/1948

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