Welt im Film 141/1948 05.02.1948


01 45 years of powered flight Memorial to brothers Wilburn and Orville Wright in North Carolina. Helicopter flying at Memorial. Review of 1903: Orvell Wright flies with biplane at the 1st powered flight. Start with catapult. Today: Start of the latest US aircraft with Jet Propulsion. American jet flying with contrails.
(35 m)

Streiflichter from Germany a. sponsorship for former prisoners of war mailman enters the Office and gives off post. Home prisoners of war for advice. Woman opens the door and receives prisoners of war. She gives him a shirt. The prisoners of war in the family at the table.
(18 m) b. Hannover: flood combat flooded fields. In the Research Institute of hydraulic engineering at the Technical University of Hannover are the model of flood experiments carried out on and their prevention (dikes, etc.).
(31 m) c. North Rhine-Westphalia: saltwater pool for children in beds in the bedroom. Children are facing sink and brush your teeth. Doctor examines children. Children are under sunlamps. Children in taking baths. Children sit at the table and eat. Plate, large child. Children coloring. Child throws the letter in the letter box and is picked up by another child. Children at puppet theatre.
(33 m) 03 updates soon a. death of Mahatma Gandhi + Gandhi gets out of car and goes between Lord and Lady Mountbatten. Gandhi traveled through India. Gandhi standing, half-close.
(19 m) b. Tokyo: war crimes charges in the courtroom. The main culprit Tojo on arrival. The former Prime Minister Tojo during the interrogation. Close-up of Tojo.
(17 m) 04. Munich: exhibition of masterpieces of ancient Greek sculptures at the National Museum. The visitors of the exhibition. An amphora, circa 500 BC. A bowl of motive "Achilles kills Penthesilea". The youth of Tenea (550 BC). Head of "The boy with the winner setting". Tomb from the 4th century BC, head of a young satyr. Statuette of a girl from Berea.
(37 m) 05. Lucky dogs with obstructions a. Berlin: Ursula Bauer is heiress who is 23-year-old Secretary Ursula Bauer heiress - Ursula Bauer writes on the typewriter. You goes through the front door and greeted her mother in the apartment. She reads the Millionenerbschaft documents.
(18 m) b. Frankfurt: US soldier Brown is Prince of Samoa US soldier and Brown to the throne as Prince of Samoa. Prince of Samoa as a soldier, half-close. When the boxing training.
(17 m) 6 issues of today: paper men and women in paper factory of machines for the production of paper and bags. Books as display behind shield against tax waste paper. Cotton package with plate against paper. Man specifies newspapers and gets cotton. Book is wrapped up. Bags in the grocery store. Women To give up old bags. Fish wrapped in newspaper. Food stamps are cancelled. Lamp shades. Letters workbook. Children in the school. Three boys see in a book. Four girls read in a book. Two boys To write on board, one on small piece of paper. Pan across posters, newspapers and Ausschneidepuppen. Waste paper collectors to delivery point. Waste paper processing to new paper.
(54 m) 07. original of the sport a. Hamburg: football by artists and athletes Hamburg - Berlin 4:4 Operettenbuffo Ludwig Röger on the ball. Josef Sieber plays for Berlin. Max Schmeling holds ball in the Hamburg goal. Boy sitting on the sidelines. Ludwig Röger shoots corner. Shot on goal for Berlin 4:4 audience running space. Schmeling is of boys surrounded by the square.
(27 m) b. NY, boxing: Golden Gloves Boxer in the boxing ring one another strike. Tired Boxer in the ring.
(28 m) c. United States: Baden snow throw with snow men in speedos and swim in ice water. Man jumps off bridge in snow.
(15 m)


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Bauer, Ursula; Gandhi, Mahatmah; Mountbatten, Louis; Röger, Ludwig; Prinz von Samoa; Sieber, Josef; Tojo; Schmeling, Max; Wright, Orville


Hamburg; New York; United States; Munich; Frankfurt; Food; Hanover; India; Tokyo; North Rhine-Westphalia; Germany; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen; reference cards; Libraries; Boxes; Books; Organizations; Trade, finance; Higher education; India; Industry; Children; Football; News, communications; Postal, postal services; Schools, training; Swimming; Sensations; sports audience, sports spectator; Deaths, funerals; War, prisoners of war; Art; Works of art; Technology, industry; Medicine; Water; water emergency; Winter; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Jobs; Costumer; Exhibitions; Gypsy; Crew; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Industrial; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 141/1948

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Mahatma Gandhi’s 70th Death Anniversary (January 30, 1948)

On January 30, 1948, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi— the incarnation of non-violence—is shot and killed by a fanatic Hindu nationalist during a public prayer in Delhi. Only half a year earlier India had achieved the independence. The man with the honorific name „Mahatma“ („high-souled“) had led the campaign for independence for a long time.

But the partition of the country, which was part of the Mountbatten Plan, into the predominantly Hindu Bharat (Republic of India) and the predominantly Muslim Pakistan leads to violence. Millions of people flee or get displaced. Even though Gandhi opposes a two-state solution, he is committed to a just distribution of the treasury as well as an end to the riots between Hindus and Moslems.  Radical Hindu nationalists demand his death.

One day after Gandhi’s murder almost a million people gather to bid the „father of the nation“ farewell. The last Viceroy and first Governor-General of India, Lord Mountbatten, and his family attend Gandhi’s ceremonial cremation. After a two-week national mourning period Gandhi’s ashes are immersed at Allahabad, the confluence of the holy rivers Ganges and Yamuna. Again hundreds of thousands people come to say goodbye. His supporters revere him to this day. His birthday is commemorated as the official national holiday, his day of death as the „Martyr’s Day“.  Official guests of state lay wreaths at the memorial where he was cremated.

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